Who Let a Stan Write PopJustice’s “Born This Way” Review?

PopJustice’s sycophantic review of “Born This Way,” which was obviously written by a crazed Lady Gaga stan, is such a hot, steaming mess that one hardly knows where to begin with it. I’ll simply take it paragraph by obnoxious paragraph and let my readers sort through the debris:

We’ll explain what happened that night in more detail at some other time but the point is that to have heard ‘Born This Way’ in May might seem like quite a big treat, but to be quite honest it has been a complete nightmare. Obviously if someone says to you “would you like to hear the next single” (even if at that point the next single was strictly ‘Alejandro’ but you know what we mean) you are hardly going to say “no I will leave it thanks very much” but the intervening months have been like torture. Imagine hearing an amazing song once, then not being able to hear it again. IMAGINE. The melody of this song has been haunting us for EIGHT MONTHS. We have been humming it on the bus. Imagining the video. We have literally had dreams about this song.

Seriously? Over a fifteen-second a capella rendition of half of the chorus? You’ve been having dreams about it, humming it; it’s been haunting you? Well, that didn’t take long: we’ve already given up the ghost! This clearly reveals that this article was written by a raging stan — and hence is impossible to take seriously as an editorial review. Stan reviews can be fun — I’m a Britney stan, as is known — but such writers shouldn’t claim impartiality, and certainly shouldn’t be writing on behalf of an entire site. Let this person review work by Pink, Rihanna, Katy Perry — but don’t let it review the person it stans for!

So hearing the song again for a second time, just before Christmas, was a relief. Not just because we were slightly less drunk on this occasion, but because the relative clarity allowed us to acknowledge the fact that, yes, ‘Born This Way’ really is just as special as our memory had led us to believe. It was handy also to be able to confirm that yes, the song did in fact exist and no, we hadn’t just somehow made the whole thing up.

So what’s it like?

Well it’s sort of amazing.

Actually it’s not sort of amazing, it just is amazing. And yes we would say that because we do genuinely think Lady Gaga is the best thing to happen to pop in at least 18 years. But we are also saying it because the song is amazing, and if that’s not complete objectivity we don’t know what is. (Well it’s not that for a start – Objectivity Ed)

Sorry, Britney. Sorry, Justin. Sorry, Beyonce. Sorry, Christina. Sorry, Pink. (Sorry, Max Martin!) We know you’ve all been chugging away since the 90s, but apparently you’ve all been outdone in the span of two years by someone who has yet to prove that she’s not the next flash-in-the-pan Paula Abdul. Unbelievable!

You want to know what it sounds like, obviously. Well, it is very straightforward song and the production matches that – compared with the all-guns-blazing sound of something like ‘Bad Romance’ or ‘Dance In The Dark’ ‘Born This Way’ offers a relatively sparse, crisp, glacial sound. Also, and this will undoubtedly prompt an amusing rage from Madonna fans incapable of comprehending a world in which more than one female singer can be popular, so brace yourself: ‘Born This Way’ sounds a bit like a modern nod to ‘Vogue’ and ‘Express Yourself’, with a bit of ‘Deeper & Deeper’ thrown in for good measure. The production is far from boring (it sounds great and nothing like what Gaga’s done before) but if you’re expecting some sort of death metal/Belgian techno crossover hit you may wish to adjust your expectations ahead of Friday’s first play. It’s a fresh sound, but in the mentalness stakes it’s not the sort of song you would fire across a field at a cow if you wanted to make it do an involuntary poo. We are sure the rest of the album will offer plenty of sonic ridiculousness but ‘Born This Way’ is all about giving the song itself room to breathe.

Glacial? Forgive me if I say that this sounds like little more than excuse-making for a production job that doesn’t quite measure up the promised “anthemic, sledge-hammering dance beats that’s a mix of techno, pop, rock, and — does she dare say it? — heavy metal.” (Note the apology: “We are sure the rest of the album will offer plenty of sonic ridiculousness.” Oh.)

Moreover, the fact that Britney Spears, Beyonce, Christina Aguilera, and others were all skipped over in favor of Madonna comparisons again reveals that the author of the piece is a raging stan and is not to be trusted as an editorial reviewer. Lady Gaga is, in fact, part of a brand-new generation of stars — Ke$ha and Justin Bieber came out at around the same time that she did — and Madonna comparisons will not be appropriate until she has proven herself to have staying power. (“Toxic” came out over five years after Britney’s debut, for instance; “Hold It Against Me” was released over twelve years after and hit #1 immediately. If we’re going to talk about the heir to Madonna, let’s look at the woman she’s collaborated with and shared a stage with multiple times, not the neophyte.)

