The Case Against Lady Gaga: The Essay

Lady Gaga has been described as “a voice for our generation.” She is a woman on the verge of releasing Born This Way, a potentially world-changing record which one person has called “the greatest album of this decade.” The lead single of the same name has been dubbed the “anthem for our generation.” Her concerts have been deemed “youth churches,” and, as someone once put it: “the bitch can sing.”

Oh, right — just so you know: all of those quotes are Lady Gaga talking about herself.

The Truth About Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga’s favorite subject is Lady Gaga. She envisions herself as an enigmatic riddle wrapped inside a mysterious paradox. For my inability to understand this infinitely complex figure, I’m constantly being bashed over the head by her Monster Cult: I simply “don’t ‘get’ her,” they say. Browse YouTube comments or Twitter flame wars: her detractors are told that they fail to understand Gaga’s deeper points about celebrity, fame, and art. If we understood what she was aiming at, we’re told, we’d stop aiming our bayonets at her and proclaim ourselves Little Monsters, too.

In this essay — which will be ever-growing — I intend to chronicle, in fairly comprehensive fashion, why I totally do “get” Lady Gaga — and why to understand her is not to embrace her.

2010 was a watershed year for her — but for all the wrong reasons. Having achieved fame, she has shed the arty, self-knowing persona of her early period and has come to embody all of the pop life’s worst attributes: egomania, pretension, and self-importance, topped off with a big, steaming pile of histrionics.

Let’s begin by examining what exactly a ‘Little Monster’ is.

The Sociology of the Monster Cult

The first notable point about the term ‘Little Monster’ is that it did not evolve organically, as was the case with, say, Justin Bieber’s equivalent, the ‘Beliebers.’ Lady Gaga herself decreed that her followers were her ‘Little Monsters,’ and they obediently followed suit in adopting the terminology. It was not a creation of the fans: ‘Mother Monster’ simply started calling them that during her concerts (or ‘youth churches,’ as she has called them) and they adopted the moniker without protest.

No big deal. But why ‘monsters’? Let’s allow Gaga to explain herself. Here, in her own words: the full text of the ‘Manifesto of Little Monsters.’

There’s something heroic about the way my fans operate their cameras. So precisely and intricately, so proudly, and so methodically. Like Kings writing the history of their people. It’s their prolific nature that both creates and procures what will later be perceived as the “kingdom.” So, the real truth about Lady Gaga fans lies in this sentiment: They are the kings. They are the queens. They write the history of the kingdom, while I am something of a devoted Jester.

It is in the theory of perception that we have established our bond. Or, the lie, I should say, for which we kill. We are nothing without our image. Without our projection. Without the spiritual hologram of who we perceive ourselves to be, or to become, in the future.

The first thing that’s notable about this startlingly incoherent manifesto is that it’s actually not a manifesto. A manifesto is a body of work outlining the intentions and core components of an ideology or movement. Gaga’s two-paragraph brain-droppings can be described as many things, but ‘manifesto’ is not a term that comes to mind.

Second, if the manifesto is of Little Monsters, then it ought properly to be written by Little Monsters, not Lady Gaga. (And the word ‘prolific’? I don’t think it means what she thinks it means.) A proper fan community should be allowed to grow organically. But from the naming of the community to the expression of its ideas, the Monster Cult seems to be a strictly top-down operation: Lady Gaga issues the decrees, and the Monsters follow suit.

Gaga’s inscrutable ramblings aside, the common explanation seems to be that ‘monster’ is a tongue-in-cheek reference to what is allegedly the nature of the typical Lady Gaga fan: eccentric, a bit freakish, maybe a bit of a misfit. Mother Monster thus styles herself as the Queen of the Misfits; a public representation of the positive, artistic role of the outcast. She diligently thanks her Monsters in all of her public speeches and appearances, declaring them her reason for living and even the true writers of Born This Way. In October 2010, Lady Gaga even took to her Twitter to announce that, for Halloween, she was going to dress up as a Little Monster.

It takes a special kind of egomania to dress up as a fan of yourself for Halloween. But then, Lady Gaga’s arrogance — already thoroughly documented in the first paragraph — is pretty extraordinary.

Breathtaking Arrogance

“The funny thing is that some people have reduced freedom to a brand. They think that it’s trendy now to be free. They think it’s trendy to be excited about your identity. When in truth, there is nothing trendy about Born This Way.”

Gaga spoke those words as November 2010 drew to a close; the statement was a seeming allusion to a recent duo of #1 pop hits: Ke$ha’s “We R Who We R,” and Katy Perry’s “Firework,” both of which emphasize self-expression and individuality.

Gaga’s statement is perplexing on a couple of levels. Somewhere along the line, this woman seems to have convinced herself that her music is about personal liberation, individuality, and self-expression. A cursory glance at Gaga’s small catalog of music reveals that she has written a grand total of zero songs emphasizing this theme. And her most visible songs undercut the message on a grand scale: her major hits have been about getting wasted at a party (“Just Dance”), having sex (“Poker Face”), and ignoring your boyfriend while you’re clubbing (“Telephone”). Who exactly, then, is Lady Gaga to be lecturing anyone else about lyrical themes?

The point I’m making here is not that there is something wrong with singing about booze, boys, and parties, but rather that if Lady Gaga is going to parade herself around as an exemplar of personal liberation, she really ought to write a song about something other than, well — booze, boys, and parties. There’s nothing wrong with the topic, really: but can we please try not to pass it off as high art?

Worse, still: if Lady Gaga is serious about encouraging young people to embrace their identities, why on Earth would she be spitting upon others’ efforts in furthering this message? Ke$ha and Katy Perry are high-profile pop singers, after all. One would think that Gaga would want to thank them for embracing a positive message. One would think that she would view them as allies in helping others. But alas, this is not the way that Lady Gaga operates: the disgusting truth seems to be that she simply wants the stage to herself. (Perhaps, one might venture, she’d recognized that the music she’d released to that point had absolutely nothing to do with individual expression — and was thus angry that other artists beat her to the punch.)

The obvious retort here by the Monster Cult is that Lady Gaga has been hard at work on an album full of songs about individual expression, self-acceptance, and personal liberation. This is, at least, what I’ve been breathlessly informed of by the Monsters: she’s using mindless pop to get her foot in the door, or so goes the line — and then she’ll unleash her high art.

Fine. Maybe so. (Although, given the asinine inanity of the lyrics of “Born This Way,” I highly doubt it.) But right now, we’ve heard nothing but talk. It would be bad enough if she’d released a song or two about individuality and then hit the road as a one-woman hype machine for her own brilliance. That’s color-by-numbers, par-for-the-course industry arrogance, and it’s never becoming. But Gaga’s arrogance is virtually unprecedented: it takes a special kind of audacity to take cheap shots at others for putting out allegedly inferior versions of art that you have yet to even produce!

Strange Lies

MTV reported that Lady Gaga made this strange remark during one of her London shows:

“Now, I don’t know if you know this, but for those of you who don’t know, I write all my own music. Every single lyric, melody and note was created by me. I am not manufactured. I’m a bad cat and coming for you ’cause I believe in you and I. It’s not that I don’t like to be humble, it’s just that pop music has a pretty bad rap…

Jacques of The Prophet Blog says all that needs to be said:

I wonder what RedOne, Darkchild, Fernando Garibay, Rob Fusari, Akon, Martin Kierszenbaum, and about fifty other engineers, backing vocalists, producers, writers, musicians, marketing assistants and A&R reps would have to say about that?

In summary: Gaga’s statement is objectively, provably false. This is not an opinion.

Some fans, mentally rejecting any negative information about Mother Monster that arrives at their desks, have rationalized this bizarre statement by claiming that Gaga comes up with all of the lyrics and melodies to her songs, and that the producers just add the instrumentals.

It’s easy to understand why this explanation is appealing to the Monster Cult: since nobody has specifically claimed credit for individual sections of each song, the melodies and lyrics can be chalked up to Gaga and her integrity, statement and all, remains roughly in tact. (To the Little Monster, the alternative — to admit that she’s such an egomaniac that she feels that she can openly take credit for others’ work in front of the world — is unthinkable.)

Alas, the contention is too far-fetched to hold water. First of all, unless we are to dismiss the production as unimportant, irrelevant, or otherwise not notable, this still doesn’t explain why Gaga would claim credit for “every note” on the album. (The album kicks off with “Just Dance,” for instance, which begins with a synthesized “E.” That qualifies as a note, yes? That’s part of the production, yes? Which is credited to — why, I believe it’s…RedOne.) But furthermore, there is a marked quality difference between her work with marquee-name producers and the B-listers she chose to play around with. “Summerboy” is a passable pop song, but it’s no “Boys Boys Boys.” Left to her own devices, Gaga seems to prefer to write rock ballads, such as “You and I” or “Speechless.” The intense, driving dance-pop sound that has become Gaga’s signature is virtually all RedOne’s doing.

Manufactured This Way

It’s easy to forget it, but there are several videos that exist of a young woman named Stefani Germanotta performing soulful, smooth-jazz ballads for eager New York audiences. Germanotta — the woman lurking underneath the layers of “Lady Gaga” that have been applied to her — never felt the need to adorn herself in bras made out of meat, collect gay men as fashion accessories, or declare her concerts “youth churches” for politically active students.

Rob Fusari, the man behind “Paparazzi,” has felt compelled to dish on Gaga’s manufactured personality. Explaining that she’d initially been discovered in a New York nightclub as a promising prospect for a Strokes-style rock record, Fusari recounts his work with Gaga throughout 2006 on just such a project, but says that he felt like a fish out of water working on anything but R&B. After showing Stefani an article about how Nelly Furtado was launched back to superstardom after ditching folk-pop for pulsating dance music, he convinced her that club beats and performance art might actually be the way to go to achieve stardom — despite her preference for a more stripped-down sound. “Beautiful, Dirty, Rich” was the first dance song they recorded together, and the song caught the attention of Interscope. Sometime in 2007, she was introduced to RedOne, and the rest, as they say, is history.

What to make of this? The Monster Cult dismisses Fusari out of hand as a bitter ex-boyfriend trying to steal Gaga’s money in a frivolous lawsuit. He may very well be bitter, and his exorbitant lawsuit strikes me as a bit quixotic. But the kind of scenario Fusari describes is par-for-the-course in the business, and it’s not as if Gaga’s recent actions don’t confirm his version of events: as noted, when Gaga is set loose, she prefers to pen songs like “Speechless” — songs that are fairly close to the kind of sound she’d originally been going for.

There is certainly nothing shameful about adopting a new persona. But the hypocrisy reeks to high heavens: Lady Gaga has cast herself as the champion of misfits, eccentrics, and weirdos, telling them to embrace their identity, no matter what the costs; no matter what others might say to them. But she is particularly ill-equipped for such a role, given that she herself compromised her identity to win stardom! Stars like Ke$ha and Britney Spears happily admit that they wear masks on stage for the sake of performance. Lady Gaga, on the other hand, defiantly insists that nothing about her is an act; that her stage persona is a pristine representation of who she really is:

Alexander Fury: What do you think is the biggest misconception about you?

Lady Gaga: That I’m a character. Or that Gaga is separate from Stefani. We are one and the same, there is no difference…

Puh-leez. Go watch Stefani Germanotta perform. She’s fantastic at what she does, and she loves doing it. “Lady Gaga” is nothing but a character played by that woman.

The Thinnest Skin In the Business

Given that she’s not who she claims to be, it should probably not come as a surprise that she’s got such a massive chip on her shoulder. Indeed, I have never seen a pop star as concerned as Lady Gaga about what her critics are saying about her. Never have I seen someone with such thin skin; who felt so strongly that they had something to prove. In addition to the above-documented statements where she (falsely) claims to write all of her own music and whines that there’s actually nothing trendy about her music, consider this obnoxious video, where, in a grating tone, she yells “Surprise! A pop show — and the bitch can sing!” And when her mic cut out one night, she felt the need to intone: “I told you I don’t lip-sync! My fucking mic just went out!”

Yeah, and? Virtually nobody in the industry except Britney Spears blatantly lip-syncs their way through entire concerts. Even the weaker singers — Katy Perry and Rihanna, for instance — give it their all, even when it comes up a little bit short. That Gaga feels the need to announce the fact that her vocals are live on such a repeated basis seems evidence to me that she’s — oh, let’s just put it politely: very insecure. It’s absolutely baffling: she’s on top of the world — what does she care whether some anonymous critic is accusing her of lip-syncing?

In this sense, Gaga’s public outbursts remind me of Sarah Palin. Both women are attractive divas; both of them think they’re far more important than they actually are; both of them let their critics get to them; both of them wrongly believe themselves to be voices for their generation — and while both of them are beloved by a base of hardcore fans, it’s hard to overlook the fact that they’re both just a lil’ bit nuts.

A Horrid Role Model

The following episode was a defining moment in the evolution of my thoughts about Lady Gaga. If we are to believe her that her Monsters are comprised primarily of misfits and lonely hearts — she notes that she has received plenty of letters from gay kids who had been kicked out of their homes, for instance — then what can we call her except foolish, irresponsible, and destructive — when she admits to dabbling in cocaine?

She did “bags and bags” of cocaine when she was younger, she confessed, and implores her fans to not go down that road. But, well, that being said, she still admits to “occasionally” dabbling in cocaine since achieving superstardom! (Please try to imagine what people’s reaction would be if Britney Spears told the world that she dabbled in cocaine.)

Cocaine isn’t like marijuana. It is not a falsely-stigmatized drug that does little more than send a person into a small high for a while. Cocaine is very dangerous, and Gaga, as a self-appointed spokeswoman for vulnerable young people, has a responsibility to transmit the right message. (And for the record: “Do as I say, not as I do” ain’t that message.)

She might be playing with fire, here: her fans absolutely worship her. At the very best, what we’re now dealing with are thousands of people who are, at the very least, apologizing for or excusing her cocaine use. This is totally unacceptable. We cannot just excuse this as “Gaga being Gaga.” Despite her claims to the contrary, she is a human being — one with immense influence over a lot of young people. Her breathtaking irresponsibility here is shameful. At the very least, she could have kept her damn mouth shut.

Queen of the Gays

For some reason, Gaga’s Monster Cult always seems to think it has me trapped, here. “You love Britney Spears so much,” Little Monsters say to me. “But when’s the last time Britney Spears did anything for the gay community?”

First of all, I completely reject the notion that celebrities are somehow morally required to “speak out” on political and cultural issues. That singers are public figures is a byproduct of the widespread appeal of their craft, not their political aptitude. If Britney Spears just wants to perform, let her perform in peace. We don’t demand that carpenters, teachers, or even lawyers become public advocates for political positions. Why should we expect the same of performers?

Moreover, even if they’re inclined to speak out, I believe that they should always weigh their options prudently: celebrity activism always serves as a double-edged sword. The headlines surrounding Gaga’s Don’t Ask Don’t Tell activism were never, for instance, “Lady Gaga speaks out for gay rights,” but rather “LADY GAGA!!!!! speaks out for gay rights.” The celebrity always ends up overtaking the issue, rendering their efforts, intentionally or not, somewhat self-indulgent.

Second, how utterly patronizing is it to ask me such a question in the first place? Do Lady Gaga fans look at me and see nothing but a homosexual? Might it have occurred to the Monster Cult that I have other considerations in mind than my sexual orientation; that my life doesn’t revolve around the fact that I’m gay? When Lady Gaga thanks “the gays” in her speeches, I wonder: would anyone thank “the blacks” for their support? Would any other minority group ever be lumped into such an undifferentiated, stereotypical mass? I have always maintained that Lady Gaga’s affection for gay men is little more than glorified fag-haggery. She simply strikes me as someone whose first reaction to a gay friend’s coming-out would be “Oh my gosh! I love gays! Can we go shopping?” Gay people, to Lady Gaga, are bunch of pink, glittery, fashion-obsessed queens. There’s not a lot of difference between Christian conservatives’ stereotypical views of gays and Lady Gaga’s: the key distinction seems only to be that she likes that stereotype. It’s incredibly condescending — and it’s really a shame, given that she could be using her platform to empower young gay people to be truly individualistic, trailblazing, and self-empowered. Instead, she sends them down the path of the same-old same-old political nonsense, with a liberal dosage of trite cliches about “loving yourself.”

The truth is that being gay doesn’t have to be “about” anything. I think I speak for most gay people when I say that our sexual orientation is not a central part of our identity. Lady Gaga is positively obsessed with our homosexuality — and it’s condescending, not liberating.

Miscellaneous Bullshit

Gaga is well-known for her living her act, but it’s no accident that her meat dress is the top suggested search result on Google when one types in “Lady Gaga.” Somewhat intriguingly, though, she appears strangely self-conscious about her sensationalist tactics. In a rambling, incoherent attempt to justify the artistic merits of her meat dress, she fumbled around awkwardly to Ellen DeGeneres, jumping from one piece of nonsense to another, none of them connected to the other in any discernible way:

“However, it has many interpretations, but for me this evening … If we don’t stand up for what we believe in and if we don’t fight for our rights, pretty soon we’re going to have as much rights as the meat on our own bones.”


