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Greetings, Stans!

Well, this demonstrates the power of actually producing relevant content, doesn’t it?

My traffic had absolutely plummeted after having not posted anything for nearly two weeks — but after penning a single quality article, it spiked back up to a rate that’s on track to best my all-time one-day high. Most excellent!

A few people have urged me to purchase a domain name and expand this site into a general pop music blog with an opinionated edge. Do I dare?

Stay tuned…


I’m Alive!

I’m here. Don’t stop visiting (my traffic has sharply declined over the past week). I’ve been swept upĀ  in Godney-mania: can you blame me?

Thanks for a Highly Successful First Day

In its first day of operation, this humble little blog reached #2 on WordPress’ Growing Blogs list. After just 24 hours, the site has already reached 1,250 hits (not including my visits). That’s very good for first-day traffic to an anonymous website.

Keep spreading the word!