As for the song, you know the lyrics already, because Gaga posted them in full that night we did those lyric tweets. Reading the lyrics in isolation it might seem like a song with all the subtlety of George Michael collecting his holiday snaps but hearing the words in the context of the song itself the whole thing struck us as far less heavy handed, and as not so much a gay anthem as an equality song. It’s a song about gays being alright, but it’s also a song about straights being alright, and everyone else being alright too. It’s a freedom anthem, and you can’t go wrong with a bit of that. Having said this, ‘Born This Way’ will obviously be portrayed by many as a gay record. Is that a brave move?

In reverse order: Is that a brave move? Is sticking up for bullied gay teenagers brave? Well, I don’t know: is standing up against breast cancer brave? Is speaking out against Sarah Palin brave? Ridiculous. And yes, you actually can go wrong with that, when it’s handled in the ham-handed sort of way that mixes offensive, archaic racial terms (‘Oriental,’ ‘Chola’), nails-on-a-chalkboard cheesy love-yourself references, and blunt references to identity traits that are deployed with all the subtlety of a bulldozer.

This is an anthem, alright: for people with no sense of art, true individuality, or personal values. It’s also weirdly theistic, celebrating God’s love for his creations. But here’s the crux of the problem with the “Born This Way” lyrics — and why the song is not individualistic: Lady Gaga simply does not think that gays are unfairly singled out for their sexual orientation. To the contrary, in fact: she thinks that sexual orientation is extremely important and something to celebrate and revel in. Most gay people who are bullied or teased are upset because they see their sexual orientation as something irrelevant that shouldn’t determine how people see them. Lady Gaga, like the patronizing fag hag she is, looks at gay people and sees nothing but gay, gay, gay, gay, gay. And that’s what makes her such an unbearable cunt.

Well in one sense, while hardly commercial suicide, that sort of song will simply not sell as well as a song about, say, going clubbing or whatever. So it’s brave in a way, but it’s hardly true that there’s nothing to gain from all this. The Gays have not exactly sat on the fence vis a vis the whole ‘is Lady Gaga any good?’ debate, so she’s unlikely to win a large number of new fans, but in terms of strengthening ‘brand Gaga’ the idea of jeopardising sales in order to celebrate who you are will probably do her more good in the longterm. So if you were feeling uncharitable you might say that it’s a very elaborate and calculated positioning exercise, but it really doesn’t feel like it when you’re listening to the song. It just makes you feel very alright about whatever you happen to be. And, again, you can’t go wrong with a bit of that.

No, it does not make me “feel alright about whatever I happen to be.” What’s inspirational about a set of overwrought cliches, exactly? The song sounds like it was written by a middle school guidance counselor using motivational posters as his crib notes.

Perhaps this song would have, in fact, been very inspiring to me when I was thirteen and still unsure about whether I was gay, but it’s more than a bit pathetic to imagine anyone over the age of fifteen finding solace and comfort in such trite banalities. But thanks for telling us what ‘The Gays’ like, PopJustice — and for confirming that, like Mother Monster, Gaga’s stans view gay people as one undifferentiated, homogeneous mass.

Some people have asked us on Twitter how ‘Born This Way’ compares to other songs. Is it better than ‘Bad Romance’, a few people have wondered. In a battle between ‘Born This Way’ and the Britney single ‘Hold It Against Me’, others have asked, which song would win? Well to the first question it’s too early to say (we’ll hold our hands up here and say that the first couple of times we heard ‘Bad Romance’ we thought it sounded too much like ‘Poker Face’ – amazing) and to the second question we love ‘Hold It Against Me’ in some ways and we love ‘Born This Way’ in various other ways, but we prefer ‘Born This Way’. Come back to us in a few weeks once we’ve got used to both songs and ask us again, if you like.

Yes, I’m sure this Gaga stan reviewer is going to decide, a week later, that she actually prefers Britney.

What role will ‘Born This Way’ play in Lady Gaga’s ever-expanding discography?

Ever-expanding? Her second full-length album?

