Gaga’s Cocaine Problem

Lady Gaga has “admitted” her cocaine problem to Neil Strauss, infamous for coaxing celebrity secrets:

Lady Gaga has admitted to author Neil Strauss that she suffered from “trauma” because when she was younger, she’d abused cocaine and alcohol. The eccentric singer was very straightforward with Neil about her past escapades during their interview together…

What was Neil about to get Lady Gaga to say? Well, she stated, “All of the trauma I caused to myself… There are some things that are so traumatic, I don’t even fully remember them.”


This is no headline. Lady Gaga’s cocaine use is (or, rather, should be) notorious for its ongoing nature. As she freely admitted to Vanity Fair a few months back, she does “dabble” in cocaine, off and on. A couple of times a year, apparently (yeah, okay). To Lady Gaga, this is part of the agony and ecstasy of fame, so she sees no problem with casually dropping a mention of it here and there.

But again, let me ask: what if Britney Spears admitted to dabbling in cocaine from time to time? What would the world say? But with Gaga, it’s dismissed: it’s just “Gaga being Gaga,” because the world knows, deep down, that there is something utterly farcical about this character played by Stefani Germanotta. This isn’t good for her fans — who are highly impressionable — or for her: anyone even dabbling in cocaine has a serious problem and needs help. There’s no evidence that she is receiving any — or even wants any.



  1. Jayden James
    Posted January 25, 2011 at 6:07 pm | Permalink | Reply

    Yes, that coke stuff… It’s not edgy, it’s not trendy.
    It sets an awful example to her fanbase.

    Can’t say I’m surprised. They’re making her work like a dog and she’s obliged to be in character (with all of these uncomfortable outfit) 24/7.
    I’d do coke too (but without telling it to anyone of course).

  2. LadyBritBrit
    Posted January 26, 2011 at 9:50 pm | Permalink | Reply

    Coke has a big Public Service Announcement thing in Australia all over the public toilets, It fucks you up. She really shouldn’tve done that and if it were anybody else the media guardians would have complete mental break downs and be calling for their career to be axed.
    Gaga is a physco

  3. raisafromthecity
    Posted January 31, 2011 at 10:28 pm | Permalink | Reply

    it’s so sad that this is what culture and society has let itself water down to. To have gaga be the Artist of our Generation with her avid love of coke, anti-religious rants, and her “I am borrowing this from Madonna, but I am still original” getup! She isn’t impressing anyone who knows real pop…feels more like she is trying to kiss Europe’s ass with all this ” I talk German and French” ish! she’s a clown mocking people’s sexuality, cultures and religions! Britney never admitted to being deep, or thoughtful or trying to get little boys and girls the next Spokesperson for the outcasts! Britney is fun, non-pretentious and humble! (she still shops at Kmart and Starbucks bc she has money but is still down to Earth!

  4. Tora
    Posted April 16, 2011 at 7:41 pm | Permalink | Reply

    Cocaine my arse.
    She’s just trying to make herself look like a troubled creative genius.
    This silly spoilt little rich girl doesn’t know the first thing about coke, if she did she would have realised how ridiculous it was to claim to use “bags and bags of cocaine… but I’m okay now”
    As if addiction just goes away. she’s just displaying her sheltered-little-rich girl ignorance

  5. Blogging Info Desk
    Posted August 30, 2011 at 9:28 pm | Permalink | Reply

    Here we go now!

    Lady Gaga loved Cocaine and lots of drugs
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    Because I’m Lady Gaga

    Lady Gaga, Lady Gaga, I know you’re probably
    tired of hearing about Lady Gaga,
    Oh-oh whoa-oh,
    But this is just a story of when I was just a Hairbow-wearer
    and how I became hooked on Co-o-o-caine
    Cocaine was in everything
    Food that I ate,
    The water that I drank, fuckin’ peas on my plate
    She sprinkled just enough of it just to season my steak
    So everyday I had at least three stomach aches
    Now tell me what kind of Artist would want to see her
    fanbase be grow up to be under-a-fuckin’-chievers?
    My parents didn’t think I was gonna’ be nothing, either:
    “What the fuck you wipin’ your ass on that pole for?”
    “Little Monster, your Momma Monsta has been huffing ether
    Either that or the motherfucker’s been puffin reefer.”
    But all of this huffin’ and puffin’ wasn’t what it was, either
    It was neither
    I was buzzin’, but it wasn’t what they thought.
    Disco Sticks in a Tea cup? Monsters, you ain’t my keeper, I’m sleepin’
    What the fuck you keep on fuckin’ with me for?
    Gay teens, you need to leave me the fuck alone; I ain’t playin’
    Go find you a plastic penis and ripen your fuckin’ anus

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    Wait a minute! This ain’t Born This Way, this is the Musical equivalent of an Abortion!
    “You heard it yesterday; I ain’t hear no complaints, did I?”
    “Now here’s a stage full of naked Mermaids
    Now just wait ’til I crush the Cocaine and put it in your Steak Dress
    You little motherfucker, don’t you sit there and make
    that retarded fuckin’ face without even sniffin’ it!”
    “You’d better lick the fuckin’, plate; you ain’t wastin’ it
    Put your face in it before I stone you to death again!
    And I ain’t givin’ in
    You’re gonna’ just sit there and want to fuckin’ play The Fame again
    Until next Thanksgiving, and if you still ain’t finished it,
    I’ll use the same shit again, and when I finally make the 2nd BTW video, it’ll be placed in the shit!
    You little shit, wanna’ sit there and play innocent?
    An egg fell and hit me in Sydney, and the Paralympians witnessed it!
    Paparazzi copyright? Rob Fusari, he ain’t sent the shit!
    So what if he did? It’s none of your dang business, bitch!”

    Lady Gaga, there’s no one else quite like my Lady Gaga
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    but she’s the reason why I am high on what I’m high on

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    And my bars only last about two minutes
    But I don’t want to snort it without sniffin’ it
    I can’t even write a rhyme without you in it, my Cocaine, my Co-o-o-ca-i-ne

    Man, I never thought that I could ever be a drug addict.
    “Nah, fuck that, I can’t have it happen to me!”
    But that’s actually what has ended up happenin’
    In a celeb tradgedy fuckin’ passin’ it up back to me
    And it’s probably where I got acquainted with the taste, ain’t it?
    Plastic Bongs are the bomb, Gaga! Beautiful!
    She killed the fuckin’ dope with the medicine she done fed it
    Feed it a fuckin’ aspirin and say that it has a headache.
    “Here, wanna’ snack? You hungry, you fuckin’ high school brat?
    Look at that! It’s a dose of Pot! Take it and take a nap! Eat it!”
    But I don’t need it!
    “Well fuck it, then powder it up!
    Take a little piece and beat it before you wake Beyonce up!”
    Alright, Gaga, you win! I don’t feel like arguin’!
    I’ll do it
    Snort and Inhale it, start wobblin’,
    Stumble, hobble, tumble, slip, trip, then I fall in bed
    With bottle of meds and a Christina Aguilera bobble head!

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    That’s why I’m on what I’m on
    Because I’m Lady Gaga

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