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Born This Way Leaked! [Download]

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Until further notice:

FULL ALBUM: http://hulkshare.com/dji4ow8orbfz



CD HQ full songs http://hulkshare.com/ca3d7xtk6t1n
alternate link http://www.filesonic.com/file/1022549584

“Government Hooker”
“Marry The Night”
“Bloody MAry”

CD HQ full songs http://hulkshare.com/1nl31zhqpttc
alternate link http://www.filesonic.com/file/1022549594

“Bad Kids”
“Highway Unicorn”
“Heavy Metal Lover”
“Electric Chapel”


“Government Hooker” (?) Remix Clip Drops

Skip to 1:30 for the relevant section:

Very good. The melody is outstanding, and if someone like RedOne is at the helm, it’ll be a smash. This is just a remix, and it’s mid-quality, since it debuted at some random-ass fashion show — but I can already tell that the song is Grade-A pop. (The title is worthy of nothing but eye-rolls, though. “Government Hooker”? Well, aren’t we edgy…)

The trouble is that, even as I’ll listen to quality pop songs like this, I’ll have this inescapable knowledge that that woman is singing the song. Can’t we hand this to Katy Perry instead?

On the “Born This Way” Announcement

Lady Gaga has let us in on another verse to the song “Born This Way” and confirmed it as the first single to the album of the same name. Continuing with the love-yourself cliches she introduced us to during the 2010 VMAs, the song still looks like it’s going to be something that could be posted on a motivational poster in a high school counselor’s office.

The newly-revealed lyrics are: “Don’t hide yourself in regret/Just love yourself and you’re set/I’m on the right track/Baby I was born this way.”

Let’s be frank, here: this makes “Firework” sound downright poetic. Someone on my Facebook feed posted that “these lyrics sound like a gay version of Christian rock.” I suspect that casual Gaga fans will feel the same way — the ones who aren’t part of the Monster Cult. The casual fans are the ones who fell in love with her party songs — and the smart money is on them being turned off by this thinly-veiled gay pride stuff.

More interestingly: what’s with the unusually lengthy wait between the release of the first single and the release date of the album? Three months is a considerable gap. My theory is this: the record company knows that this song is probably not going to be a major smash, and they want backup. They’re gonna give this song a month to catch fire, and if it doesn’t, they’re gonna move forward with a RedOne production in time for the album’s release. If, for whatever reason, the song “Born This Way” blows up, they can always move the album up.

Sorry, Britney stans: she’s not doing it to bypass Britney. She’d lose to her in terms of first-week album sales, yes, but that’s not the key motivation, here. Record companies want profit; they don’t give a shit about stan wars. And I think that her record company is nervous about this album; they think it might be too narrow and appeal only to the Monster Cult. This come-on-gay-boys-love-yourselves thing is not going to appeal to most people.

It looks like Born This Way could be shaping up to be nothing more than a self-indulgent mess.