While her fan interaction is (for better or worse) already legendary, Gaga has always done a good job of seeming to exist, creatively, in something of a bubble. What’s interesting about ‘Born This Way’, however, is that it feels a bit like a response to two main criticisms people throw at Lady Gaga.

Oh, how I wonder if these will be strawman arguments…

Criticism 1: “You rip off Madonna all the time but don’t credit her.”
‘Born This Way’ answer: “Well how do you like this then, I’ve made a song that sounds like some of her big hits (but also like its own song), because OBVIOUSLY I know who Madonna is, it’s not as if I am somehow expecting you all to imagine that I have never heard of this ‘Madonna’ singer, it’s bloody Madonna after all isn’t it.”

No, that’s not the first criticism. The key criticism surrounding her style is her blatant theft of Roisin Murphy’s style. The entire Fame era’s wardrobe was stolen from her. This isn’t about Madonna: that’s a strawman argument set up by Monsters who are delusional enough to think that their Mother Monster is her true heir. The entire purpose of this non-argument is to put Lady Gaga’s name in the same sentence as Madonna, and nothing more.

Criticism 2: “You bang on about your bloody ‘Monsters’ all the time and you’re always going on about the gays this, the gays that, but then we listen to your music and it’s just stuff about going clubbing with a few abstract references to things being a bit weird sometimes.”
‘Born This Way’ answer: “Here’s a song that is specifically and explicitly about that sort of stuff, so piss off.”

She’s finally delivered on her constant nattering, but this doesn’t nullify her arrogant criticisms of other artists over the past year for apparently thieving her ‘be-yourself’ image and trying to make it “trendy,” (clearly a shot at Katy Perry and Ke$ha), nor does it enshrine her as a revolutionary leader of misfits and freaks. She fashions herself as a blazing comet in a dark sky, but what she’s given us is a song that’s little different, substantively, from Christina Aguilera’s (superior) “Beautiful.” Every banal cliche of self-help literature has been packed into “Born This Way.” But on the bright side: at least we know that she, not a professional songwriter, wrote the words. They’re really that bad that we know that a professional songwriter could have never written them.

It feels like ‘Born This Way’ is a bit of a turning point for Lady Gaga – on both those counts it’s the moment where she’s putting her money where her mouth is. It is certainly a big test, because the absurd level of hysteria building towards Friday’s premiere (and Sunday’s first performance) is putting a huge amount of pressure on the song itself. It’s almost an unfair amount of pressure, really. Can anything live up to this hype? Mind you, when you think about how much we and so many other people harp on about her being pop’s Second Coming, it’s only fair that expectations are high. Fortunately the song is, as we have already stated, amazing.

Only a Lady Gaga stan would fail to see the preposterous nature of this paragraph. The absurd level of hysteria surrounding “Born This Way” was created entirely by Lady Gaga herself. For months, she has been declaring her work the “greatest of the decade,” the “anthem for our generation,” and so forth. Her mouthpiece Pigrez Hilton swore it would “change the culture.” If there’s anyone to blame for a seemingly unfair level of hype, it’s her and her minions. She has overpromised, and she cannot possibly deliver on this. The lyrics have already proven that this is an exercise in self-indulgence.

So what happens next? Well, you’ll hear the song on Friday, then you’ll see it performed at the Grammys on Sunday. What we think will happen in the short term is that ‘Born This Way’ will make a massive short-term impact post-Grammys but will not instantly provide Gaga with the same sort of huge leap forward she experienced with ‘Bad Romance’. That job may well be done by the album’s second single, which will then lead into the album release. And then, over the next year or so, in the context of the rest of the album and with added familiarity, ‘Born This Way’ will seem like less of an ‘ooh look at me sorting out equality for a generation’ statement song and will instead just start to seem like a completely normal pop song. Which, ‘message-wise’, we suppose is sort of the whole point – you get in people’s faces so you don’t need to get in people’s faces any more. Perhaps the moment when ‘Born This Way’ clicks as a completely normal pop song is the moment when ‘Born This Way’ has changed pop.

The author once again reveals himself as a Gaga stan: “sorting out equality for a generation”? No…no, I’m sorry. It’s a pop song, and she’s a pop singer: one taken seriously as an art-eest only by her most deluded stans. Everyone else sees her as the chick who wraps herself up in meat and sings catchy songs about getting smashed at parties.

Or perhaps not. Perhaps we’ve drifted off on a wild tangent.

