Shit Little Monsters Say: “Get a Life!”

Commenter Ryan opines:

You need a life. Truly. If Little Monsters look up to Gaga and enjoy her, so what? How is that bothering you?

Someone also said this to me on my Facebook, on which I was promoting this site.

Is there any existing debate platitude as remotely asinine as “get a life”? Lady Gaga is a major figure in the culture in which I live. She influences American art, music, and, to a lesser extent, politics. If my quest were to take down Debbie Gibson or Aaron Carter, one might reasonably wonder whether I needed something better to do. But unless one is to deem pop culture an illegitimate subject of discussion — which is not an argument appropriate for a devoted Lady Gaga fan to make — then “get a life” falls fantastically short.

The implicit argument, of course, is that I shouldn’t spend so much time discussing an artist I dislike. Nobody ever tells a fan site owner to “get a life,” for instance.

This is an equally stupid contention: as I stated, Lady Gaga is a major figure in American culture. There are websites devoted to opposition to Sarah Palin, Barack Obama, Wal-Mart, the Apple Company, and other major players in American life. Some people enjoy writing about business; they might decide that Apple needs taken down a few notches. I’m a fan of pop culture, and I’d like to put forward some arguments against Lady Gaga.

I’ve got a life, and I’ve got hobbies: they include writing and tracking pop culture. Hence this site. Over the course of just a few days, I’ve put forward thousands of words arguing that Lady Gaga is a corrosive influence on the culture. Can’t you Little Monsters conjure up more than a few meaningless platitudes in return? So far, I’ve received maybe one or two thoughtful replies. I enjoy them, and I’ll make an effort to address each major argument over time. But these insipid “get a life” comments? Come on, now. Even Little Monsters are smarter than that.


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  1. jd
    Posted February 9, 2013 at 5:57 am | Permalink | Reply

    get a life? as in ‘get an animal’s life and wear it as a dress?’ like their mother-monster does? no thanx

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