“And I am not a piece of meat,” she added.

…Yeah, that too!

And, infamously, Gaga declared to Vanity Fair that she feared sex with men, lest they rob her of her creativity through her vagina. (Imagine if Taylor Swift had said this.) How much absurdist bullshit does Gaga have to spout before we finally declare her nutty, rather than merely eccentric?

We Arrive at the Real Problem

I don’t want to dislike Lady Gaga. The heart of the problem is not what has truly made her a star: her music is intense and driving, her fashion sense is interesting, and much of her showboating is entertaining and part of a long tradition of pop divas, inherited from the likes of Cher, Madonna, and Britney Spears. And it’s mostly those aspects that are appealing to the public.

The key problem is the utter disconnect — even discord — between perception and reality amongst her and her fans. I can always enjoy Ke$ha’s music, for instance, mindless and carefree as it is, because she never pretends to be anything other than what she is: a pop artist who makes fun party music. There’s little substantive difference between the topical themes of Ke$ha and Lady Gaga’s music, but Ke$ha isn’t out there pushing her work as high art. Gaga and her fans present her as an avant-garde, politically-conscious revolutionary, single-handedly bringing art, style, and sensibility back to the pop arena. She is not doing that. Since the release of The Fame Monster, she has been a cancer on the pop arena, epitomizing everything that people loathe about showbiz. She is a narcissistic egomaniac running amok on the world stage, unleashing havoc on the pop world, and talking down to anyone who gets in her way.

I wonder what the Lady Gaga of 2008 would have to say about the Lady Gaga of 2010. That was the Lady Gaga I once loved: the self-knowing, humble, fun-loving Lady Gaga who I requested at the clubs, rooted for at awards shows, introduced to my friends, inspired me to take fashion risks, and saw in concert. Wherever she is, I want her back. The pop music fans who once rooted for her but just couldn’t swallow the Monster Cult bullshit are still out there. And we are eagerly awaiting her return.



  1. Barreto Becko
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    My Agreement, you have it

    • hatinghaters
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      LOL Really? You are so fucking dumb..

      • flavio
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        Lol, the typical respectful and democratic reaction of the little retards

      • emme
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        I completely agree with flavio. Stefani Germanotta needs to go to Tibet and meditate for a year. She is immature and silly.

        And her “little monsters” may just contain some nutjob who will do a lot more harm to any cause or even a person who does not buy the garbage “Mother Monster” sells.

    • Imogen
      Posted February 23, 2014 at 12:59 pm | Permalink | Reply

      I am a big fan of Lady Gaga because of her beautiful, creative, true music she has produced and because she is not afraid to be different and dress in a manic way. Her dress sense tells the world who she is and her little monster(like me <3) how much she loves them and what she wants and how she wants people to think. There are many immature people out there like you who dislike her. I am fine with that because we are all human and we all like different things and different artists. There are lots of people who don't like Justin Beiber, Miley Cyrus, Rihanna, Eminem, Beyonce, Katy Perry and many others but we should not judge them because there like something you don't. Someone out there may write a essay against Justin Beiber but his fans will protest against it despite many people who say he a bad role model, terrible singer, drug addict, stupid child but if thats the thing there love let them love it. I love Lady Gaga and to all the haters out there go on hate her because there are many other Little Monsters in the world who love her like me. Stefani Germanotta is up there with the greats who have changed things such as Michael Jackson who have brought there own creativity in there songs, fashion and the outlandish things there have said. No hate comments because I was Born This Way!!

      • Thy
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        I Totally Agree with you. Let them hate, as long as the Little Monsters like us love her. It’s find. They’re just haters, let them be. She was Born This Way and She ain’t gonna change!!!

        • george
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          AND one more thing…. NEED I REMIND YOU ***I~M~O~G~E~N*** that I am dauntlessly in love WITH THE GODDESS, she is my spirit, my mother, my being, THE PLANET, MY HOME… no other character from the flesh-and-bone-story-of-people WILL EVER be THE GODDESS in all HER MYRIAD MYSTICNESS, and so,
          I remind you, that even Britney Spear was a puppet too. but the Prototype for WHAT THIS LADY is now….. !
          this lady you give away too, simply takes, and TAKES AND TAKES,
          and the only food she feeds you, IS TO BE MIND-LESS, not mind-filled (mindful), SHE ASKS FOR YOUR POWER, and like children of Pinnochio, all you poor children WILLINGLY choose the CARNIVAL and turn into DONKEY-ASSES… which I will never understand your choices.

          sing the serpent, JOKE THEN HA!

          slither round, and round in truth,
          integrity, eternal youth,
          shed the skin, again AGAIN,

          no lies come from THE WEB WE SPIN,
          only experience in CREATION is the hologram that we Live.

          Eternal Eternal, is Energy, NO TIME,
          but where there is past, is future, SUBLIME
          the now is POTENT,
          more than you SEE
          SO KALI-KALI-MA

          bring spirit tranquility…. for my dearest siblings, lost to the artificial path of self-destruction…. MAY THEY REACH HOME SOON, and ALL OF YOUR CHILDREN, to the ORIGINAL HOME BOUND MOTHER GODDESS DAUGHTER SISTER ULTIMATE OF ALL…
          this I wish to ALL ASPECTS OF YOU,


          so much much LOVE,
          your Son, and Brother,

      • george
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        no. blah blah blah. no. you are programmed. you simply do not see beyond your prison. you are trapped in your mind. If you LOVE yourself, Free Yourself. Find the Universal Flow again, Restore your sanctity to the Earth. PLEASE, I beg you child, DO not CHOOSE to GIVE away YOUR POWER within, MINDLESSLY, like a FUCKING FUCK-BOT!
        Now, I love you, but I am simply being HARSH… SLAMMING your EGO to the BRICK WALL, reminding you that YOU BLEED LIFE FORCE, not ill-will-mindlessness.

        STOP YOUR idolizing NOW, and simply IDOL your SPIRIT, your SOUL!
        the mindless zombie stefani will never feed you IN ANY WAY.
        heed my warning,
        deep in the earth,
        home to BABA YAGA!

        if you do not,
        eventually, KALI MA will come to EAT YOU!

        your brother 🙂

  2. LadyBritBrit
    Posted January 2, 2011 at 1:36 am | Permalink | Reply

    Ah you got it down pat.
    I hate pretentious artists anyway, and then I gave Gaga a chance, I even brought The Fame Monster deluxe edition, and then she touted Born This Way as some kind of second coming of pop and gave me vibes of out right ripping off stuff I’ve heard many times before (Oops I Did It Again is the ULTIMATE unpretentious Be Yourself record). That and her slow metamorphosis into becoming the sort of pretentious, over done, over malisma-ed, assuming they’ll be around forever, thinking they are a legend/icon, believing their own fan-hype kind of artist I hate. I just have this weird feeling like she’ll end up being a overly long fad (Going on three years now), opposed to a pop icon or even having an over five years career is ridiculous because her image is so false and her selling point is so gimmicky and forgettable(weird clothes basically). I mean how much clothes can she take off while walking to the shops to buy a can of coke can she do before people realize how false she is? How many songs does she have to totally write and yet seem to have no actual writing style before people think? How many times does she have to “Use” the gays or the misfits basically SOLELY for their money before people realize they are being used?

    I mean I would believe her if she was really throwing money at the problem, or did it in a way which made her message more accepting to everybody. I would love to see her opening her message to be aimed at everybody who feels depressed or everybody who feels out of touch with reality, or even everybody with mental disorders.
    I mean even Kesha has worked in shelters for the homeless and spent alot of time working with people who’s lifes aren’t perfect. She was a poor child growing up and she takes the time to really work for her causes, Lady Gaga who lived this gifted life, went to one of the greatest colleges, and lived in New York ffs can’t spare a little money towards a cause she supports.
    It looks bad to me and it looked bad to me for a while.

    • DC
      Posted June 23, 2015 at 10:47 pm | Permalink | Reply

      It’s interesting that she has gone on for nearly the 5 years that you predicted she couldn’t. Also, she has reached out to and raised money for treatment of people with depression and mental illness as you supposed she would not.

      • Charles
        Posted February 18, 2016 at 3:39 pm | Permalink | Reply

        Gaga is as gimmicky and self absorbed as she was in ’08. This is not an artist okay. This is a woman who spent her adolescence listening to Kate Bush, Annie Lennox, David Bowie etc. And envisioning herself as their equal…with one problem: she isn’t talented. She relies on shock and ‘agendas’ to remain relevant. Even the Jazz album with Tony Bennett was a look at me I’m so versatile ploy. It’s embarrassing.

      • eyesopen
        Posted March 6, 2016 at 9:19 pm | Permalink | Reply

        She really hasn’t gone on for 5 years. Art Pop showed exactly what was left when she went out to do it all her own way. Now we have a marketing team scrambling to get her back into the controversy.

  3. Zacb
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    YES! This is fantastic! So glad you made this!

  4. Posted January 2, 2011 at 4:17 am | Permalink | Reply

    This is simply amazing. I’ll show this site to others to spread awareness.

    I’ve always liked you, Alex K! I love your style when you snatch wigs in the commenting sections!

    I hope you’ll be updating this regularly because I have it bookmarked! 🙂

  5. Posted January 2, 2011 at 4:19 am | Permalink | Reply

    Yes, Adrian! Spread the site! I will update this constantly. I want this to be a popular resource for non-monsters!

  6. muffinhead
    Posted January 2, 2011 at 12:35 pm | Permalink | Reply

    The only thing that i disagree with here is the 2008 Gaga. She was just as dillusional and manipulative then and she is now, she just didn’t have the power then. Her being nice to everyone was a complete act and it worked. As someone who was active in the underground NY club world, i’ll have you know that she was completely non-existent and she lied her way to the top. I know I don’t need to go into the ‘who she ripped off’ diatribe because its pretty well said, but she literally took Madonna’s story and imprinted on her own. And the concept of “The Fame”. Look to the 2 artists she was most blatantly ripping off image wise to start, David Bowie and Grace Jones. Both had songs called “Fame”, and Jones’ second album was titled “Fame”. And lastly, and this is what disturbs me the most, is that her mantras of 2008, “tell a lie until it becomes truth” and “art is a lie”, is pretty self explanatory and transparent as to what her agenda is.

    Oh wait, one more thing. On the subject of Freedom is a Brand and shooting down other artists, i think you should add one more pop star into the discussion who happened to launch this message. MIA via “Born Free”.

  7. Jayden James
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    Alex, did you made this ? LMAO

  8. Posted January 2, 2011 at 1:34 pm | Permalink | Reply

    @muffinhead — Fair enough on the ’08 Gaga part. Very well could have been an act. I’ve been giving her the benefit of the doubt in assuming that the fame simply went to her head, but perhaps there was something more methodological to it.

    I do remember the “art is a lie” nonsense but will admit that I swept it under the rug and brushed it off as a dopey-but-excusable comment made from time to time by pop stars. It was only later that I began to realize that the pretentious, contrived bullshit was going to be central to her image.

    • John
      Posted January 9, 2012 at 7:14 am | Permalink | Reply

      You make a valid arguement. I agree with many of your points. However there are parts of your essay which are problematic.
      You cannot pick and choose what drugs are harmless and vilified by society. You cannot say “cocaine is bad and those who engage in using it are bad role models” but say marijuana is harmless. It’s self-contradictory.
      You claim that Lady Gaga should not claim to be a role model, I would have to agree. Why she feels compelled to speak for the entire world of “misits” is beyond me, that the LGBT community is inclusive in that said group is also apparently over my head. Use of language such as fag-hag is a major problem, especially when presenting an arguement about celebrity self contradiction and decadence. Being that you are gay, but don’t identify with that label (I surmise by your statement). By making such a subjective statement you are devaluing those that do.
      Really I don’t disagree with your claims that Gaga is a megalomaniac, basking in her own decadent brand of narcissism. A brand of narcissism so many artists and celebrities have sold before; much like her music is plagerised, so is her persona and entire cultural relevance. She’s Madonna part 2; Madonna was Cher part 2, so on and so forth. Gaga however is blatant in her “borrowing.” All one needs to do is listen to “Born This Way” in that it is “express yourself” with new lyrics. People eat it up and Stefani (ironically even her given name recalls another singer) is laughing all the way to the bank.

      • Sam
        Posted February 26, 2012 at 2:53 am | Permalink | Reply

        “Madonna was Cher part 2, so on and so forth”

        They hardly have anything alike. Very strange comparison.

  9. Posted January 2, 2011 at 1:36 pm | Permalink | Reply

    @Jayden – No! That is not mine! Haha. Although I think I know whose it might be. As hilarious as videos like that are, I’m trying to keep this site on a more, er, intelligent level.

    • Jason.C
      Posted January 5, 2011 at 2:08 am | Permalink | Reply

      omg this essay? is so crippy
      you think britney is bigger than lady gaga?
      Never and ever
      Can britney even sing live?? she can’t even dance now
      Can Britney write a song? No SHE CAN’T
      Britney can win nothing when she battles with gaga
      I don’t hate britney but your shit makes me hate britney
      She won 1 award from grammy while lady gaga won 2 award in 2years and she will get another awards in 2011grammy
      Album sales?? Britney’s company use the strategy to sell more albums. that’s why britney’s single sales are low.
      and now everyone downloads songs so lady gaga’s the fame which sold 13million means much more britney’s babyonemoretime which sold 25million.
      And now britney’s circus sold like what? 3million??
      Ladygaga>>>>>>>>>>>>>>britney spears!!

      • Karine
        Posted January 7, 2011 at 6:44 am | Permalink | Reply

        Yes Britney is bigger than Gaga. Since 1998, she broke A LOT of records (just surf the Internet for a while and you’ll see).
        Britney CAN sing live (go on YouTube to see what I’m talking about).
        Britney can write a song (Dear Diary, Let Go, Little Me for example).
        You’re too stupid to realize that the Grammys are fake (oh just like Lady Caca btw), labels sign contracts with the Grammys FYI.
        “and now everyone downloads songs so lady gaga’s the fame which sold 13million means much more britney’s babyonemoretime which sold 25million.” You’re aware this sentence doesn’t make any sense right?
        Britney sold more than 100 million albums in 10 years (confirmed by the RIAA).
        Circus sold 3 million because of a lack of promo but she was recovering from a huge depression remember??

        In a nutshell, all of your troll arguments are INVALID.

        • Javaughn
          Posted May 13, 2011 at 9:28 pm | Permalink | Reply

          But did you know that when lady gaga worked at interscope records, she wrote the song circus? She also wrote songs for the pussy cat dolls and akon… So circus… Definitely not Britney. But gaga:)

        • Jesse
          Posted December 11, 2012 at 4:11 pm | Permalink | Reply

          Spears does not sing live

      • Jason.C
        Posted January 8, 2011 at 12:58 am | Permalink | Reply

        Ha let me answer you freaking stupid reply
        well my first language is not english so i’m not really good at english
        you think britney can sing live did you ever saw britney sing live on X Facter ‘Everytime’? That was hell terrible
        What was that song? Dear Diary, Let Go???
        Did those songs became famous??
        Never hahahahaha ladygaga’s pokerface,Just dance,Lovegame,Badromance Gaga wrote all of them
        And you forgot that britney even can’t dance now hahahah
        how poor britney is>
        Circus was lack of promo? who said that ? you just wanna believe like that
        and Grammy is fake?? grammy is most fair award in every world
        and because grammy doesn’t give award to britney who can’t even sing doesn’t mean that grammy is fake
        How awful britney’s fans are

        • BAR
          Posted August 26, 2011 at 1:34 am | Permalink | Reply

          So … basically, your taste in art and music is based off how successful someone is rather than the art or music itself? And let me guess, only one pop star can be successful at any given time, kinda like how only one person can lead and receive praise in a dictatorship (a la Hitler)? Oddly, I’m not a fan of either Britney or GaGa, but GaGa’s genuine talent does not justify her manipulative, totalitarian bullshit. Stop bashing people for thinking differently. Diversity is a good thing.

          • skeletonstardust
            Posted December 20, 2016 at 10:01 pm | Permalink | Reply

            Gaga doesn’t have talent either. I think her voice sounds so shitty, bit the catchy beats reel people in. Never been a fan of Gaga, and have always felt she uses “the gays” to make her famous. She couldn’t care less about them…just her untalented self.

        • Sam
          Posted February 26, 2012 at 2:54 am | Permalink | Reply

          Both Britneys and “Lady Gaga’s” music is very generic.

      • Gaga Sucks
        Posted March 25, 2011 at 4:19 am | Permalink | Reply

        Jason C., let me answer your “freaking stupid reply.” Britney can sing live. Did you do as Karine suggested and go to YouTube to find the proof? I’m sure you didn’t because you want to stay pressed and delusional.