You’ve got it, hotshot.

Perhaps the whole song is awful – we’ve only heard it twice and we were really, really drunk on both occasions. But we are pretty sure that ‘Born This Way’ is a solid gold pop corker and we are going to stand by that claim until further notice.

Gaga stans are in for a world of serious hurt. They have not caught on to the fact that most people purchasing Lady Gaga’s songs from iTunes are doing so because they see her, to reiterate, as the chick who wraps herself up in meat and sings catchy dance songs about getting smashed at clubs with Beyonce. They simply do not see her as a revolutionary, avant-garde voice for the voiceless. The disconnect between stan and general-public perception of Lady Gaga is so striking and so glaring and that I cannot see how this yay-for-gay project is going to pan out well for Lady Gaga. If this is an album for her gay fans who love that a celebrity will be their fag hag, so be it. But she’s walking a thin, thin tightrope if she wants this trite mess to match the commercial success of the Fame/Fame Monster eras.

Lady Gaga is an artist who desperately needs taken down a notch. If this banal, self-indulgent, over-hyped mess doesn’t harm her, then she’s probably going to be accepted for the long haul. This will, at any rate, be an interesting year: it will prove to us all whether the Lady Gaga phenomenon will be transient. If God makes no mistakes, then she should be in for a backlash on the charts.



  1. Sekretnoi
    Posted February 7, 2011 at 4:43 pm | Permalink | Reply

    Popjustice is just parodying clueless Lady Gaga fans. Very funny

  2. Dex
    Posted February 7, 2011 at 4:55 pm | Permalink | Reply

    “Seriously? Over a fifteen-second a capella rendition of half of the chorus?”

    Lol, they’ve heard the whole song twice. They aren’t talking about just the chorus.

    Just because this site has a glowing review of her song, does not make it false or wrong or written by a crazy stan. They do like Gaga, but that doesn’t make their opinion any less important than someone who does not. Ever consider the song is good? No, you haven’t, because you cannot imagine a world where Britney is not the only one making hits. You can’t imagine a world where there are people who genuinely care about this topic. Instead, you judge and judge at things you pretend to understand but don’t. You have no idea what the true intentions of this woman are, and neither do I, but at least I’m not sitting around writing misguided and clueless things about the person I hate and devoting so much time to doing just that. I don’t think you shouldn’t be such a cynical person.

    • Posted February 7, 2011 at 5:23 pm | Permalink | Reply

      The whole “She’s the best thing to happen to pop in the last two decades! She’s amazing! The song haunts me! She’s the next Madonna! This is going to change pop music! She’s sorting out equality for a generation!” thing doesn’t make the writer a stan? C’mon, now.

      And I’m perfectly content with non-Britney artists sharing the stage. Just naming artists that have come out since Lady Gaga popped up, I love Ke$ha and Justin Bieber. Absolutely love them; have posters of ’em and everything. I loved Gaga at first, too, until around the time Telephone came out and she turned the Arrogant Cunt Dial up to 10.

  3. Ducky
    Posted February 7, 2011 at 6:29 pm | Permalink | Reply

    Also, and this will undoubtedly prompt an amusing rage from Madonna fans incapable of comprehending a world in which more than one female singer can be popular, so brace yourself: ‘Born This Way’ sounds a bit like a modern nod to ‘Vogue’ and ‘Express Yourself’, with a bit of ‘Deeper & Deeper’ thrown in for good measure.

    That is probably the most delusional way of defending someone who copies other people’s work.

  4. Posted February 7, 2011 at 7:18 pm | Permalink | Reply


  5. CCCC
    Posted February 7, 2011 at 8:55 pm | Permalink | Reply

    this article is so full of WIN! lady gaga stans are going to call you a jelous, lifeless loser, but ignore the fuck out of them! you are completeley justified in how you comment on gaga, and from reading your stuff I have had plenty of those ‘aha moments’ that I otherwise wouldn’t of had. It’s like when you are discussing the mening of a book in english, and someone says something that was so obvious but for some reason you missed.
    keep writing your articles! they are great!

    and now little parts I liked:
    “Also, and this will undoubtedly prompt an amusing rage from Madonna fans incapable of comprehending a world in which more than one female singer can be popular,” – hahaha wow, hypocrites much?

