On the Judas Video and the “Monster Ball” HBO Special

A lot of you have asked why I haven’t had anything to say about the Judas video. The honest truth is that I gave it a watch and found it profoundly uninteresting. She keeps overhyping these videos only to release an utterly ordinary piece of work. There’s nothing wrong with it, really — although the pseudo-arty cut-away scene made my eyebrow peak — but the attempt to whip up controversy by provoking Christians is so overdone. It’s no longer shocking. If Gaga wants to be truly shocking — and gain back my respect — then I want to hear her speak up on behalf of oppressed Muslim women. I want her to parody the burqa, or use a hijab as a fashion statement. Angry Christians are still docile. Angry Muslims will fuck your shit up.

As for the ‘Monster Ball’ special on HBO: I didn’t watch it because I don’t get HBO. I’ve seen a shockingly high number of people on my Facebook feed who aren’t Gaga haters say that it kind of bored them, though. Mostly they’ve said that they’re surprised at how uninteresting it was, given all of the hype and glamour surrounding Lady Gaga. Alas, I have no thoughts to present to you, since I didn’t watch it. I will say, though, that the name ‘Monster Ball’ has always made me gag, simply because of how I know that she envisions it: it’s a little festival for the Little Monsters to come out to play and celebrate Who They Are with their Mother Monster, Lady Gaga. Gag me.



  1. Little Monster Regina
    Posted May 9, 2011 at 6:27 pm | Permalink | Reply

    I now solemnly agree with you, Alex 🙂
    Gaga should go fucking badass on the Muslims
    But then she might end up like Mr.Bin Laden and have to hide out somewhere from the enemy army.
    What must be done?

  2. Skullette
    Posted May 21, 2011 at 7:59 am | Permalink | Reply

    I think the Judas video should be considered more of an experience than a video. I have never been so stunned by a Music Video before in my life. Spectacular.

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