        Your lack of knowledge about anything Britney Spears related is quite obvious from your insistence that she performed “Everytime” on the X-Factor. She never performed that song on that show. She did, however, perform “Womanizer” and I believe it was only her 3rd stage performance since her breakdown.

        You say “Everytime” was “hell terrible.” From Wikipedia:
        “”Everytime” was positively received by critics, who complimented its simple lyrics and the organic feel of the song in comparison with most of the tracks of In the Zone. “Everytime” was a big success, peaking inside the top five in most countries, while reaching the top of the charts in Australia, Hungary, Ireland and the United Kingdom. Spears performed “Everytime” in a series of live appearances and in two of her concert tours: on piano in a flowered-themed setting at The Onyx Hotel Tour (2004) and while suspended on a giant umbrella at The Circus Starring Britney Spears (2009). “Everytime” has been covered by artists such as Glen Hansard and Jackie Evancho.”

        Yes, it was so “hell terrible.”

        “Circus” sales did suffer because of a lack of promo. After initial performances in Europe and Good Morning America, she never appeared on another show. Aside from her music videos and her tour (which was one of the top grossing tours that year), there was no promo. Still, the album debuted at #1 (something 5 of Britney’s albums have done and thus far NONE of Gaga’s) and featured two Top 10 singles. There is no other artist in pop music aside from an icon like Madonna who could release an album with such little promo and do so well.

        The Grammy’s have awarded Britney. However, winning a Grammy Award doesn’t necessarily signify some sort of artistic merit that non-winners just don’t have. Milli Vanilli won a Grammy for a song they didn’t even sing the vocals on. I’ll also mention that it took Madonna a lot of years to even win her first Grammy.

        How stupid Gaga’s cult is…

        • gaga rox my sox
          Posted June 26, 2011 at 4:10 pm | Permalink | Reply

          someone is jealous 😉

          • Xan&
            Posted July 16, 2011 at 3:27 am | Permalink | Reply

            Someone’s a complete dumbass, I see.

            Using the “You’re just jealous!” argument makes you look like a half-brained twit with an IQ of -7.

          • Posted September 17, 2012 at 1:33 pm | Permalink | Reply

            Please exit the puberty library and return its overdue catchwords. Boredom with someone and jealousy of them are not the same thing.

            And the word I believe you were looking for is “envy”. Google it sometime. Your idol Gaga seethes with it.

      • apple
        Posted August 25, 2011 at 12:12 am | Permalink | Reply


        • hatinghaters
          Posted October 23, 2012 at 6:34 am | Permalink | Reply

          no she doesn’t you shitface.. you just so deaf, you can’t hear anything..

          • Posted January 2, 2015 at 12:35 am | Permalink | Reply

            I knew that the truth was on my side and I felt fortunate that the jury was able to see that. Rob and I made our agreement in 2005. We are now entering 2015. The journey has been a long one. My attorneys at Dunnegan & Scileppi did an extraordinary job at helping me reach this milestone. I am so thankful to them for making the Herculean effort that was required to win this case. It would be wonderful if the verdict helped other people to remember that agreements are enforceable. Do business with people who are worthy of your trust. Be the living example that your word is your bond. It’s a tough business and people need to be valued for their work.

      • John
        Posted January 9, 2012 at 7:21 am | Permalink | Reply

        Actually I think Britney can write her own songs but her label won’t release them, not because they aren’t good but because they want to control her image. There is nothing wrong with not writing your own songs anyway. Britney has taken Michael Jackson’s place in the fame game. I have a lot of respect for her. She has an enormous amount of pressure on her shoulders.
        And remember without a britney there could have been no gaga!

      • Orange
        Posted February 28, 2012 at 6:37 pm | Permalink | Reply

        This is the kind of answer that proves the whole point of the essay. Thank you.

  10. Scott
    Posted January 2, 2011 at 7:45 pm | Permalink | Reply

    I’m so glad that you took the time to express your feelings on Lady Gaga. I agree with you and have a few friends that do too. I love how you articulated everything and backed it up with facts. Thanks so much!

  11. Posted January 2, 2011 at 7:53 pm | Permalink | Reply

    I remember growing up when I used to not like certain bands or artists or movies. I used to ignore them and get on with my life.

    • Brandon
      Posted June 5, 2011 at 1:34 pm | Permalink | Reply

      Not everyone is sensible.

    • Alex
      Posted August 25, 2011 at 4:41 am | Permalink | Reply

      I have to agree with you there. This whole posts reeks of a pressed and jealous idiot who is desperate to tear down someone who is more successful than him.

      • Urethra Franklin
        Posted September 1, 2011 at 3:50 pm | Permalink | Reply

        I think maybe you skipped the last bit. He misses the old gaga, hates the new one. There’s nothing pressed here. If he was a non fan then yeah, play that card.

    • Sam
      Posted February 26, 2012 at 2:57 am | Permalink | Reply

      Some people look deeper than “not like a band”. What’s going on here is on a different level.

      People like you are like brainfarts, farting in the wind without looking at how it has affected, say, culture.

      Brainfart on, I suppose

  12. Posted January 3, 2011 at 3:44 pm | Permalink | Reply

    Wow Great Post!!!! I have always hated Lady Gaga from the start. I knew she was fake from the beginning. Her music is good but i seriously hate her ways. Love your article.

    Here’s why I love Britney Spears:

  13. Christina Mercer
    Posted January 3, 2011 at 6:12 pm | Permalink | Reply

    I remember growing up when I used to not like certain artists or movies. I would hope somebody would come along and do just as you are doing Alex, confirming my sanity. You sir, are amazing.

  14. Ryan
    Posted January 3, 2011 at 8:10 pm | Permalink | Reply

    I’m sorry, but you really need to find an effective hobby. You are, as clearly shown, a Britney Spears fan. You criticize Gaga, yet your favorite artist neither writes her songs, plays an instrument nor sing live.

    You need a life. Truly. If Little Monsters look up to Gaga and enjoy her, so what? How is that bothering you?

    This is just unnecessary.

    • Ashton
      Posted January 7, 2011 at 6:52 am | Permalink | Reply

      Actually Britney can play piano and has been seen doing so on many occasions even while yes on stage singing live, what Britney does and does not do is not even factor into his essay, and you are clearly using a straw man argument.

      Never once does he say ‘Britney writes her own music’ His obvious problem is that Lady Gaga CLAIMS that she is the sole person writing and producing her music, something that if you would simply look through the album art that comes with your CD you would see is in fact false. It seems to me that he has no problem with performers who do not write and produce their own music. His problem stems from Lady Gaga LYING about it. Britney however makes no such claims to generate ‘artistic integrity’ it reminds me of the scandal Beyonce had with ‘If I Were A Boy’, this is a problem in the music industry people CLAIMING to do more than they actually do.

      And to close…honestly reading comprehension is your friend.

      • Posted January 8, 2011 at 6:29 am | Permalink | Reply

        Exactly. I have no problem with artists who don’t write their own music. After all, what would songwriters who can’t sing do if there weren’t singers who can’t songwrite? My problem with Gaga, as you correctly stated, is that she’s a liar — and she’s shunning some very talented people’s work. Gaga ignoring RedOne’s role is so ridiculous — it’s as if Britney were to ignore Max Martin, or Bloodshy and Avant.

        • hatinghaters
          Posted October 23, 2012 at 6:38 am | Permalink | Reply

          She does write her own songs but she is not a liar.. Gaga isn’t ignoring RedOne’s role, what do you think she’s a dj who produces her own music? Yes, she produces her own music but she produces it with the help of her producers.. You don’t watch her videos when she accepts her awards, she thanks her producers, and her inspirations..

  15. LadyBritBrit
    Posted January 4, 2011 at 5:59 pm | Permalink | Reply

    The thing everybody is seein’ now is that she’s fake, up until she got her contract she wasn’t Gaga.
    She was a normal soulful jazz chick, who had a normal life and wore pants to go the shops.
    Then she changed into this Gaga figment of her imagination, who is not who she really is and who she wasn’t Born to be.

  16. LadyBritBrit
    Posted January 4, 2011 at 6:03 pm | Permalink | Reply

    Ryan’s butt hurt people are thinking critically about a woman he supposedly love.
    Ruining the magic ey!

  17. oDessa!
    Posted January 5, 2011 at 4:11 am | Permalink | Reply

    Wow! whoever you are, I enjoyed your long talk, it’s like a show to me. I mostly agree to you. I wish you peace, you’ll have longer word wars to win. love to hear more from you.. Good Luck!

  18. Katya
    Posted January 7, 2011 at 7:45 am | Permalink | Reply

    Back in 2008 when i first saw the Poker Face video i thought to myself: “What a beautiful chick! Love her hair!” And a couple of months later I heard that she calls herself ugly and supports all kinds of misdfits. This is just so strange to me. In fact, Lady Gaga used to be a beautiful female and now she has created herself into a true monster. So she is nothing more than she makes of herself. And I don’t understand why a woman would like to look ugly (except, maybe, for sales?).

    My problem with Gaga and her FANS,too, is that they constantly attack other artists for ripping her ideas. But in fact, many of those ideas existed way before Gaga. Soon they will say that breathing and eating were her ieas, too. Poor Christina and Britney have to take in so much stupid things. Gaga now starts attacking people for not being able to sing? Is she the greatest voice in this generation of singers? HELL NO! I’ve never heard her hit difficult notes. And YES Britney can sing. Just look up her child records. I wish she used her voice more.

    Don’t get me wrong though. I like most of Gaga’s songs and listen to them frequently. But what I hate about her is her arrogant ATTITUDE! So thanks for this site, because more people have to know who GAGA really is… or what she really is.

    • kimmy
      Posted March 15, 2011 at 10:57 pm | Permalink | Reply

      hmmm… what would lady gaga be after ten years with two failed marriages, two kids and a massive public breakdown?

      • John Smith
        Posted April 20, 2011 at 5:07 pm | Permalink | Reply

        Someone who doesn’t wear meat clothes, and red latex ‘wtf’ outfits to meet the Queen…?

  19. Posted January 7, 2011 at 1:04 pm | Permalink | Reply

    Wow. I’m shocked. I finally found someone who agrees with me regarding Lady Gaga and that she indeed has changed since her debut. Shame. I miss the 2008-Gaga, and I can’t even call it the “old Gaga”.

  20. LOL
    Posted January 8, 2011 at 7:37 pm | Permalink | Reply

    Exactly. I have no problem with artists who don’t write their own music. After all, what would songwriters who can’t sing do if there weren’t singers who can’t songwrite? My problem with Gaga, as you correctly stated, is that she’s a liar — and she’s shunning some very talented people’s work. Gaga ignoring RedOne’s role is so ridiculous — it’s as if Britney were to ignore Max Martin, or Bloodshy and Avant.

    That’s because if Britney were to ignore them, all her songs essentially would have been produced by magic, with the exception of course with the horrid song entitled “My Baby”. Nice try little one.
    Clearly you don’t have much to do considering as you have created this entirely ridiculous essay about Lady Gaga. Oh please do go on stating how “Get a life” is so generic. Clearly you know it’s right. Do you even have a job? I highly doubt you do because you wouldn’t have all this time to spout off about your hatred towards an artist who clearly doesn’t give a crap about your existance. I truly grow so tired about Britney fans trying to bash GaGa while they successfully take down themselves.
    Let me see, you seem to bring up elections a lot so here’s one for size. In 2004 George W. Bush was running for reelection, his opponent John Kerry was a democrat, and was highly favored to win, according to polls (including exit polls). Low and behold, when all the votes were counted, who won? Oh yes, George W. Bush. Which shocked many new channels and individuals around the country. So what am I saying? Don’t always believe that who you think will do better is the clear victory according to hearsay, you may just find yourself up a stream without a paddle.

    • Gaga
      Posted March 3, 2011 at 12:34 am | Permalink | Reply

      I love how the blog writer hasn’t replied to this. Probably because he knows you’re right and he’s a pathetic arsehole.

      • He's not a Britney fan!! Arse-holes
        Posted June 7, 2011 at 8:00 am | Permalink | Reply

        Ah !! Good Ol L’il Monsters! You have zeroed in on the least consequential part of this outstanding essay. He isn’t even defending Britney for god’s sake! He’s just creating an analogy between two artists.And the fact that you asked a vile and grossly impudent question whether he has a job just shows that you’re an ass who has been blinded and hypnotized by”Mother Monster’s” antics.
        How does it matter whether he has a job or not. You’re delusional and if you expect the blog writer to get into a nonsensical fight with you.
        Alex, this blog is amazing. Your articles are subtly vitriolic and deliciously fun to read.
        Keep writing and don’t reply to ‘meat heads'(Pun Intended) like these.

        • So obsessive oh oooh ooh ohh
          Posted December 11, 2012 at 3:40 pm | Permalink | Reply

          He’s a Brit fan, he just sucks at hiding it.

    • areyoukiddingme
      Posted January 11, 2013 at 5:38 pm | Permalink | Reply

      I might be late for this party but a lot of people have something called “free time” and using a fraction of that time to address something that has bothered you in an elaborated and resourceful way is not wasted at all.

  21. Posted January 8, 2011 at 10:06 pm | Permalink | Reply

    Nice to see an article written about Gaga’s faults that doesn’t resort to bashing her. I quite liked Gaga to start with & still enjoy her music, but the exhibitionism & her deluded hateful fans are what has turned me off. You bring up some really great points here. Well done!

  22. LadyBritBrit
    Posted January 9, 2011 at 12:45 am | Permalink | Reply

    I also hate about her fans is how they make crazy jumps in logic like She Knows Piano = Her Singing Voice is Soulful…even when most of her work on The Fame was in the same key and sung in the same way and rather annoying after a long time.
    I mean I’m not saying she never sung in that voice and she does have her momants of beautiful soulfulness, but honestly, her voice isn’t that emotional and sweet or strong and powerful like Christina, her singing voice in her pop music isn’t that special or unique. It’s rather clumpy and flat and annoying to listen too.

    and these bitchs tell me Britney can’t sing when she can turn any key into any emotion and really feel it and be soulful and be delicate and subtle with her vocal technique and style. She can also be fake vain and sexual and sensual and pissed off and many other emotions with her voice which Gaga simply can not do.

    Elitist brands of monsters really really need to read Britneyology In Depth and get in touch with reality..or die trying.

  23. LadyBritBrit
    Posted January 9, 2011 at 12:46 am | Permalink | Reply

    I hate the elitist Monsters, check them out over at TV TROPEs Lady Gaga Just Bugs Me Page.
    It’ll make you feel so much better!

  24. César
    Posted January 18, 2011 at 4:35 pm | Permalink | Reply

    OMG. You are ABSOLUTELY TRUE!! This is the 1st real text I’ve read about GaGa, and you have very valid points. If only more people saw things like you 🙂

  25. Raul
    Posted January 24, 2011 at 2:19 pm | Permalink | Reply

    I still love your site. You have really inspired me to reflect and try to figure out why I hate her too. I am going to be writing a blog post and stating what I think about Lady Gaga as well. Hope you will read it tell me what you think. I hope to have it done by the end of this week.

    Here is my blog.

    Hope you guys take a look! 🙂 It also has bunch of Britney Spears stuff. Love Britney to death!

  26. Jeremias
    Posted January 28, 2011 at 8:27 pm | Permalink | Reply

    Oh my…i love you for putting this out there because i too started out the same way. around the fame era i thought wow this is really cool club music that i can dance to. then the fame monster came and she completely changed. she started speaking very arrogant in her interviews, subtley insulting other artists besides her. she gets along with older artists obviously because those are the ones that influenced her in the beginning and she knows that if she were to talk down about them she would probably anger so many people. I’m so glad to have found this, I was beginning to feel strange somewhat. me being gay and not venerating her like the rest of the foolish gay community draws murderous stares from them. seriously, thank you.

  27. Posted January 28, 2011 at 8:35 pm | Permalink | Reply

    Honestly, I think all this pitting pop stars up against one another is slightly more annoying than Lady Gaga hopping on the acceptance bandwagon. Some of this was actually making sense….until a paragraph ends in a comparison between her and B-Spears or Ke$ha. I can’t see how people can put a vocalist against a musician/vocalist. It really don’t make much sense to me. Especially with so much digital work done to EVERYONE’s voices nowadays…especially artists like Spears and Kesha. All I HEAR is auto-tune…I’d like to hear an acoustic cover of one of THEIR songs. I have no problems with Gaga reiterating that she can and actually DOES sing.

    However, this article is very interesting…I feel as if I’m not supposed to like Lady Gaga so much anymore, because I’m not gay? It’s as if I can’t enjoy her music to the extent of her other fans. Like I’m not…allowed. It’s a shame, because what I loved about Lady Gaga was her piano playing. When she was previewing “You and I” forever ago, I was way more excited for her new album, because it’s that old school rock ballad nitty-gritty ivory pounding that I wanted from her so much. Unfortunately, she got side-tracked on the quest for monster equality or whatever.