    “This is an anthem, alright: for people with no sense of art, true individuality, or personal values.” (exactly!)
    ” The song sounds like it was written by a middle school guidance counselor using motivational posters as his crib notes.” this is one those aha moments lmao! honestley as soon as I read this sentence i was like,… your exactly right.

    also, on the commetsn of ‘critism being about ripping off gaga’, I can tell you that she can nearly get away with ripping off madonna in any way. why? Because hardly ANY, like pretty much everyone i talk to, HASN”T seen madonna’s old videos. yet they think this gives them the musical ‘knowledge’ to say lady gaga is unique? these ‘writers’ for popjournal fail to realize what a musically ignorant generation gaga is dealing with and therfore getting away with a lot.
    the roisin murphy thing also BLEW ME AWAY. anyone who seriously thought they were just “coicidences” is in fucking stright up denial. like seriously, stop asskissing and get some commong sense. also I don’t know if you’ve ever seen the video for “indigo” when Rosin Murphy was part of a band “Moloko”. (moloko actually jsut consisted of her and her boyfriend, a great keyboardist. for live purposes or guest people they had guitarists and what have you, but often they performed by themselves. they didn’t have some kind of “haus” behind them)

    and yes i’m going to write a lot because I love your writing lol. gaga fans arn’t going to get away with calling you a ‘troll’ or ‘hater’ with what you’ve written(whom they call anyone hwo is against gaga, even though they have no idea what a real troll is.)

    “Every banal cliche of self-help literature has been packed into “Born This Way.” But on the bright side: at least we know that she, not a professional songwriter, wrote the words. They’re really that bad that we know that a professional songwriter could have never written them.”
    this i also love. the lyrics are horrible. there is really no way aroudn it. and like you said they are extremeley cliche, and pale in comaprison to the like of “beautiful”, which imo is an iconic song of the last decade.

    this, too, I love:
    “If there’s anyone to blame for a seemingly unfair level of hype, it’s her and her minions. ”
    i am so sick of hearing her talk of how great her album will be. I especially hate the “generation”. funny how Kanye can say it and is considered a pretnious, selfish fuck, but lady gaga can seemingly get away with anything. just like the crack refrences you talked about for vanity fair.

    and to the last part of your article quoting the other I will say I don’t see how ‘born this way’ will ‘change pop’. I’ve heard this type of shit for years. very rarely do I come across the type of jackasses portrayed in highschool movies, usually the jocks, in an overdramatic way, and to me, gaga seems to be living int his hollywood-highschool type of life where she thinks shes standing up for the bullied kids. just, no.

    oh and to hte first ocmmetn, another thing that has gotten into these annoying ass stans- they think they should just preach everything lady gaga does, like ‘how bad it is to be hateful’ then she goes on to call you cynical. this article has very good insights into hhow bad of a review the other person wrote for popjustice, especailly the ‘hype’ part.

    sorry for writing so much. this article just makes me happy- you explain things so cleary and in ssuch ‘aha moment’ ways. and I know some people think ‘aha moment’ is some stupid oprah term, but I can’t think of another term to better sm the feeling up.

  6. CCCC
    Posted February 7, 2011 at 9:28 pm | Permalink | Reply

    wow I went exploring on popjustice. have you seen this article? popjustice links to it to ‘show how amazing lady gaga is’
    the first paragraph is really the main point. it’s pretty sad…
    first is says above the post ‘the woman revolutionizing music” (really, now? I felt James Brown did that much more for me. or Marvin gaye, or Stevie Wonder. …)

    but the 1st para:
    Before you get stuck into what will be an extremely illuminating read(no), take a few seconds to draw up a mental list of every massive popstar of the last 50 years.
    Now start crossing names off. Start with everyone who couldn’t actually sing live, everyone who doesn’t write their own music. Keep on crossing the names off when the popstar isn’t funny or self-aware, doesn’t care about their fans, has never sported a costume made entirely of dead Kermits, isn’t open about their sexuality, has no political viewpoints and – this is the tricky bit – is simultaneously selling tens of millions of songs.
    Chances are you’re probably already down to two or three names by now, and the only one whose music you’ll hear on the radio today is 24-year-old, Lady Gaga.

