Shit Little Monsters Say: Some Guy On Twitter

[EDIT: To his credit, this person has backed down over Britney! The post was deleted and he told me he shouldn’t have gone after her like that. Still, the arguments he made in Gaga’s favor are poor — and common — so I’m keeping this post up.]

Some fool took to his Twitter last night to defend Mother Monster and attack The Truth About Gaga! (He has requested to remain anonymous, and after a lengthy discussion, I have decided to honor his request.)

Your angry because she emphasizes how its okay to be who you are and says she holds herself as the “Queen of Gays”. It was because of her that DADT got repealed. She is trying to make change, what is wrong with this!

I’m not angry because she emphasizes that it’s okay to be who you are: I’m angry because she’s a stage-whore who lashed out at other artists for heralding a similar message — and in hit songs, rather than simply preaching to the choir at concerts. (Need I remind you that Gaga has yet to release a song to radio about anything other than booze, sex, and boys?) She implicitly took shots at Katy Perry and Ke$ha, rather than thanking them for furthering the message of individuality. The fact that she spit on them rather than thanking them for helping her spread the word tells me that she’s a gigantic fame whore rather than an advocate for misfits.

It was not because of her that Don’t Ask Don’t Tell got repealed. Polls showed that almost eighty percent of the public supported repeal, and the Senate voted 65-31 to ditch the law. Fifty-seven Democrats and eight Republicans supported repeal, and the bill was signed into law by a president who’d been talking about repeal long before anyone knew who Lady Gaga was. Anyone who thinks that the law was repealed because of a pop star is totally delusional.

Moving on…

You think Gaga is crazy because she wore a meat dress. She wore it to symbolize how as a society we need to fight for who we are or we will have as many rights as the meat on our body. At least she hasn’t shaven her head and don’t get me started on her VMA performance.

Ouch. And yet, consider this stinking piece of hypocrisy, found just two paragraphs later:

You won’t find any Lady Gaga fansite posting anything negatively about Britney Spears. Britney Spears and Lady Gaga have nothing against each other so why do the fans need to?

I wouldn’t ever do anything like this but it needs to be said. I do not have anything against Britney Spears fans and I respect you and her greatly.

I’m going to grant you the respect you only pretend to grant Britney by speaking to you straight: you’re absolutely full of shit. You spent your message rambling about how we ought to be filled with love and respect, but simply couldn’t resist including swipes at Britney for going through a dark period in her life: a period during which she was taken advantage of by evil men like Adnan Ghalib and Sam Lutfi, abandoned by those she cared about, and spit upon by a hostile media that chose to root for her death rather than for her recovery. You make fun of her head-shaving incident, her poor VMA performance, and her lip-syncing — all while daring to lecture others about kindness to other artists?

Being the hypocrite you are, it’s no wonder you identify with Lady Gaga.


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  1. Raul
    Posted January 3, 2011 at 10:31 pm | Permalink | Reply

    WOW!! Amzing post!!! Gaga fans are the BIGGEST Hipocrites ever!!!

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