    Lastly, you’re absolutely right. Lady Gaga is a series of contradictions. Nevertheless, I can excuse this. She’s an artist. A flaky musician that, at times, totally changes their direction. Isn’t that the way it works? One day you’re inspired by one concept, the next day, another. It’s just the way some people operate. Yes, it’s unintelligent. Yes, it’s hypocritical. But it’s also the way things are, especially in the world of creative arts. I’m not trying to justify the things she says, but it’s not like she’s the first musician to change her fundamentals a bit. Look at Bowie….go from codpieces one day to thin white duke the next. Morals change. Look at Jonathan Davis of Korn. All I’m trying to say is that if we hung on other artists’ words as much as we do Lady Gaga, who is the MOST over-analyzed person in the world right now (as displayed by this well-written but completely pointless essay), we’d find lots of contradictions. I just don’t think she’s the only artist in the world guilty of this. I think there have been worse, but it’s this immense spotlight on Gaga that makes us focus on her as if she’s the only one with her foot in her mouth.

  28. LadyBritBrit
    Posted January 31, 2011 at 12:43 am | Permalink | Reply

    Hold It Against Me has 2.5 seconds of auto tune.
    So yeah. Britney Spears = Auto Tune, try again!

    Kesha owns the Vocoder though. She should make her own. I would so buy it! (and I love her)

  29. CCCC
    Posted February 3, 2011 at 2:50 pm | Permalink | Reply

    also, on your point about how shes mad other people are promoting individuality, she said this in an interview:
    “Perhaps we can make women’s rights trendy. Make women’s rights, feminism, strength, security, the wisdom of the woman, let’ make that trendy.”

    f u lady gaga. I wasn’t aware laying ass-naked and spreading your legs to two men in the love game video was doing shit for they way women are percieved in the media/music.
    also, way to pick and choose whats trendy or not. funny how she always thinks shes like the pioneer/speaker for all these things, but she NEVER addresses them in music videos. she lieks to talk about them in a psuedo-intellectual manner but hardly does shit to make it seem she actually cares.

  30. Sam
    Posted February 4, 2011 at 4:02 pm | Permalink | Reply

    you’re a bad person. i don’t even like lady gaga, but what you’re doing here is cruel. i’d like to see how you’d react to having an entire wordpress bashing & dissing you; don’t say you’d love it & the attention.. ’cause i know you’d be upset. & don’t say that “when people put themselves out there, it is inevitable that people will diss them…, etc.” because you don’t have to. i don’t understand the ignorance & desperation for self-validation your harbor. leave the poor girl alone. she’s not a bad person. she’s not creating negativity.. just like britney spears isn’t.

    • Lady Caca
      Posted February 8, 2011 at 10:56 am | Permalink | Reply

      rolls eyes at the comment above. Darling, are you familiar with the saying: if you can’t take the heat of the kitchen, then get out. I’m sure Caca is well aware of this, without your help.

      I guess if you don’t like people saying negative things about certain topics, you should go to North Korea where self expression is prohibited.

      And also, how is it right for you to say negative remarks about the author vis-a-vis the author saying negative remarks about Gaga? It’s the same thing.

      Darling, if you can’t take writings like these, then don’t read it. You do have free will don’t you? Or maybe you do live in North Korea.

      Whatever. Too much time wasted on you.

  31. Plague Rat
    Posted February 10, 2011 at 10:31 pm | Permalink | Reply

    I have nothing against Lady Gaga, but I have no idea why she is seen by the media as the only true Artist out there, when there are lesser known Artists such as Emilie Autumn. The secret behind Gaga’s success is probably how simply HYPNOTIZING she is. Seriously, I’m not even joking. Even her haters are completely obsessed with her. Everything she says, everything she does, everything she wears, her Music, her speeches…it all just sucks you in. It’s like she has this ability to put people under some sort of spell. I was looking up her darker The Fame Monster photoshoots the other day and she’s…she’s CREEPY. She honestly looks like a demon in some of her pictures. There is seriously something so screwed up about that girl. Still, I guess that’s why she’s so thrilling to watch. She’s like a mirror into a disorted world. Everything about her is just so confusing. Even Monstrous at times.

    • Leopardslugs
      Posted October 8, 2016 at 11:42 am | Permalink | Reply

      Superb comment. You hit the nail right on the head.

  32. LadyBritBrit
    Posted February 11, 2011 at 6:27 pm | Permalink | Reply

    Plague Rat is totally what I think.
    Emilie Autumn has a message, a couple of message really and they show in her music, her stage show, her clothes, the way she is, what era she decided to dress from and her monologues.
    Lady Gaga is a poor mans Emilie Autumn

    • Xiaho Yu
      Posted May 22, 2011 at 8:07 am | Permalink | Reply

      emilie = old news

  33. Scott
    Posted February 15, 2011 at 2:39 am | Permalink | Reply

    I originally came to this site thinking I’d get some interesting insight in to why people might have some legitimate gripes about Lady Gaga. But really… this site is crap. Her appearances on 60 minutes and Leno have blown all of your ridiculous claims to waste. Her sincerity is a breath of fresh air compared to your silly ridicule.

  34. Guido
    Posted February 15, 2011 at 6:29 pm | Permalink | Reply

    Wow, great article. And I agree 100 per cent!!!

    Posted February 17, 2011 at 5:33 am | Permalink | Reply

    I’d like to add something about calling her fans “little monsters”. What this woman is basically doing on a psychological, subconscious level is debasing her fans. She is referring to them as THINGS. A monster is an imaginary, mythological CREATURE. Something not human and that is INCAPABLE of thinking for itself. Monsters in stories are always depicted as mindless drones filled with rage and animal behavior. Take Frankenstein for example. Not only is she referring to them as something not human, but she adds the word little in front of it to debase them even more so. It is actually quite sickening on many levels. She also refers to herself as “Mother Monster” placing herself in a parental role to her “fans”. There are so many things wrong with this chick on so many levels it’s not even funny. From the mixed messages she sends, to her outright contradictory nature. She doesn’t know her ass from her elbow. And this person is supposed to be an advocate for Gay Rights? If I were a Gay person I would be so offended by this self professed “Queen of the Gays”. She has no right speaking on behalf of the LGBT Community at all. She is a spoiled little rich girl who grew up wearing Juicy Couture and carrying around Fendi purses who all of the sudden decided one day to play dress up like a freak and screw with people’s minds. It’s not funny! When people finally wise up and see past the veneer of this shallow, vapid Media Whore and her fame wanes and then she finally implodes…it is not going to be a pretty sight. When she falls she’s going to fall hard. Mark my words!

    • Wren
      Posted March 3, 2011 at 4:35 pm | Permalink | Reply

      Why do Britney Spears/Katy Perry/Ke$ha fans/Gaga haters always complain about how creepy it is when Gaga’s fans call her Mother Monster, and yet they fail to realize that calling their idol ”God-insert end of Artist’s name here-” is just as creepy? In my opinion, ”Godney” or ”Ke$hus Christ” sounds a lot more obsessive and religious-minded than Mother Monster.

      • The Egg Of Gaga
        Posted March 6, 2011 at 6:50 pm | Permalink | Reply

        Lady Gaga = The Mother Goddess of the Monsters.
        RedOne = Jesus.
        Little Monsters = The Apostles of Mother Monster.

      • kimmy
        Posted March 15, 2011 at 10:54 pm | Permalink | Reply

        hi, the point here is that its the fans who created this ridiculous names not the artists themselves:)

    • NO
      Posted July 11, 2011 at 9:37 pm | Permalink | Reply

      She calls us that because it’s weird and different. But, either way we like it, so we allow her to call us that. It’s really our choice. Oh, and by the way, you’re the actual attention whore. You post these horrible comments to get attention. She doesn’t call herself “Queen of the Gays” they call her that. Learn you’re facts retard.

  36. AnnaDraconida
    Posted February 17, 2011 at 8:03 am | Permalink | Reply

    I’d force every goddamn “little monster” to read this, all of it. Whoever reads this & still supports that lying, narcissistic, overproduced bitch is an actual retard.

    • Xiaho Yu
      Posted May 22, 2011 at 8:05 am | Permalink | Reply

      Im a retard

    • NO
      Posted July 11, 2011 at 9:29 pm | Permalink | Reply

      You’re the actual retard. You don’t realize who she really is, just like many other people. We “little monsters” see her in a different light, unlike you haters. And, I don’t see any point in wasting a web page to just hate on Lady Gaga. Now, that’s just stupid.

    • Stfu, you creeper.
      Posted August 16, 2012 at 1:23 am | Permalink | Reply

      Then i’m the biggest damn retard there is.
      I don’t care if haters have thier opinion, but when they dedicate a whole freaking wepage for thier hate, that is just fucking pathetic.
      Just Saying.

      • M
        Posted September 22, 2012 at 3:18 pm | Permalink | Reply

        The ‘Just Saying’ comment is overused. Why do you need it? Just state your opinion, why apologize for stating it?

  37. Hugo Lowenstein
    Posted February 26, 2011 at 9:28 pm | Permalink | Reply

    What you say about Gaga is also true of rappers. They call themselves “hip hop artists,” but what kind of art is speaking in a monotone, in butchered grammar, (double and sometimes triple negatives) about sex, drugs, and violence? The black rappers love using the n-word, which is supposed to be a slur, but they are proud of using it! (Eminem swears, but he doesn’t use the word) Unfortunately children love them, and they even appear in children’s shows! Please save me from wicked rapperdom! On another note, I hope Britney didn’t create the horrible “Godney” phenomenon!

    • kimmy
      Posted March 15, 2011 at 10:52 pm | Permalink | Reply

      britney did not create the godney phenomenon. i love britney but Godney is just creepy:)

    • Karalas
      Posted August 31, 2011 at 8:28 pm | Permalink | Reply

      If you came from an urban community rampant with poverty, shootings, break-ins etc Rap would have a very different meaning to you. I am not saying alot of the Modern stuff isn’t crap. In fact Kanye is the Gaga of the Rap World and is just pop music wrapped in a rap flavored candy shell. Good rap though is either uplifiting or speaks to problems with the community. Ice-T’s cop killer for example it wasn’t promoting the death of cops it was meant as a warning about the climate within LA at the time. How the constant raids were causing more and more angst within the community. That it was no longer just the gangbangers that hated the cops but the regular community feared them as well. And surley enough shortly after that song you had the Rodney KIng riots. Why because people didn’t take the time to actually listen.

      As for them appearing in Kids shows. So what a rapper who may or may not actually be a banger/former banger can’t make something his kids can enjoy/ be proud of? He has to be hard all the time? The butchered grammar originaly began because of a failing school system within low income neighborhoods. That doesn’t account again for people like Drake, Kanye etc using it as they were properly educated for them it is just a fad but people like Snoop (even though I haven’t dug his music for years) Cube, Easy-E and the likes actually had a very paltry education and quite honestly probaly didn’t even learn to read at a post sixth grade level until they were well in their 30’s (Easy-E probaly never even got the chance)

      Not to mention quite a few rappers especialy the “hard” up ones spend lots of time helping their old communities without any need or want to publicize it.

  38. Henriette
    Posted March 2, 2011 at 8:44 pm | Permalink | Reply

    She’s not manufactured or fake, and definetely not by her label. She has simply, like many Artists before her, created an alter ego, a character, which only comes out in her Music videos, songwriting, etc. Stefani Germanotta is, as you said, the jazz ballad singer, performing rock n’ roll in clubs each night, the normal, down-to-earth Girl. Note I said Girl. Lady Gaga is the glamorous, expensive, wild, fierce *Woman* who is certainly not normal at all.
    If you’ve seen the film Black Swan yet, you might have seen some similarities between the main character, Nina, and Stefani Germanotta. Nina is very innocent and sheltered, while the Black Swan she turns into is sexual and very much like Lady Gaga. Stefani Germanotta is Nina, the little girl. Lady Gaga is the Black Swan.

    • Yoko
      Posted March 2, 2011 at 8:51 pm | Permalink | Reply

      I totally agree about the alter ego thing. What I’ve noticed is, if ”Lady Gaga” is an alter ego created by Stefani Germanotta, she may be an Assassin or a psychotic avenger of some sort. Look at her Music videos. Paparazzi, Bad Romance and Telephone are all about murder. In Bad Romance she burns the Man who bought her as a slave, in Paparazzi she poisons her boyfriend who used her for Fame, and in Telephone she basically kills an entire group of people. That’s not the only evidence I have to back it up- look at her outfits. They are all completely different and unrecognizable from eachother. Most of them consist of heavily covering clothes and accessories like sunglasses, gloves, hats and masks. Lady Gaga looks like a completely different person in every one of them, with the heavy and equally varying makeup. And what is the purpose of all this stuff? To hide her identity.

  39. Little Monster Regina
    Posted March 3, 2011 at 12:30 am | Permalink | Reply

    But we did write the Manifesto Of Little Monsters 🙂
    Gaga works in mysterious ways, Sir Alex.

  40. LeShae17
    Posted March 5, 2011 at 5:27 pm | Permalink | Reply

    Oooh how I can’t wait to use this knowledge around the Net from time to time!

    And that thing about “fag-haggery” disguised as spreading pro-gay agenda; check some “Till the World Ends” vids. Astonishing what very little these LG fans understand.

  41. Aaron
    Posted March 12, 2011 at 2:53 am | Permalink | Reply

    I’m blown away by this essay. Apart from the fact that it’s well written and well structured, it helped me articulate some of the things I don’t like about Lady Gaga. It can be very difficult to put into words exactly what it is about her that annoys, unsettles or offends you, but I think you’ve done it pretty brilliantly here.

  42. Sicleee
    Posted March 14, 2011 at 9:24 pm | Permalink | Reply

    I hate how people say “I miss the old Lady Gaga!” and things like that.
    If she had the same persona, everyone would be bored with her and she wouldn’t have lasted this long. She didn’t change, she evolved, and she’s still the same from Just Dance to Born This Way.

    • Xiaho Yu
      Posted May 22, 2011 at 8:02 am | Permalink | Reply

      yup, just like rihanna and katy changed a whole lot too. its all about evolution, your career in music isnt going to last if your look stays the same

      • Phil Arbon
        Posted January 26, 2016 at 11:56 am | Permalink | Reply

        You don’t look at music.

  43. kimmy
    Posted March 15, 2011 at 10:50 pm | Permalink | Reply

    lady gaga today makes me sad. she used to write heart breaking songs like Wonderful, Again and Second Time Around. Whatever happened to her, i do not like it. She is a pop star who actually have great pop tunes but just for the sake of being “different” drops big words like government, Judas and other politically and religiously inclined words and images. theye are shocking but as time goes by, its sickening because she sometimes deliver promises about her music that are not true.

    Unlike Britney: she said she was releasing a dance album and she did. That’s it, a promise fulfilled and we are grateful;)

  44. Leonardo
    Posted March 20, 2011 at 4:22 am | Permalink | Reply

    This page is great., i loved your essay its very clever and express exactly what i think about lady gaga., keep doing this., i’ll spread you words to all my contacts in facebook.

  45. Mind In The Gutter
    Posted March 21, 2011 at 2:37 am | Permalink | Reply

    All artists have hardcore fans. Little monsters are just like fans of other very famous artists. I don’t think it’s a cult. They just follow Gaga whatever she does, but like every fanbase they ususally have her own reasons for that. Some follow her mainly for her Music while others like her personality or views and look up to her.

    I don’t know if she can change the world. But everyone should embrace it if she can change things in a good way. If you just watch one episode of a reality TV show, you will see people hating on each other, people stabbing each other back, people playing games to take advantages and riping off each other, people bullying to harm each other, people overly showing their greed for materials and money. That reflects what really happens in today’s societies. It is getting worse generation after generation. People are not themselves anymore.

    So far she is sending messages to people, mainly to the young generation, that ARE good for them. I have seen everywhere, on youtube, yahoo answers and in RL, that more, a LOT more people are attacking and hating on Gaga than Gaga or her fans hating on other people. May be her messages are working because it seems to me that her fans are trying to love themselves more and probably feel no need to hate or attack on other people anymore. They just defend Gaga when she is attacked. I think that videos like this, accusing Lady Gaga or the “Illuminati” brainwashing society just shows ignorance. To the outside world, outside your delusional picture box, you are the ones being brainwashed. Step back into Freedom and join the Humans again, instead of being the Church’s puppet.

  46. Mind In The Gutter
    Posted March 21, 2011 at 2:38 am | Permalink | Reply

    All artists have hardcore fans. Little monsters are just like fans of other very famous artists. I don’t think it’s a cult. They just follow Gaga whatever she does, but like every fanbase they ususally have her own reasons for that. Some follow her mainly for her Music while others like her personality or views and look up to her.

    I don’t know if she can change the world. But everyone should embrace it if she can change things in a good way. If you just watch one episode of a reality TV show, you will see people hating on each other, people stabbing each other back, people playing games to take advantages and riping off each other, people bullying to harm each other, people overly showing their greed for materials and money. That reflects what really happens in today’s societies. It is getting worse generation after generation. People are not themselves anymore.