    that article..hell that paragraph alone..is just..ick. i wasn’t aware people could be that ignorant. it depends what they mean by pop-star.
    now, 2011 minues 50 is the year 1961. well, shit…james brown was popular before and after then, MJ, hell, the Beatles, too, and i don’t think i need to go on a huge name list to prove my point. i guess none of them could sing live, write thier own music, oh wait…they all did that extremeley well.. I wasn’t aware being ‘funny’ was criteria, but James Brown was a very fun-loving person whe hes seen communicating on tape, and MJ had a great sense of humour. I’m not sure I get the ‘self-aware’ part in lady gaga’s case, considering she doesn’t seem self-aware at all, rather extremeley pretentious and unaware..I have a feeling she’d make a horrible comedian int his case. and doesn’t care about their fans! lmao, do I even need to explain that point? I wasn’t aware fake-asskissing was ‘caring about your fans. I guess when James Brown wrote “say it loud, I’m black and proud” he didn’t care about his fans, not to mention that song is MUCh more ‘culture changing’ than Born this way, this also ties into the political viewpoints one. and they go on about people not being open about their sexuality? wtf does this mean? maybe because not everyone one is either gay or bi. I guess ‘straight’ is boring and there fore not ‘sexually open’? hell I have a magazine I nabbed before MJ died off of ebay from the 80’s and he is interviewd about being gay. he clearly states he is traight since it seems such a persistent belief that he was gay, but acknowledges he has nothing against gay people, obviously. thing is, MJ didn’t go making sure EVERYONE KNEW THIS. he didn’t write songs about it, talk about it in every interview, he addressed the question and stated his views when it was brought up, i don’t think MJ had any desire to sit around talking about his sexuality all day, the tabloids already did that. and the one about sporting a kermit costume? that, THAT is what shows me these people really have no idea what they are talking about. I guess pop to them is about what is the most ‘shocking’, even if it is pointless (meat dress?)

    sorry to keep replying on your stuff. i just seriously cant help it. a lot of people say justin bieber and twilight are bad, but they don’t really bother me. I don’t read/listen to either of them, just not my taste, but they don’t annoy me at all. lady gag on the other hand, is the most atrocious thing I’ve ever seen in my lifetime of pop music. and i’m not one of those ‘cant stand having two female pop stars at once’. I don’t hate Britney madonna or xtina, but I own none of their cs. my tatse like I said are more for soul/funk genre things, things which lady gaga is far, far away from.it doesn’t bother me james brown isn’t “best selling artist” or wtf ever, and if he was famous today I wouldn’t care if he wasn’t as famous as gaga, because she has further proven fame is pointless even though she is so greedy for it.

    • Posted February 7, 2011 at 9:35 pm | Permalink | Reply

      I love Justin Bieber because he, his team, and his stans don’t pretend that he’s some revolutionary artist. They know what he is — a cute guy who makes quality teen pop — and they market him that way. He seems down-to-earth and My World 2.0 is a very good pop album. Nobody thinks any different, least of all Justin himself.

      However, if Justin started saying that he was a defining voice for his generation, that his album was going to be decade-defining, that everyone was copying him, that he can “really fucking sing!,” showboating and grandstanding, etc., then I’d start to have a problem with him. If he starts to get a big head like Gaga, I’ll abandon him as a fan. I used to love Gaga in 2008-2009. I didn’t start loathing her until about half a year ago.

      The key difference, to sum it up, between Bieber and Gaga is that, with the former, there is no disconnect between perception and reality.

  7. LadyBritBrit
    Posted February 7, 2011 at 11:43 pm | Permalink | Reply

    “Start with everyone who couldn’t actually sing live, everyone who doesn’t write their own music. Keep on crossing the names off when the popstar isn’t funny or self-aware, doesn’t care about their fans, has never sported a costume made entirely of dead Kermits, isn’t open about their sexuality, has no political viewpoint”
    Pretentious as hell.

  8. Chris
    Posted February 8, 2011 at 3:02 am | Permalink | Reply

    This article is trying too hard.

    I am by no means a gaga stan, or anything close, but I read the popjustice article earlier today and i thought it was pretty good.

    They may compare gaga to madonna quite a few times in this article, but they never said, nor did i get the impression that they were implying that gaga was the next madonna. According to them, “Born This Way” sounds like some madonna songs…so why would they compare to to anything other then madonna songs? So what if they think its better then Britney’s new single? They have already given that song quite a bit of praise. I love “Hold It Against Me”, but its hardly earth shattering, and even Britney herself has songs that are better.

