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Dear Delusional ONTD Flops…

A number of commenters on ONTD are attacking my marvelous post about Britney Spears’ impending legendary status: member “jesusbitches” attacks Truth About Gaga as a “random blog” whose posts have no place on ONTD; “xena_mademegay,” with her Gaga avatar, asks “Why the fuck is that bullshit blog being accepted?” Keep ta-ta-talkin’ that…

Darlings: allow to introduce you to the most basic of logical fallacies — the ad hominem attack. It’s a popular fallacy because it’s so easy to employ — and it allows the person usingĀ  it to feel like they’ve issued an argument when they actually have done nothing but skirt it. It instead is an attack on the source: “Mr. Wilson is a known liar. Why would we trust a liar?” — or, in this format: “This blog isn’t popular. It doesn’t have a domain name. It’s run by a stan. Hence, we shouldn’t deal with its arguments.” Sorry — this is not a logically admissible rebuttal to anything I’ve written.

Now, I am a stan. I post on Exhale, for God’s sake. But even a cursory examination of this blog should reveal that I’m not a delusional one: I give Gaga credit where it’s due (no one can deny her performance skills), and I’m willing to concede many of Britney’s shortcomings (watching her lip-sync “Everytime” on that umbrella is farcical, for instance). But, well — much easier to attack the source than to address my arguments, though — isn’t it, Little Critters? Stay pressed!

PS — User “bumlikeyou” notes that “the source is some cray cray Britney stan from exhale who also stans for jbieber which is like twice the cray cray” — Damn right! You say I’m crazy? I got your crazy! Bow down to Godney and Biebsus! (And God$ha.)


Hate Mail Alert!

One of Britney’s stans — one even more deranged than I am — e-mailed me with this calm, sober message:

upon reading your “The Case Against Lady Gaga: The Essay”
it makes me wonder what the hell is your problem…
I’m a solid BritBrit fan and all but … why do you need to take down a certain artist that HEAVEN and HELL knows that they’re not doing things against you. WHAT’S YOUR PROBLEM DUDE? YOU’RE WASTING ENOUGH TIME. Rather than taking down on Lady GayGay … you should be PROMOTING THE HECK OUT OF BRITNEY. I don’t know what’s wrong with you. As a full Britney Spears fan, you should concentrate the hell out of her. NOT ON EFFIN’ GayGay… she’s not that big to top off Britney! so better yet … let the bitch live her crazy life. She’s nothing compared to Britney… If Britney was in GayGay’s position… and GayGay’s fans would do this to Britney. What the hell would you feel? LET THE BITCH BE A BITCH. She’ll fall in her own panties. All our concern’s should be focused on the one and only BRITNEY and her success…. we shouldn’t mind the effin’ people around her. We know where she stands and that’s for use to PROVE not to BRAG. Be modest in you own way please. I’m somewhat ashamed …. it’s like you’re envious in the bitch’s works when they’re all NONE SENSE. Focus on Britney, not on somebody’s B*LLSH*T monkey business. THINK OVER IT ‘CAUSE YOU’VED WASTED ENOUGH TIME. MORE ON BRITNEY NOT ON THEM.

Temper, temper!

Alright, let’s respond to this mess of an e-mail.

First of all, my charges against Lady Gaga are not that she is “doing something against me,” but that her esteemed place in our pop culture is unwarranted. I’m here to present an intelligent, reasoned critique of Gaga’s foolishness. I think I’m doing a good job, no?

It’s an utter lie that Gaga is unimportant. If she were unimportant, we could ignore her. But she’s not unimportant; hence, this site. Don’t be a blind hater.

More importantly, while I may love Godney with all of my heart, I have other interests — and besides, her single isn’t even out yet. When it is, I’ll give it a plug and do my small part. But in the meantime, you don’t even have a real argument.

That is all.