    So far she is sending messages to people, mainly to the young generation, that ARE good for them. I have seen everywhere, on youtube, yahoo answers and in RL, that more, a LOT more people are attacking and hating on Gaga than Gaga or her fans hating on other people. May be her messages are working because it seems to me that her fans are trying to love themselves more and probably feel no need to hate or attack on other people anymore. They just defend Gaga when she is attacked.

  47. Jonathan Paramo
    Posted March 29, 2011 at 12:23 am | Permalink | Reply

    BTW has been 6 weeks at number one and you cry….maybe you can write another essay about that…………..

    in all seriousness, can you just be happy for Britney’s success. shes been 13 year in the business and i dont know how, because the only thing this girl had besides beauty was her dancing ability. its a miracle shes been in the music industry for so long. lets see how she fares with her wanning beauty, and her now inability to actually dance…

  48. Camille
    Posted April 13, 2011 at 12:47 pm | Permalink | Reply

    Hi Alex. I’m a huge Gaga fan. I just wanted to share my opinion:

    I know her [short] career. And I can say one thing: she didn’t become arrogant. The only thing that changed since 2008, is her fame and her power. U said u like Gaga but u don’t like the fact she became arrogant. I’m sorry but even if Gaga claimed that she writes and co-produces all her music (which is true), she never DENY the members of the Haus. Ever. She thanked Red one (and not only him, that’s an example. watch the grammy’s acceptance speech). She thanks the Haus so often when it comes to fashion too. She’s very a very grateful woman. And I think it’s too bad that so many people don’t see that. She’s grateful when it comes to her friends (redone, fashion designers…), her inspirations, her fans. However, I’m gonna deny the fact she has more power than before. But I think she simply evolved. When ur visions of life, of the world change, does it make u feel like a liar? I don’t think so. I know that u get ur own opinion about her personality. But I’m pretty sure she’s not a liar. That’s not her fault if she’s being herself and people don’t believe her, that’s not her problem u know. but it’s not because the 2008 Lady Gaga has evolved, that she died. She still is the same girl, she evolved, as an artist and I think she also grow up. Yeah, she’s confident in her work and sometimes when people ask her to talk about herself, it can sound as arrogance. But when she talks about her work, about the fact she created her music on her piano, and writes her lyrics in her tour bus, it don’t see how it’s arrogant. When she said she thinks she’s ONE of the best voice/song writer in the industry today, yeah it sounds arrogant, but that’s the truth. She’s telling the truth. She never thought she was better than anyone else, she’s always thankful for what her inspirations brought to her in the past (Madonna, Bowie, Britney and many other people). I’m sorry if I talk too much. But I think that u shouldn’t take that too seriously. Gaga is a nice person, she proved it so many times. She loves music, she loves art, she knows where she’s going, she’s confident and strong. But she gave/gives credit to her friends (producers..). She loves her fans, she’s thankful everyday for what she has. She’s passioned with art and music since she’s a little girl. and she’s extremely cultured. she knows what she talks about. yeah she became famous as Lady Gaga, a new female singer. she gained fans, she’s been recognized but so many wonderful and legendary people (I’m not gonna tell u who, u should know (:), needed to show what she got. the 2011 lady gaga is the same. now, she just has a powerful voice for people who see her as a model(without being blind, like me). that’s what u got when u get successful: fans. she’s trying to make people, who need it, feel better. she unconsciously helps people. She doesn’t want to be the Goddess, THE hero or whatever how her fans call her. She’s here for music and art, for what she stands for. For a vast majority of her fans, Gaga is their Queen. And there’s nothing wrong about that. But she never said: I’m the queen, I’m the best, I’m the number one, fuck u all’. When she says that she doesn’t want her fans to waste their money, watching a blond bitch lipsynching on stage. Who is she talking about? the answer is quite simple: herself. u know why? she’s defending herself, as a blond, as a bitch (yeah she calls herself a bitch), as a singer. By the past, people thought she didn’t deserve to be here because she wasn’t beautiful enough, because they thought she has any talent. She even defended other women in the industry: ‘I think people have learned to expect very little from us [female singers]’. and she’s right. I’m not saying she’s perfect. I love her deeply. But for me, it’s not arrogance. It’s self-confidence. And she does care about her fans, gay or not. Yeah she stands for gay rights, but all her life is not around it.

    I’m not trying to change ur mind, I’m just writing facts. Bye x

    • Posted May 4, 2012 at 10:36 pm | Permalink | Reply

      Im a huge gaga fan but I have to admit she did copy 1 or 2 songs she copied some stuff from moddana in Alejandro and boys boys boys theres another one called girls girls girls by someone else but still I love her and she does not Freaking lip sing

  49. Julie
    Posted April 16, 2011 at 12:47 pm | Permalink | Reply

    I always thought it was very strange that so many people put Gaga on a pedestal and bash Kesha when they’re basically the same talentwise. I feel like Gaga will be like Ja Rule-really big for a few years and then dissappear into oblivion.

      Posted August 21, 2011 at 8:05 pm | Permalink | Reply


  50. Tora
    Posted April 16, 2011 at 7:34 pm | Permalink | Reply

    So. A bland, shy little rich girl has piano and music lesson from the age of 4. She grows up painfully aware of her boringness.
    She then tries to break into the club circuit, singing covers of rock songs in her weak nasally voice, but doesn’t get very far, because she’s crap.
    She then meets/shags Rob Fusari who invests a year of his time working with her, and by her great fortune, she also meets RedOne. If it wasn’t for these last two facts I guarantee you she would still be living off her rich daddy wishing she was more interesting.
    And I’ve not even started on the drugs/stripper/bisexual lies.

    • NO
      Posted July 11, 2011 at 9:15 pm | Permalink | Reply

      Since you said she’s crap, you’re crap. And besides, I bet she went farther than you ever did. You’re just jealous. So, if you don’t have anything nice to say just shut up.

      • Posted September 17, 2012 at 1:43 pm | Permalink | Reply

        Read the above aloud in a retard voice with your hands over your ears, everyone, and it’s twice as fun!

        Little Monster backs from the truth like Dracula from MADONNA’S CRUCIFIX 🙂

    • Daniell
      Posted November 13, 2011 at 12:41 pm | Permalink | Reply

      Gaga was a stripper. There were photos of her grinding on a pole with next to no clothes leaked a while back. And people around Gaga have comfirmed that she has a raging drugs problem.

    • Posted September 17, 2012 at 1:42 pm | Permalink | Reply

      Period. This. I can add no more.

      Well done!

  51. Posted April 16, 2011 at 9:03 pm | Permalink | Reply

    If somebody says to me one more time that this bitch is the “new” fucking Madonna, I will go postal. She is not, nor will she EVER be on the same level as Madonna. She is not even the poor man’s Madonna. We’ll leave that title for Britney Spears. Even though I like Britney Spears she’s still no Madonna.

    Stefani Germanotta is a second rate Cyndi Lauper at best. Actually, that’s even too good, and I don’t even like Cyndi Lauper. I am so over this gargoyle in a dress with weird shoes it’s not even funny. She is BORING, contrived and SOOOOOOOO OVERRATED it’s not even funny anymore.

    I just heard that new song Judas unfortunately. It’s a train wreck! It is basically a rehash of Poker Face and Bad Romance all sped up. Everyone touts what a GENIUS this thing is and how talented she is. Really, because she can play the piano and look like a clown? Uh, people, Britney Spears and Gwen Stefani can play the piano as well and Madonna plays the guitar WHILE DANCING, but nobody goes around calling them musical geniuses. I give Madonna a lot of credit for going outside of her comfort zone and learning to play the guitar at such a late age. It shows she’s willing to really evolve as an artist and take risks regarding what people knew her as.

    Now let’s get back to the Stefani germanotta playing the piano thing. People say…Oh, she’s so creative and brilliant with her piano playing. Why, because she lights the damn thing on fire and jumps around like a fool? Jerry Lee Lewis was doing that shit eons a go. I can just imagine Stefani Germanotta sitting there as a kid watching Great Balls Of Fire and saying…I’m going to do that, because it’s edgy. There is nothing edgy or creative about this woman at all. She is nothing more than a dust bowl of all other pop stars who have come before her. She has ripped off Kylie Minogue, Britney Spears, Gwen Stafani, Christina Aguilera, Pink, Grace Jones, Rosyn Murphy, Robyn, Gopldfrapp, Debbie Harry, Dale Bozio from Missing Persons, Madonna and even Jeffree fucking Star.

    She is a hack! I can not wait until these “litle monsters” finally wakeup and see through the veneer and see what a fake this chick is.

    I can’t even describe how much I despise this woman and her pandering to gays and lesbians. Calling herself the Queen Of The Gays? Are you fucking kidding me? I am not gay, but if I were, I would find it insulting that a 25 year old chick with no experience in the real world would have the audacity to speak on my behalf or my community that has suffered the injustices of the world just because of their sexual orientation. Here is a woman telling people it’s okay to be who you are. Really? Oh thank you Lady GaGa, girl with an internet millionaire for a father, and graduate of Tisch University for validating me and my homosexuality with your words of wisdom. Now FUCK YOU, BITCH!

    A 25 year old woman who plays dress up and changed her name to Lady GaGa and wears wigs like a clown and outfits fit for a circus and more makeup than any drag performer I have ever seen is telling the world, specifically gays and lesbians, to be “themselves”? LMFAO! The absurdity of this is beyond measure! It is so ridiculous it could be a bad movie.

    On a positive note, however, this is show business, and the girl is obviously giving some people what they want. There is obviously an audience for everything and everyone as she has proved. No matter how god awful or contrived it may be.

    • Xiaho Yu
      Posted May 22, 2011 at 8:00 am | Permalink | Reply

      she dropped out of tisch

    • casandra
      Posted July 11, 2011 at 9:11 pm | Permalink | Reply

      Are you retarded, or what? Britney Spears is the one biting off of her! She started copying her with the way she dresses! You obviously don’t look at what’s around you. You say she’s rips stuff off of other artists, but, isn’t that what other artists do? I mean, they get their inspiration from somewhere. And, besides, Lady Gaga, yes, she does make songs that are a little similar to other artists’ songs, but, that doesn’t mean that it’s exactly the same! Also, most of her songs don’t even sound close to other artists’ songs! And, if they do, it would be just a small part. And the way she dresses just shows her creativity. It means that she does not want to be the same as other artists. She wants to be different to make an image of herself that says “Look it’s the girl with the crazy outfits!” She is crazy, but, that doesn’t mean that she’s completely unoriginal. And about the whole gay thing, she wants to show that it’s okay to be who you are. You said that she has no experience with those kinds of things, but she does. Many people have said that she’s a man. It’s not true. It is also believed if she’s bisexual. Who knows if it’s true. It doesn’t matter if your gay, les, or bi. You’re still a himan being. That’s the message she’s trying to get across. You obviously didn’t see that.

      • Blessed GodGa
        Posted July 13, 2011 at 8:34 pm | Permalink | Reply

        GodGa Haters are merely lost & need her wise Monster guidance. I pray our Mother Monster guides them back and lifts them up into her warm arms. She will always be there for us. GodGa loves you. GodGa loves me. In the name of the Fame, Amen.

    • Art Attack
      Posted August 27, 2015 at 8:53 am | Permalink | Reply

      Lol YESSSSS!!!
      I couldn’t have said it better myself. I’m a gay man and that piece of shit (CaCa) is nothing to me. Her little monsters can idolize her and eat her feces if they want. Her collaged art is mediocre at best.

  52. Camille
    Posted April 17, 2011 at 7:36 am | Permalink | Reply

    She’s not the new Madonna, and she’ll ever be. They’re so different. But please, stop saying that Gaga ripped off ‘…’ and ‘…’ because every fucking artist is inspired by someone else, Madonna the first (Marylin Monroe, Dietrich, Kylie Minogue and so many others). People act like she’s a ‘fraud’ because she’s first person ever to be inspired by her idols. What a shame! Like stop. I’m sorry but event the biggest legends were inspired, that doesn’t mean they copied. Every artist is unique, they have their own work. What I’m saying is that: nobody is original. You can be born with talent, and never get inspired but someone or something and never become an artist. GGaga never claimed herself to be original, either to be the queen of the gays. It’s funny when It comes to Gaga, oh that bad bitch, she copied so many people. But you can’t even realize that, that’s what every artist did before.

  53. Camille
    Posted April 17, 2011 at 7:44 am | Permalink | Reply

    And that’s not even copying. She took some ideas from the past and did her own things. so no, that’s not new or original. But that’s unique because Gaga worked on it, that’s her work, with her creativity. And that is what happened/happens with every artist. Madonna did the same, Kylie did the same, Roisin Murphy did the same, Christina, Britney, I’m sorry but this is the truth. Gaga does nothing wrong. So, okay u don’t like her style, her music. And I respect ur opinion, people don’t have to love her. But u can’t say that. She has the balls to say: I’m inspire by ‘..’ and ‘..’. She’s honest about it, u can’t blame her for that. Because if u do so, then u should have the same opinion about practically every artist. I’m not denying she’s inspired. But there’s nothing wrong with it.

    And please, stop taking her and her thing too seriously. That’s entertainment okay?

  54. LadyBritBrit
    Posted April 21, 2011 at 6:12 am | Permalink | Reply

    Your peer!

  55. Alex C
    Posted April 21, 2011 at 5:34 pm | Permalink | Reply

    This recent “Lady Gaga backlash” is interesting. It seems that many people consider humility, poise, and modesty to be signs of genuineness and virtue in a pop star, and they feel upset that Lady Gaga is not currently embodying these traits.

    They evidently do not like the mega over-the-top hyperreal superstar performance art package which, nevertheless, to her fans, has a lot of heart, soul, and fun as well.

    But then … it has always been thus. Critics historically never really appreciate anyone who toys with, or blatantly mocks, the cherished ways and paradigms they know. Just read critical responses to Elvis Presley in the ’50s (“a burlesque of a hound dog growling”), the Rolling Stones in the ’60s (“the singer looks like a girl, can’t sing and sounds too black”), and David Bowie in the ’70s (“a shallow freak show”).

    For that matter, check out the outraged condemnations of the Ballets Russes’ debut of Stravinsky’s “Rite of Spring” in Paris (1913).

  56. Michael
    Posted April 23, 2011 at 1:00 am | Permalink | Reply

    You know you’ve made it when people start up websites to basically bash you. To me it’s simple you like her or you don’t. I respect her because you may say she’s fake and manufactured, but you fail to see her true talent. From the begining of her career she said what she was and hasn’t been anything but theatrical and shocking. If she doesn’t write all her own music she at least co-writes it a talent that is non-existent with most pop stars . She can play a bit of piano and she may not be the best dancer, but she does it better than any of her peers(Katy, Rihanna, Kesha). Her tours are damn near perpetual sell outs and she’s going on almost 2 years of damn near non-stop touring. To me her work ethic can’t be matched because unlike those others she is her art, she is her music, and she is her career. She completely lives it. To me an artist is someone who can invoke strong feelings in people. She does this not only with her most loyal fans but also her biggest critics.

  57. rebecca
    Posted April 24, 2011 at 9:36 pm | Permalink | Reply

    this is one of the greatest things i have ever read. this is exactly what i try telling all my friends who are gaga fans. i feel like we have the same brain, except you’re smarter. this is everything that i think but am not able to put it into words like this. i also read some of your other stuff and i completely agree, brit all the way. keep them comin!

  58. Slave For GodGa
    Posted May 6, 2011 at 8:16 pm | Permalink | Reply

  59. Asda Worker
    Posted May 7, 2011 at 9:37 am | Permalink | Reply

    2008: Lady Gaga

    2009: Jonas Brothers

    2010: Justin Bieber

    2011: Rebecca Black

    The end of the world is nigh.

  60. Spihnx
    Posted May 7, 2011 at 6:16 pm | Permalink | Reply

    I think the 2011 Gaga is just letting out what she didn’t in 2008 and the 2 years after that.
    The horns, the religious controversy, criticism to other Aritsts, etc…I think it’s honestly just another sign of her rebellion against the pedestal her Just Dance and Poker Face image put her on. She’s trying to get rid of her old image and create a new kind of Music and Life. She reminds me of Miley Cyrus in that sense.
    The new Diva attitude, the Alejandro video, the Meat Dress…She was even doing it in mid-2009. Before going on stage at Glastonbury she put a Dildo in her pants and flashed it during the performance to fuel the controversy about her possibly being a Hermaphrodite. Even though it’s what some might call manipulative or obnoxious, it’s just her marketing choice. I see nothing wrong with it, at least she’s not restraining herself.

  61. Lottie
    Posted May 7, 2011 at 8:43 pm | Permalink | Reply

    Please stop following her. You are just fueling her mental illnesses. As human beings we should all recognize that it is not okay to exploit such a poor, delirious person.