  9. lalala
    Posted February 9, 2011 at 12:30 am | Permalink | Reply

    I kinda get your point about the way gaga threats the Gays, but then on the other hand that is your opinion. You may not like the way she threats them,but that doesn’t mean that other gay people think about it the same way.I think there are people who actually draw strength from her support. And also we shouldn’t forget that there is still alot of gay hatred and discrimination in this world.
    Like I said, i totally get where you’re coming from, but we also know that gaga truly want’s to stand up for them and make a change. I still believe she should calm down on the gay thing because I hear alot of bad comments about it lately and i think it’s going to work against her. I am a really big Lady Gaga fan (or stan as you would say)but it also sometimes bugs me that she is giving the gays credits for everything and sometimes makes her straight fans feel superfluous and left out, even though I know she doesn’t mean to.
    I wasn’t very impressed when i read the born this way lyrics for the first time either, but i think that it will sound amazing when you hear the full song.
    I’m cool with the fact that you want to make a blog about how much you dislike (or even hate) Gaga and the things she does (even though i think it’s weird. Like why would you make a blog and spend time on an artist you dislike so much?)but i don’t really see why you have to get Britney involved with this all the time. Yea you made clear that you prefer britney , but this blog is about Gaga not Britney, right? I think people should stop whining about artists other than their idol and stay busy with the music they love. Everyone has another taste and no artist will ever be beloved by the whole world.

  10. lalala
    Posted February 9, 2011 at 12:34 am | Permalink | Reply

    p.s. this is not really a comment on this specific post but you’re whole site. Oh and also sorry for my bad english 😛

  11. Jayden James
    Posted February 9, 2011 at 8:32 am | Permalink | Reply

    If it sounds like “Vogue” and “Deeper and Deeper” it cannot be a bad song !!!
    But it will still be unoriginal.
    “Bad Romance” was the Halloween version of “Pokerface” which in itself was already a Kat De Luna ripoff (“Calling You”). Also “Hey Hey” and “Alejandro” plagiarize the work of the great Ace Of Base (“I Saw The Sign” & Don’t Turn Around”).
    It seems like there an halo of BS around project GaGa because, contrarily to what we’re being brainwashed, nothing she’s doing musically and esthetically hasn’t been done before…

    And the quote about how she’s the best thing to happen to pop for the last 18 years…
    What an insulting statement for the Britney, Pink, Christina, Nelly, Beyoncé or Justin of the world who have been entertaining us since the late 90s. Not only that but they were criticized a lot for being popstars and still opened the door for GaGa, Katy, JB or Ke$ha.

    That’s how you thank them ?

  12. LadyBritBrit
    Posted February 11, 2011 at 2:32 am | Permalink | Reply

    Go Jayden James

    • Jayden James
      Posted February 11, 2011 at 6:21 am | Permalink | Reply

      Yes ! Werk !!! LMAO

      I listened to “Born This Way”… I didn’t like it when Madonna released it in 1989 under the name of “Xpress Yourself” and I sure don’t like it now. ^^

  13. Scott
    Posted February 15, 2011 at 2:40 am | Permalink | Reply

    I originally came to this site thinking I’d get some interesting insight in to why people might have some legitimate gripes about Lady Gaga. But really… this site is crap. Her appearances on 60 minutes and Leno have blown all of your ridiculous claims to waste. Her sincerity is a breath of fresh air compared to your silly ridicule.

  14. Ben
    Posted July 21, 2011 at 9:13 pm | Permalink | Reply

    Popjustice, well, Peter Robinson is the perfect example of a blogger who doesn’t take himself too seriously.
    However, you on the other hand, are the sycophant, starving for attention.
    This is coming from someone who enjoys both Lady Gaga AND Britney Spears. Cya.

  15. Eric
    Posted August 14, 2011 at 11:56 pm | Permalink | Reply

    Oh! You’re a Britney ‘stan’… now I get it xD hahahaha! Let me just get out of here and never come back. I’m sure you won’t mind!

  16. misty
    Posted June 26, 2012 at 5:30 pm | Permalink | Reply

    they may be a sycophant but its just as easy to say ur a delusional hater
    music is subjective – he obviously loves it and u dont get over it
    you arent more correct than he is

  17. Posted April 4, 2013 at 12:17 pm | Permalink | Reply

    I want to to thank you for this good read!! I definitely loved every
    little bit of it. I have you book-marked to check out new things you post…

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