  62. Nura
    Posted May 8, 2011 at 12:06 am | Permalink | Reply

    Nicki Minaj’s song Save Me reminds me so much of Gaga. Idk, but I think it kind of describes how she feels about her fans and how they feel about her.
    Especially this verse:

    “It’s not your fault I’m a bitch, I’m a Monster. Yes, I’m a beast and I feast when I conquer. But I’m alone on my Throne.”

  63. Minajhn
    Posted May 8, 2011 at 6:18 pm | Permalink | Reply

    Blah Blah Blah.
    Save your time people, Gaga has nothing in the words that come out of her mouth anyway. In the end, she’s just an Actress for the old birds in the background.

  64. Firthar
    Posted May 8, 2011 at 10:28 pm | Permalink | Reply

    I don’t think it’s her talent that brought her up in the industry so much, but rather her ability to catch people’s attention and her attitude towards life.
    She has confidence that borders on arrogance, and the “I’m such a badass bitch, bow the fuck down to me” attitude. Although a lot of critics find this unappealing, 86% of the general public love it. She has a dominative, ballsy mindset and she’s extremely conceited about herself. I strongly believe that is why her fans love her so much, because if they idolise someone like that, it can make THEM feel confident and dominative.
    Humility and classiness in celebrities is fading in popularity. Just look at the newer Artists like Nicki Minaj. Her lyrics express the kind of attitude Gaga displays. “I’m a bitch, I’m a cunt, and I kick that hoe, punt. Forced trauma, blunt; you play the back, bitch. I’m in the front” and “So fuck I look like getting back to a has-been. Yeah, I said it: HAS-BEEN.”
    Nicki even said herself that she chose “Minaj” as the last part of her stage name to express her superior rapping skills to other female rappers.
    Speaking in terms of Gaga’s Music, her songs are very trippy and dissociative. People love that.

  65. Ben Calpotura
    Posted May 12, 2011 at 4:20 pm | Permalink | Reply

    A lot of time spent writing this “essay”… Why not let her be free to do what she wants? It’s not like she hurting anyone…

  66. Xiaho Yu
    Posted May 22, 2011 at 7:57 am | Permalink | Reply

    I read the entire essay, but I just don’t agree with the points made. To each his own I guess, but LG isn’t gonna stop making music ANY time soon.

  67. Dale
    Posted June 15, 2011 at 11:51 am | Permalink | Reply

    Have you even heard other songs besides Telephone Just Dance and Pokerface? A lot of some real meaning to them and are not just about whatever you say they’re about. Quit taking everything and trying to turn it into WW3…you and alllllllllllllllllllllllll the other Britney Fans are pissed because Born This Way is doing hella better than Femme Fatale as well as GaGa in general doing better. Maybe I’d respect Britney as an artists if she sang live and wrote her own music. And wasn’t the manufactured INSANE bitch she is. You have the never to call GaGa insane/crazy when Britney had a huge mental breakdown and shaved her head? You are seriously dilusional and try to make a giant essay to make something look true…

  68. Worship
    Posted June 18, 2011 at 8:02 pm | Permalink | Reply

    She has her flaws,
    But she knows how to use them.
    She floats down Manipulation Road without fear.

    She gets respect,
    And she controls those around her.
    She can make every trouble of yours disappear.

    That girl will get you.
    That girl will win.
    That girl will push you where the ice is thin.
    That girl is freedom.
    That girl will kill.
    That girl will define a thrill.

    She can’t let go,
    But she’ll sure drag you with her.
    She will show you how special you are.

    She knows your fears,
    And she uses them against you.
    She shines just as bright as the brightest star.

    That girl will take you.
    That girl will succeed.
    That girl will show you she’s beyond your reach.
    That girl will save you.
    That girl means harm.
    That girl will shock you with her charm.

    She sees you when you’re sleeping.
    She knows when you’re awake.
    She knows if you’ve been bad or good.
    And she pounces on it.

    Beware of that girl.
    She makes life an art.
    You’ve been warned not to cross her.
    Keep an eye on your heart.

    That girl will ruin you.
    That girl runs free.
    She speaks in the third person
    So she can forget she’s Me.

    Posted June 18, 2011 at 8:40 pm | Permalink | Reply

    Out of curiousity, my fellow Hatters: what words describe your thoughts about the blogger of this blog, respectively?

    • Hairdresser's Manic
      Posted June 18, 2011 at 8:43 pm | Permalink | Reply

      “Quick-laugh arrogant feeble-minded Wankers thinking they’re profound and
      attractively opinionated brilliance skimmed from the back of a book no longer in
      print. Two-faced whoring lying expletives shaming their profession self-impressed.”

  70. Posted June 19, 2011 at 7:20 pm | Permalink | Reply

    Enjoyed the article and agree with most of what you say.

    If anyone is interested in other aspects related to GaGa and the corporate music industry check out the following.

    There are about 4 interesting articles about GaGa here:

    Lady GaGa – Illuminati Icon Part 1 – from MK Culture

  71. Blogging Info Desk
    Posted June 20, 2011 at 9:27 am | Permalink | Reply

    Official Bio On GagaDaily(By Blogging Info Desk, executive)

    GagaDaily is the absolute hell hole of the internet, but still amusing. Entering this website requires you leave your emotions, humanity and morality behind before entering. WARNING: You will see things on the GagaDaily boards that you wish you had never seen in your life. It is where insane, drooling Gaga stans gather to worship at the feet of their Momma Monsta.
    You will often see insane, bushy-browed teens running amok in net skirts and vampire fangs while shrieking madly “ITZ DA ART MANIFESTO!!! 0MFG M0MMA M0NSTAZ DISSED RELIGION!!!!! ITS A POLITICAL STATEMENT YOU BASTARDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”
    Example: “Thanks to GagaDaily, i now have nightmares of my Heart being swallowed by a frazzled Demon.”

  72. Lapreno
    Posted June 20, 2011 at 9:25 pm | Permalink | Reply

    I worry for Gaga nowdays.
    This is what some of her close friends told MTV about her behaviour since she got famous:
    “Stefani used to be so happy and full of life but lately Im shocked by how much she has changed she has gone off the deep end. She has this crazy room in her house. She sits with drawing charcoal in there and just writes all over the walls. Then she’ll have people come in and repaint it and then she’ll start all over again. Also, the idea for her infamous meat costume was the result of a cocaine-fuelled binge. She thinks doing drugs helps her as an artist but it’s gone too far now.”
    Gaga really is going downwards, emotionally. I hope it won’t destroy her the way it destroyed Britney and MJ.

  73. lisettica
    Posted July 1, 2011 at 12:33 am | Permalink | Reply

    Wow finally a group of people who have the same thoughts as I do. Basically- loved the old Gaga, fell for her story; s a young girl raised in a good home but wanting to come out of her shell, daddy gets mad, she retracts, daddy helps her in her carreer, she gets it, was humble and now all hell has breaken loose. Love her music, with some exceptions with BTW, but wow this carreer of hers has really grown a large chip on her shoulders.
    It’s sad to see old interviews of her with recent ones, I swear at times I feel she’s like Sybil with mutiple personalties. And at times you can really tell she is insecure while putting on the best act ever.

    I have been to two of her concerts the first was at a smaller venue for The Monster ball, it was awesome. Then I went to the newer version of the Monster Ball, the one with all the NY act and the large Monster at the end. I left before the last song came out. I was pissed with the monologues in between songs, I realized I had heard them before in other concerts around the world I had seen on Youtube.

    Word for Word, WTF. Yelling ” I don’t lip sinc”, I love my fans, you complete me, I live and breath you guys, I was tochered as a kid, I was abused, the stage light is my moon, blah , blah, blah, OMG get to singing already. AND BTW I was puking at the amount of charity bullshit and marketing going on throughout the whole fucking concerts: Japan bracelets, Virgin Mobile and poor homeless kids, GLTB with aids, blah blah blah……oh yeah and some Lupus foundation.

    Now I am begining to think the Japan wristband lawsuit, might actually be the charity that calls it what it is, charity for LADY GAGA?????? HMMMMM.

    Anywho, I really think her limelight is about to run out, I see a very nasty future for her. Sad, because if u get rid of the costumes, charity talk, politic crap and all her other baggage.. place her on a piano, in a dark nightclub and letting her sing improve, WOW that’s what I would like.

    I wish her the best, but as for me I’m done paying for concerts, mags and full cd’s.

    PS love the blog, keep it up!

    Lisettica MIA

  74. Posted July 2, 2011 at 2:30 am | Permalink | Reply

    Brilliant! I love your essay. Took the words right out of my mouth.

  75. lily
    Posted July 11, 2011 at 7:16 pm | Permalink | Reply

    That essay that you wrote is a lie. You say that Gaga fans are “eccentric, a bit freakish, maybe a bit of a misfit”, which is not true. I am a “little monster” myself, and, yes, I am eccentric but that does not mean that i am freakish or that I am a misfit. Yes, I may act weird at times, but, my friends love me for that. I have plenty of friends, so, I am not a misfit. That is stereotyping. Just because someone is a “little monster” does not mean that they are what you say they are.

  76. Blessed GodGa
    Posted July 13, 2011 at 8:23 pm | Permalink | Reply

    Are you questioning the word of our Mother Monster? I will pray for you. You seriously need GodGa in your Life.

  77. Blessed GodGa
    Posted July 13, 2011 at 8:44 pm | Permalink | Reply

    GodGa wore a Mermaid Tail to remind Monsters that, regard of any conscious perception of the world and events around them, their Mind, Emotions and Soul will always be like the Sea – flowing neutrally along the Path of their inner being. Be at Peace and embrace yourself.

    • Art Attack
      Posted August 27, 2015 at 9:05 am | Permalink | Reply

      The mermaid tail on a wheelchair is an act ripped off from Bette Midler.Caca is so unoriginal.

  78. Blessed GodGa
    Posted July 13, 2011 at 8:50 pm | Permalink | Reply

    The Sinners accused our Mother Monster of belittling/dissing Britney Spears about her lipsyncing. This is simple Blasphemy. GodGa appreciates Britney’s singing voice and we all know she sung many songs live at her FF Tour. Praise GodGa and Miss Darling Spears.

  79. Celeb Name Meanings
    Posted July 14, 2011 at 10:11 pm | Permalink | Reply

    Information on the name “Lady Gaga”:

    Meaning: “One who is something of a shamelessly public Love/Hate Paradox”

    Origin: This unknown-nationality name shot up in the stakes in late 2008, when the first-born of the name become a public icon/figure.

    Some more info: The first-born Lady Gaga herself has achieved the status of being one of the most successful female singers of the past few years, despite not having a particularly awe-inspiring voice and only being of less-than-average physical attraction.

    Her success could be ascribed to ambition and “deep character”, but, paradoxically, she is an incredibly shallow, ignorant, arrogant person, known for changing her style and image daily in order to keep all eyes on her career.

    Her latest fad is to take the IRL concept of poor, familyless kids from the wrecks of Japan to use as Money cheques and rubber wristbands. Since early 2010, she has been voicing her words with a peculiar, slightly squeaky accent in a highly pretentious (As usual) attempt to sound “cute” or “softspoken”. Has a reputation for being rudely “outspoken”, classless, Misandric, stereotypical and self-obsessed.

    She has also dabbled in the Gay rights movement, at which she has proved to be a notable failure and laughing stock, as she doesn’t have any passion or depth within her character on which to draw true ambition from.
    Over the years, fans have created Caricatures of Lady Gaga. All of these have proved themselves to be a complete insult and shocking pisstake at the Lady herself, considering the fact that every single one of them has an incredibly vacant pair of eyes, an anorexic body, a jutting chin, an ugly fish-pout lips, and a nose the size and mass of Mount Everest.
    i.e: Lady Gaga is a Bitch!

  80. Blogging Info Desk
    Posted July 15, 2011 at 5:46 pm | Permalink | Reply

    Lulzy/Trolling Gaga quotes (Charlie Sheen style)

  81. The Fil
    Posted July 15, 2011 at 6:55 pm | Permalink | Reply

    Cheers to hating this Lady Gaga person. I live in a coutnry where she’s not very popular at all, so I have no idea what she’s really like, but so far she seems like a real self-obsessed Mary Sue whose stage persona reads like a self-insertion RPF fanfic.

  82. Kesha Funny Fling
    Posted July 15, 2011 at 9:09 pm | Permalink | Reply

    The world may be falling apart around you…
    But as long as you’re wearing Monster Ball Merchandise, you’ll be alright ♥
    Everybody needs my Creations
    Everybody needs my Glittery Birth Goo
    A beautiful Madonna melody
    My Face on all VEVO videos
    Even if it is Doomsday
    You won’t have to dismay
    When the World
    Is Falling apart
    You just go
    Buy my crap at
    If you don’t
    Well, then
    You’ll look like non-Monster poo

    When the waves
    Are flooding your House
    Well, WHO CARES?
    As long as you’re wearing my Helvetica Sunglasses
    Or else…
    You know
    You’ll look like Non-Monster Poo
    Outer-Space Fashion is my salvation
    I always
    Look like an Asylum Escapee
    That’s why people pay to hear me sing
    They know that I will totally never EVAR EVAR EVAR *EVAAAAR* lipsync

    When you are dodging Debris
    Just watch the Grammys
    When the BOMBS
    Are exploding like that
    Just put on
    My reissued DJ Slipmatt
    Or else…
    You know
    You’ll look like Non-Monster Poo
    When the Wind
    Is taking control
    Find a nice Butcher’s
    And jump into the beef casserole
    Wear that meat, gurl
    Or else…
    You’ll look like Non-Monster Poo

    Then there’s my Born This Way brand:
    Pastel Dream shirts
    Chained underwear
    Padlock Rings
    Origami things
    MAC lip gloss
    White candy floss
    Latex suits
    French Vogue Mousse
    Hand Glitter
    Hello Kitty Litter
    Casio Baby G watches
    Dirty Rich Laxatives
    Skeleton Bedding sheets
    Twitter treats

  83. Bedsharer
    Posted July 17, 2011 at 6:53 pm | Permalink | Reply

    “There’s something heroic about the way my fans operate their cameras. So precisely and intricately, so proudly, and so methodically. Like Kings writing the history of their people. It’s their prolific nature that both creates and procures what will later be perceived as the “kingdom.” So, the real truth about Lady Gaga fans lies in this sentiment: They are the kings. They are the queens. They write the history of the kingdom, while I am something of a devoted Jester.

    It is in the theory of perception that we have established our bond. Or, the lie, I should say, for which we kill. We are nothing without our image. Without our projection. Without the spiritual hologram of who we perceive ourselves to be, or to become, in the future.”

    Bloody hell, just when I thought Stefani wasn’t fanatical enough. She gets worse. Although I have to give her points on the marketing scale, it’s brilliant. I feel sorry for the poor girl she used to be, she got was the one who got put through that. She’s dead though. Nothing left. All that’s left now is Gaga. Bloody Gaga.

  84. Parody Bxxtch
    Posted July 18, 2011 at 9:32 am | Permalink | Reply

    This song describes the Showbiz Industry perfectly. Well, with a few tweaks.

    Miss Gaga had some Monsters
    Her Monsters liked to suck
    And when they drank up all her creativity
    She didn’t give a
    Funny when Beyonce
    Had locked her in the Pussy Wagon cell
    Miss Gaga screamed all night that Madonna should go to Bloody
    Hello to Eminem
    With bandana old and tore
    He’ll tie you to the All-white table
    Then he’ll mutilate your
    Come, it’s nearly Tour-time
    The Korean fans arrive
    The Beatles bleed them all until there’s no one left A
    – Lively little Rappers
    Are eaten up by Hip-Hop’s biggest Cats
    We’re subject to experiments
    Like Labatory
    Rats, I’ve dropped a Piano
    How easily they break
    I’m on my hands and knees until
    I pay for my mis
    – Take off all your Hilton clothing
    Redone’s only just begun
    We have no Anesthesia
    It’s eighteen forty
    One thing MJ should tell you
    Before you try again
    The tests are all invented by a lot of filthy
    Mentally Hysteric
    She’s failed the exam
    Don’t bother telling Gaga
    For she doesn’t give a
    Damn that Conservatorship oxide
    For when you can’t escape
    They say the Producers oft commit a Murder of a
    Razor Mics are rusty
    And not a lot of fun
    So when they try to amputate your career
    You’d better run
    And fetch the Violinist
    Dear Britney’s feeling sad
    She’s been in the Cable room for ages
    And she isn’t even
    Madness is a nuiscance
    And no one is immune
    Your idol, fave or secret family member may become a raving
    Lunatics are dangerous
    And Classicals are obeyed
    They also go together just like Toast and Marma
    – Ladies are like Children
    With brains the size of Subwoofers
    Let’s give #1 hit singles
    To all the little SNSD
    Girls are helpless treasures
    That Celebrity Mothers must protect
    So lie upon the SoShi nameplate
    For the labels to in
    – Speculums are super
    And Disney all the Rage
    So spread Destiny Hope’s legs and put her back into her
    Cage of dancing crazies
    The Producer’s here to bleed
    The Label owners are all learned Men
    And some can’t even
    – Singing can be risky
    For BGT Women on the verge
    It only did Susan worlds of good
    To poison, leech and
    – Purging is a penance
    Public Anorexia’s a chore
    No need to sterilize the MV
    We never did
    Before the Show is over
    Before you go backstage
    Angie will take a Hammer and a Nail
    And Jam it in your
    Headstones in the Condo
    And statues on the catwalk
    Are not for the Musically insane
    Just leave them rotting in the D-A-R-K

  85. Alex
    Posted July 18, 2011 at 7:49 pm | Permalink | Reply

    I think a more accurate statement is “Lady Gaga Is A Frau.”

    But even if, for the sake of argument, she was truly a fraud, I’d have to say that her fraudulence is more interesting than many of the other pop stars’ genuineness.

  86. Not Blonde
    Posted July 21, 2011 at 10:12 pm | Permalink | Reply

    Marshall McLuhan said “art is whatever you can get away with”. That sounds much like Gaga’s “art is a lie”. But that is all post-modern art school 101 crap. Gaga is all high art this, deconstruction that. But the sociopathic narcissism at the core Gaga makes her think she is the first one whoever thought that. And she reminds me of a family member who thinks that if anyone in the family does well, we do so just to make her look bad. So Katy Perry is only singing about freedom and personal liberation so she can make Gaga look bad, so Gaga has to attack Kerry.

    Either that or she is a product of some CIA experiment, to see how they can use pop culture for mind control and brain washing. Her statement “tell a lie until becomes truth” is not that far off Nazi Goebbels line: “If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it”. But what is even more chilling is that what she represents is the far from freedom. She is all about corporate ‘hoing – being the ultimate taste-maker, and empty vessel that can be dressed up any way. Or as Goebbels said: It is the absolute right of the State to supervise the formation of public opinion. Her little monsters aren’t clamoring for revolution. Her empowerment of the misfits isn’t for radical change – it is simply to sell them misfit products and more scarily, make them subservient to her.

  87. Sharon
    Posted July 23, 2011 at 4:15 pm | Permalink | Reply

    Your fav could never. Godga rules supreme, bitch.

  88. StefRetribu
    Posted July 29, 2011 at 7:57 am | Permalink | Reply

    You were a Monster at one point? Well, then. Dude; I’ll tell you. I’ve had a dozen Sugar Mommy Artists like Gaga. They’re all tricks. Don’t let them sucker you. It lasts practically a few months or weeks of their career. They all act like you and your fellow fans are the people who make them feel happy and the ones they’ve been looking for, then they get bored with you and put you out, try and steal another Artist’s fans. That’s how it works. Enjoy it while it lasts.
    You know what your true problem is? In your Life, you were living in this, like, emotional vacuum, only you didn’t know it, right? But this bitch did. She knows you need affection as much as you need food and clothes and air. So she throws it into the package. You’re so hungry for somebody, anybody, to give a crap about you, pretty soon she’s got you hooked. We all need a little Love – and in the Hell most of us live in, we’ll take it any way it comes. Don’t be embarrassed, dude. It happens to everybody with Sugar Mommies. And these Celebrities get off on the Emotional Manipulation as much as the Fame and Worship. How else can you build up your self-esteem when you haven’t got the charm or the Sexiness? We’re stray cats they pick up in the street and pet for a little while. It’s a challenge to get us to relax and purr, but as soon as they win, they get bored or we crap once in the corner and they boot us. I thought you’d been through it before. I forgot how new you are at this. Don’t feel bad, though. The same thing happens to hostages. Sometimes they’re held captive so long they start to see things from the terrorists’ point of view. People talk about it on TV.

  89. apple
    Posted August 25, 2011 at 12:14 am | Permalink | Reply


    • Dum dum
      Posted December 11, 2012 at 3:52 pm | Permalink | Reply

      I can hear her sing at the times she uses that mic 😉

  90. Emily
    Posted August 25, 2011 at 12:43 am | Permalink | Reply

    Man this is the dumbest f***ing essay I’ve seen in a while. Why does it matter? Can’t you just listen to Britney and be respectful of others? I would recommend just keeping these thoughts to yourself and your friends. It doesn’t do anyone any good.

  91. Alex
    Posted August 25, 2011 at 5:00 am | Permalink | Reply

    This article is proof that some people need hobbies.

  92. Posted August 27, 2011 at 1:12 pm | Permalink | Reply

    “I wonder what RedOne, Darkchild, Fernando Garibay, Rob Fusari, Akon, Martin Kierszenbaum, and about fifty other engineers, backing vocalists, producers, writers, musicians, marketing assistants and A&R reps would have to say about that?”

    RedOne, Fernando, and DJWS confirmed that Gaga writes all of her music and melodies…

    • LadyAmethyst
      Posted February 17, 2012 at 6:37 pm | Permalink | Reply

      Then please explain why Rob Fusari sued Gaga for writing credit on some of her biggest hits. His name, after an undisclosed settlement, is now displayed as “writer”.

      So much for credit where credit is due – the truth wouldn’t have made her look like such a musical “genius” to the general masses, now, would it?

      FYI: The lawsuit was settled in September 2010 – you have no excuse to not have noticed Fusari’s name attached now.

      As to Gaga’s countersuit? Please. I don’t know how someone can be “lured” when she was f***ing the guy, knowing full-well he had a fiancee.

  93. Cameron
    Posted September 2, 2011 at 8:58 pm | Permalink | Reply

    Wow a whole essay on Lady Gaga, someone needs to get a life, its pop music, and most people aren’t stupid, they know how pop music works. But to feel the need to write something so long and so opinionated, it’s something you keep to yourself, because when your opinion and lack of evidence are simply attacking others, you need to go and take a long hard look at yourself, that you could be doing something more profound with your time then writing about just another person who has reached fame.
    And there are things I agree with, but a lot I disagree with. And I freely admit that I listen to her music, and I let my children listen to her music, but I wouldn’t say that I’m obsessed with her, if I was though it wouldn’t be a category of yes: obsessed or no: not obsessed; it would be on a continuum, where I would be at the lower end you would be at the higher, because this kind of thing can plainly be seen to be an obsession. Obsessed with the anti-gaga, which in itself you have become obsessed with her.
    And this article, though anti-gaga, it is still profoundly reminiscent of the fact that people become consumed by this world of fame, that even those who are supposedly against it have themselves become enveloped by it. And by doing so you yourself are manipulating people, encouraging hate, which the world already has too much of, and although Lady Gaga herself manipulated/s to get fame and continue being famous, never has hate been spread by the figure of Gaga.
    So buddy I’d have a look at yourself, in the mirror, not just because you are spreading hate, but because you are conforming to the basic structure of the media “to manipulate to spread an opinion, that will change others”, and by proclaiming yourself as against the figure that is Gaga, you yourself have been manipulated by the media machine.

    Yours sincerely, professional Psychological Media Analyst.

    P.S. I agree with what you say that Britney Spears doesn’t have to get involved with politics if she doesn’t want to, but as a gay man I am so unimpressed with the fact that you slam Lady Gaga for doing it, I believe as any gay person believes, any help is good help for this constant debate, whether you are famous or not.

    P.S.S. Also minor note, there is the section on whether she writes her own songs, with the support of what would appear to be evidence against this fact, if it were actual research you’d find all of these producers and writers confirm that she writes her own lyrics and melodies, and then if you had actually looked further into the pop music process you’d find that they work on top of this, which involves changing the lyrics now and again, that Lady Gaga must confirm any changes made, which are all but minor, and that the melodies in their simplest forms are all hers. You simply need to look at any other artist who has been noted to write their own songs, look at the bi-line and you’ll see more than their name, because there is a difference between raw lyrics and it actually sound like a song.

    • LadyAmethyst
      Posted February 17, 2012 at 6:41 pm | Permalink | Reply

      Let’s see if I have this Swarovski: You berate the essay writer for creating a long entry about something he has an opinion on, then you proceed to write a long-winded one yourself! Hilarious, professional psychological media analyst… O.o

      I said it above, and I’ll say it to you: Explain the settlement with Rob Fusari & why he is suddenly getting writing credit for some of her earliest hits.

  94. Posted September 8, 2011 at 12:26 pm | Permalink | Reply

    hahahaahaha! it seems that you’re obsessed with lady gaga cuz you could write this tremendously long essay ! xD

  95. stacey
    Posted September 27, 2011 at 4:10 am | Permalink | Reply

    Dude,EXCUSE MEH.This is hella useless.You think you looks better than her obsessive fans who you’re continuously referring to as ‘Monster Cult’?WHO IS LADY GAGA?She’s just another popstar.Why do you have to analyse and interpret EVERY motherfucking thing a popstar has done/is doing?Why do you give so much shit about the words,actions and personality of a single person/character?This pretty much shows how important she is in your life.Like,do you have no hobbies?I don’t know as much as you do about her,so I can’t judge whether whatever you have said is valid or not,but I’d be the last one to believe all of this cause you’re clearly trying to slander her and are presenting everything in a manipulatively negative manner.Negative obsession is worse than positive and hence,you’re far worse than her fans.If you’re paid to slander her,you’re pathetic.And if this bullshit is a result of plain obsession,grow the fuck up.Anti monster cult<Monster cult<people who are still sane to not dedicate their life in observing and talking about some popstar.

    • Posted September 28, 2011 at 2:13 pm | Permalink | Reply

      You make the classic mistake of thinking about pop music only in terms of entertainment.

      An advert (commercial) might well be ‘entertaining’ (many adverts really are extremely entertaining) but an advert’s job is to sell a product. It’s job is to change your thoughts, attitudes, beliefs and ultimately behaviour to make you want to buy the product or service. We know advertising WORKS! The advertising industry is worth billions of dollars because it can generate even more money affecting our buying habits and even our lifestyles!

      Now, do you think the people paid to be in the adverts know (or particularly care) much about the product they’re selling or what kind of subtle psychological techniques are being used to sell it? Of course not, they just want the money.

      So what’s the difference between an advert and a mainstream pop music video? Both are made by corporations who only care about money. Both are aimed at consumers. Both employ celebs / good looking/ young people to make the product more appealing. Both are designed to make you feel a certain way and both contain strictly controlled information which the corporations paying for it all have final say over!

      There are differences – sure – but they are not THAT different from each other.

      Also we know that the Pentagon has a special department for working with Hollywood movie scripts to make sure movies promote war and the military. They even admit this fact. This is the literal definition of propaganda! And it is also why most movies make war and the military look glamorous.

      So do you REALLY think no one has ever thought to use pop music to influence people (especially young people) in the same way as movies (or adverts)????

      Are you really that naive?

      Why do you think all (mainstream) pop music videos look the same and have the same basic message? Why do all A-list pop star / rap stars promote corporatism, money, trashy sex, being a dumbed down consumer, violence, war etc?

      And why don’t they ever make music which criticizes governments or corruption or corporatism or the banks or promote a lifestyle which doesn’t involve selling your soul to have money and cars and big houses and stuff? These all used to be common subjects in popular music.

      The message promoted by all the big name mainstream acts today is: “be a dumbed down idiot, be obsessed with money and bling and consumerism, because acting like a vacuous celeb who has sold out to the industry is really cool”

      Maybe it is you who needs to grow up?

  96. Posted September 29, 2011 at 1:24 pm | Permalink | Reply

    I just like the helpful info you provide in your articles. I will bookmark your weblog and take a look at once more here regularly. I am somewhat certain I will be told lots of new stuff proper here! Best of luck for the following!

  97. TL;DR
    Posted October 3, 2011 at 4:04 am | Permalink | Reply


    • Non
      Posted February 20, 2012 at 1:42 am | Permalink | Reply

      More like TL;YouDidn’tHaveTheAttentionSpan

  98. Posted October 3, 2011 at 10:30 pm | Permalink | Reply

    ∙∙∙I hate Lady Gaga & her delusional monsters. Xtina will always be better on all aspects – many times imitated by Gaga but never duplicated, can’t be replaced.

    • Posted October 4, 2011 at 8:10 am | Permalink | Reply

      Xtina is a Disney trained singing robot created by corporations to program young girls to be perfect princess/ whore consumer drones…… just like Madonna, Britney, Rihanna, GaGa and al the rest of them. There is no difference between them. Disney is military industrial complex propaganda!

      Wake up my friend. You can do it! 😉

  99. Lol like hell.
    Posted October 22, 2011 at 11:17 pm | Permalink | Reply

    As gay myself I completely agree with this essay.

    I find Lady Gaga’s comments on being gay is super-fucking-awesome (When most gays know that it is the exact opposite of this) incredibly condescending. I just wanna be recognized as a human being AND NOT RECOGNIZED FOR MY SEXUALITY.
    – What makes that so hard for people to understand is beyond my imagination. Have you ever stopped to wonder why gays are being discriminated.. Because people are so busy pointing the differences instead of point at the similarities.. We are all intelligent flesh and blood humans.

    I find it further condescending that she promotes the fucking queers of my minority, making the rest of society think that every gay in this (Excuse this, but there really isn’t a better term for it) God forsaken World is a queer.
    – When I finally dare to go to a straight club people are actually SURPRISED that I’m gay. Why? Because I don’t act like a fucking queer.

    On the other hand, we have artists like Christina Aguilera who promotes anti hate-crimes through her videos instead of publicly stating how super awesome gays are. That’s the message to send instead of the fucked up message Lady Gaga sends which does nothing but worsen the gay cause.

    Obviously there are people on this blog (some comments) whom does not get the point of this essay. It wasn’t written overnight, more likely it was written over a long period of time. It wasn’t written because of an obsession but to prove all you Tard Monsters that you’re idolizing a persona that is utterly fake to the core.
    It is -very- well-written which underlines the fact that we’re dealing with an educated person who hardly has the time to obsess over such a pathetic persona as is the case with Lady Gaga.
    It is well documented and it would surely go as an essay at my University where I study English. It’s even shorter than what I write about artists such as Shakespeare, English pop culture phenomenas and I could keep on going.

    • Pixie
      Posted June 29, 2014 at 11:52 pm | Permalink | Reply

      I know this comment is a billion years old, but this “I don’t act like a fucking queer” stuff is harmful to all of us. I can’t and won’t excuse the term, not when it’s used in the exact same way straight people have used it — to hurt gay and alienate gay people for specific behaviors (or often enough, gay people, full stop). As a reclaimed identity I can stomach it, although even then, I cringe a little, flashing back to growing up and hearing people talk about “them _queers_.”

      If you’ve internalized hate for gay people who don’t “act straight,” if you’re proud that you “don’t act like a fucking queer,” you are a part of the problem. Yes, it’s endlessly tiring when straight people have a monolithic view of what it is to be gay, but it’s also a punch in the gut for a so called “queer” to have their identity and personality put down because of something straight people do. Gaga shouldn’t be stereotyping gay people, but the community shouldn’t be turning on itself either in response. Granted, she’s actually bisexual (an often erased identity, and I will fight anyone who tries), but I know where you’re coming from. I’m not fond of the way she represents the community at all, nor the way she co-opts gay men specifically as if she intimately understands their experiences, while playing mostly on stereotypes.

  100. Lol like hell.
    Posted October 22, 2011 at 11:55 pm | Permalink | Reply

    And I don’t like Britney Spears, nor do I like Ke$ha and I’m seriously disappointed in Christina Aguilera for bother to copy Lady Gaga.

    So no, I’m not a fan of either.

    I like the music to some extend. It is good party music, no doubt about it.

  101. Nun Ya
    Posted November 19, 2011 at 5:08 pm | Permalink | Reply

    The little dogs bark, but the big show caravan moves on through their little town, leaving them in the dust. And then the little dogs crawl under the porch and lick their asses.

  102. GTH
    Posted November 19, 2011 at 5:17 pm | Permalink | Reply

    Who gives a flying fuck whether any of you mouth breathing cretins like GaGa or not. Your opinions matter about as much as a fart on a windy day.

    • Little Monster For Life, Screw you, haters.
      Posted August 16, 2012 at 1:49 am | Permalink | Reply


  103. Bitch95
    Posted December 14, 2011 at 5:00 am | Permalink | Reply

    Haha. Y’all haters really have nothing else to do in your life. Truth is, nobody can stop the Lady Gaga phenomenon, so stop bitching about it already. It’s not that I’m a “little monster” or whatever, I just don’t see the point of trying to bring down a person you can’t. Accept it. She’s here to stay.

    • jack fitsgerald
      Posted January 19, 2012 at 8:27 am | Permalink | Reply

      Anyone who puts an album out for 99cents does not believe in their own work or strength, Lady GaGa’s time is over… deal with it, her singles sales are on their way down and her second album of the decade as she put it is anything BUT that, how many copies has it sold? 8 million? Madonna’s Like A Virgin had sold 20 million in 1 year WITHOUT the internet, mobile phones, MTV, Mp3’s… Lady GaGa was the brightest star in the sky for like 2 seconds, based on everybody elses ideas too! In the UK the worlds third largest music market, NONE of her recent singles made the top 3 and her album only managed to reach number 2. The same is true of many other European countries. The world has called time on her ass and honestly, i think many people are glad. She is a fraud, a fake, a corporate puppet for money makers and managers who use her to line their own pockets, they pushed her down the Madonna route for their own gain. She is as manufactured as any star of Pop Idol or Xfactor. Madonna? She is the only star alive today who has total control over her career… and she has been in control of that career since 1982. Deal with it.

      • Rob C
        Posted March 25, 2012 at 10:26 am | Permalink | Reply

        Madonna Like A Virgin DID NOT! sell 20 million coppies in just ONE year!!!!! Stop making stuff up. That is 20 million copies to dates…right up until this date…25/03/12

  104. Gaga's Little Helper
    Posted December 27, 2011 at 8:35 am | Permalink | Reply

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    Donate here: 1PYVfuzt1zZgHbuM23BgvfCzQdrmMm8SEy

    And spread the word!

  105. ChAyo
    Posted December 28, 2011 at 8:27 pm | Permalink | Reply

    I dont think I’d accept her back if she changed to the old lady gaga, not with all she’s done, I mean I think she a fucking confused fucking weirdo now. All the stupid songs shes made since bad romance, especially judas. I don’t like her anymore, she made her bed now she has to lay in it. I wonder what crazy shit she’ll pull off once she isn’t popular anymore.

  106. Akira
    Posted January 9, 2012 at 12:26 pm | Permalink | Reply

    I think you all have nothing better to do but to hate on her. Everytime there is a new artist wanting to be different then most musicians all of you start to hate. Lady gaga has her own art of music. and people who dislike her just dont care, quit complaing.

    • Shelly
      Posted January 11, 2012 at 6:40 pm | Permalink | Reply

      Yeah, it is a bit sad. In a couple of years there will be another pop artist, and this joke, and others, will just be waiting with their convoluted and asinine reasoning as to why there is something wrong with them. Advice: Move on with your life, and deal with more important things.

      • Art Attack
        Posted August 27, 2015 at 9:32 am | Permalink | Reply

        Smelly Shelly

    • Sam
      Posted February 26, 2012 at 2:50 am | Permalink | Reply

      “Lady gaga has her own art of music”

      How is rehashing old music her “own art of music” ? It’s as if you people have no music education.

  107. Shelly
    Posted January 11, 2012 at 6:38 pm | Permalink | Reply

    Wow, stretching a bit, aren’t we? I think you might need to find something better to do with your time rather than ripping a part pop artists. Sorry to say this, she is human, and is going to have insecurities. It happens to the best of us. I know some of the most confident people in the world, and they still struggle with insecurities, and surprise, they sometimes are concerned about what people say about them. Also, she is a pop artist. Most of them are pretty outlandish. Is there not anything more important for you to write about?

  108. jack fitsgerald
    Posted January 19, 2012 at 8:18 am | Permalink | Reply

    Anybody who has to put an album out for 99cents in my humble opinion despite ALL of their own claims, is desperate and not truthfuly confident in their own work or artist. Go back in time to 1983 and Madonna’s debut album sold around 9 million copies… This was based soley on record sales… CD’s hadnt even taken off back then. There was NO internet, no mobile phones and certainly no mp3’s to ripp off either. Madonna did a round of mini-gigs and promo’s in North America, Europe and Asia, that was it, no meat dresses, no gay rights activism, no stupid statements no nothing! Even the pop video was in its crudest of form, MTV didnt even exist! Madonna’s aura and talent sold those 9 million albums and put her on her way to TRUE legendary status. Even her second album which has now sold over 25 million copies sold only on its merit and NOT plagiaristic iconography… Shift forward and True Blue her third opus would eventually sell more than 30 million copies… Again there was no internet, no facebook, no twitter, CD’s were still not the most popular format even in 1986! Madonna sold 61 million albums with her first 3 combined… the first 2 were sleepers spending years on the Hot 200, all of this without the net and without a lot of fanfare… The only controversy was her raw outspoken sexuality and discussions of topics such as teen pregnancy (Pap Dont Preach), sexuality (Like A Virgin) and homosexuality (including gay characters in her Open Your Heart video). But compared to Lady GaGa’s awful media onslaught Madonna appeared quite lazy… or was she? Without all the technology back then Madonna worked her ass off with what that period in time gave her… and yet with all of her efforts and ridiculous fakery and controversy, Lady GaGa still can never match the success Madonna had with her first 3 albums. GaGa’s singles may have done well but not nearly as well as Madonna’s given the time. Lady GaGa may be doing ok(ish) by today’s standards, but put her up against a legend and she she simply diminishes away. I actually think her days may be numbered, i dont think she will go away (shame), but her legacy is built on others formulas and success, and people are already seeing through that blatant fakery and narcissism. Once the gay community turns on her (which they are doing), she will slide… it has already begun.

    • ohmygagaadmin
      Posted March 25, 2012 at 6:42 pm | Permalink | Reply

      you don’t make sense! Im not gay and i am a monster! Studies show that 30% of Lady Gaga’s little monster is mad up of the LGBT community wile 70% is made up of the straight community! Lady Gaga has never done well as Madonna, I agree! But she has only been at this for 4 yrs while Madonna has been at it for years and years! Lady Gaga made the world’s most powerful woman in just 4 years bashing Oprah who by the way has been out longer than Lady Gaga! Madonna never appeared on this list. The fact being that Lady Gaga just doesn’t sit about and write and sell songs, she goes out there and makes a difference (she created the Born This Way Foundation), and before she she created the foundation and before the idea even came to her she appeared on the list for the Worlds Most Influential Person. Madonna again did not make it here. Lady Gaga was named new Queen of Pop in 4 years and it took Madonna 10 or so to achieve this title. On the other hand, you are saying Lady Gaga doesn’t work her head off like Madonna? At a concert Lady Gaga collapsed after too much rehearsal and well a lot of work! Here is what she tweeted:!/GagaloosPanda/status/152936851420880896/photo/1 -Read from the bottom- According to my sources Madonna had fallen sick and cancelled ALL concerts for that month (of which she had fallen ill) I do not know where you got that information with Lady Gaga putting her album out for 99c but it is false! Lady Gaga’s FIRST single (Just Dance) made it to Billboard 1 and stayed there for weeks and weeks worldwide! It was one of the biggest songs ever in pop, and she made a record for that song! The Monster Ball Tour broke 3 records! Lady Gaga has done all of this and possibly more in 4 YEARS! While it took Madonna to get where she is at about 12 years! Doesn’t 4 years proved how hard Lady Gaga worked?

    • Diemommiedie
      Posted November 29, 2012 at 12:14 am | Permalink | Reply

      Eat shit. Madonna rocks and so does lady gaga.

  109. Alex C
    Posted January 19, 2012 at 3:19 pm | Permalink | Reply

    At this point, Madonna is a Lady Gaga for old people.

    • Sam
      Posted February 26, 2012 at 2:46 am | Permalink | Reply

      “At this point, Madonna is a Lady Gaga for old people.”

      And Lady Gaga is the (wannabe) Madonna for old young people.

      • Orange
        Posted February 28, 2012 at 6:50 pm | Permalink | Reply

        I’m younger than Lady Gaga, but honestly I don’t see her as a Madonna for young people AT ALL. Never!
        People should stop spreading that concept… The older you are, the less you like Gaga? lmao
        Madonna is Madonna for all ages. Madonna is the new Madonna. And Lady Gaga is just… there.

        • Diemommiedie
          Posted November 29, 2012 at 12:16 am | Permalink | Reply


  110. MC
    Posted February 6, 2012 at 4:57 am | Permalink | Reply

    I find it kind of insulting how she goes around calling herself pansexual/bisexual, when all of her friends say she dates men in suits.

    • Pixie
      Posted June 29, 2014 at 11:59 pm | Permalink | Reply

      Again, I know this comment is a billion years old, but. I find the constant erasure of pan/bi people, especially women, far more than a little insulting. You do realize that pan/bi women are, uh, usually capable of liking men, right? That it’s part of the identity? You realize that you don’t stop being pan/bi if you date a guy, or several guys, or if other people don’t outwardly perceive your identity, right?

      There’s no quota required before you get to have your Not Straight wings. The way bi/pan folk get treated is fucking toxic. Having to “prove” your identity at every turn to monosexual straight and gay people alike (when you’re not flat out being told you’re doing it for attention or don’t exist) gets reeeeal old. I don’t even like Gaga, and I don’t like the way she interfaces with the LGBTQ community, but I hate this crap far more.

  111. Posted February 6, 2012 at 11:07 am | Permalink | Reply

    Also… she had her ‘Fame Monster’ album which talks about her MONSTERS. The songs are about things that have made her life difficult and at times, painful. She calls herself ‘Mother MONSTER’, and that’s fine. You can slam yourself all you want, but then she goes ahead and calls her FANS ‘monsters’. So is she referring to them as something as bad as the stuff she wrote about in her album? Is she really comparing them?

    Then again, the term ‘Little Monster’ has been around for a very long time, typically meaning ‘a child who is rude and misbehaves’. I just think that’s rude to call of her fans.

    • Little Monster For Life, Screw you, haters.
      Posted August 16, 2012 at 1:47 am | Permalink | Reply

      It’s not meaning to be rude.
      Listen to her song bad kids.
      “Don’t be insecure if if your heart is pure, you’re still good to me if your a bad kid, baby.”
      She’s not the usual goody-goody pop artist with the goody-goody fans.
      She has fans that are gay, bi, rebels, emos, and much more.
      but instead of calling themselves that, they call themselves “Little Monsters.”

  112. Marie
    Posted February 16, 2012 at 8:42 pm | Permalink | Reply

    Mostly spot on, but one correction. Christian conservatives (such as myself) do not see all gays as the stereotype you mentioned. By stating that, you just indulged in some stereotyping of your own.

    Your assertion that Lady GaGa and Sarah Palin think they’re more important than they are is bullshit. Both are still pretty influential in their respective spheres whether you like it or not. In fact, at the recent CPAC, Occupy protesters tried to mic-check her speech, but were shouted down by those knuckle-dragging, inbred bigoted conservatives. That, and her endorsement is highly prized by those evil, gay killing men running for the Republican nomination.

    But they’re just fringe fanatics, right? Like the Little Monsters?

  113. Posted February 18, 2012 at 11:58 am | Permalink | Reply

    i like lady gag’s music, but this dude has a point…so to all the “Little Monsters”….
    shut the fuck and accept that your “Mother Monster” is not as perfect as she claims to be -.-

    • Little Monster For Life, Screw you, haters.
      Posted August 16, 2012 at 1:43 am | Permalink | Reply

      She doesn’t claim to be perfect.

  114. Sam
    Posted February 26, 2012 at 2:45 am | Permalink | Reply

    Lady Gaga is generic. Her music is generic. Her “art” is generic, a taking what others invented and “dumbing down” for the masses. Her fans are generic. Her ideas rehashed and made lukewarm, so the generic can “understand” “deep art”. There is nothing “new” about “Lady Gaga”. She is bland commercial and it’s interesting who has hopped onto her bandwagon, aswell.

    She’s the “crazy” for the bland mass mainstream.

  115. Ramos
    Posted March 7, 2012 at 2:34 pm | Permalink | Reply

    Well said.

  116. ohmygagaadmin
    Posted March 22, 2012 at 10:45 am | Permalink | Reply

    First thing: Have you ever saved lives? Lady Gaga’s entire Born This Way album inspired teenagers who were about to commit suicide to stay alive. Can you do that?
    Second Thing: Lady Gaga does like to speak about herself a lot I agree! Do you know the reason? she said “don’t idolize me, idolize yourself” shes trying to tell her fans to idolize themselves just like how she idolized her self. Can you teach people that?
    Third: Lady Gaga’s Youth Churches are not to preach religion but to preach INDIVIDUALITY! Her quotes and what she says are to inspire.
    I have so much more but Im lacking the time to type it all
    We all know that you cant write a song like gaga, play the piano like gaga or even sing like gaga, until you can do these things keep your mouth shut.
    “I don’t want to be a celebrity, I want to make a difference in this world”- Lady Gaga
    “If I can be a leader, I will and change this world, for the better”- Lady Gaga
    “I dream of a world where individuality is embraced and bravery is accepted”- Lady Gaga
    “Jesus loves the queers, fags, lesbians, whores, sluts, why can’t you?”- Lady Gaga

  117. Naff
    Posted March 26, 2012 at 7:51 pm | Permalink | Reply

    Lady Gaga is actually mildly mentally retarded. I think I’ve read an article on it.

  118. Alex C
    Posted March 26, 2012 at 7:53 pm | Permalink | Reply

    Just saying something doesn’t make it real or true.

  119. Posted April 18, 2012 at 3:42 pm | Permalink | Reply

    here’s more:

  120. LukeDawe
    Posted April 28, 2012 at 12:11 pm | Permalink | Reply

    you’re all idiots. That’s all I can say.

  121. Aimee
    Posted May 21, 2012 at 7:20 pm | Permalink | Reply

    Omg what a lot of Scheiße !!! You just don’t have the intellegence to understand her … Her lyrics , her outfits,her videos and everything she says this is just so twisted and I had to laugh at how pathetic this was. Get a life and stop writin essays spreading negativity! Gaga is an amazing woman and she has changed the lives of millions of people around the world and has gave hope and bravery to so many !! Just for the record I am a little monster guys and I am proud of it ! She gave me confidence and I just hope you people see that life is too short to sit and be negative like this … Leave Gaga to do her job cause she is fucking good at it AND the bitch really can sing

  122. Posted May 24, 2012 at 5:24 am | Permalink | Reply

    It seems to always be the case: that the philosophers of resistance, marginal poets & the enemies of hegemony one day find that their rule-breaking has turned into just the thing they despise: the rules.
    Christianity went from the hopeful street faith of prostitutes & the poor to being the primary oppressive force in Western culture.
    The American Revolution turned into the American Empire.Focault flipped modern academia on it’s head; but what came next was a PC academia even more intolerant than the one it replaced.
    And that leads us to now.
    The strategies that pop’s iconic iconoclasts (Bowie, Grace Jones, Madonna) once employed to challenge the mainstream (roleplaying, performance, theatrics, genderbending, hypersexuality, chameleonic masks) are no longer effective; stripped of their raisons d’etre, they have been repurposed as moneymakers for the mainstream itself.
    Put simply, the rebellion’s weapons have become the bouncing tits of the establishment in a forced, cash-raking lapdance called GAGA.
    “What I’ve discovered is that in art, as in music, there’s a lot of truth—and then there’s a lie. The artist is essentially creating his work to make this lie a truth, but he slides it in amongst all the others. The tiny little lie is the moment I live for, my moment. It’s the moment that the audience falls in love.”-Lady Gaga
    Truer words were never spoken by Lady Gaga: her audience has fallen in love with a lie.
    Stefani Germanotta’s Lady Gaga IS a performance, but it is not performance ART; it is an ACT.
    The truth is that Stefani Germanotta was not a “loser in high school”. She was not bullied. She was rich, popular and well-liked, an it-girl in the in-crowd; a daddy’s girl who never had to pay her own rent; her biography REEKS of privilege.
    Why don’t people see through it?
    Lady Gaga is no outcast; she is a SIMULATION of outcast; Jean Genet as portrayed by Gallagher, complete with wacky props; at worst, worse than fake: a cynical, Republican parody of marginality.

    • NoMoPoMo
      Posted July 10, 2013 at 3:20 pm | Permalink | Reply

      Absolute Genius Comment above. 110% dead on.

  123. Alex C
    Posted May 24, 2012 at 12:12 pm | Permalink | Reply

    Of course Lady Gaga is a lie. Thank goodness. Can you imagine an artist who simply gets up there and dutifully reports true facts? That would be rather boring, wouldn’t it? Being an artist is a creative endeavor, after all. Lies are fiction, truths are non-fiction.

    I think it’s funny how Lady Gaga’s detractors feel that their puritan ethics of pop stardom have been torn asunder by her.

    Artists like Bowie are totally safe and mainstream today. Their work is in the museum of acceptable history. While Bowie was controversial (about as reviled as he was admired) in the ’70s, almost no one today is repulsed or shocked by his old images and statements. As for Madonna, she was a corporate hustler from day one …

    • Posted May 24, 2012 at 12:16 pm | Permalink | Reply

      You’re a moron who knows nothing about Art.
      Have you ever heard the phrase “Art is a lie that leads us closer to the truth”?
      Gaga’s lies are simply that: LIES.
      As for saying that what Bowie did is ‘safe’ now and that what Gaga does isn’t, I have to laugh heartily.
      What exactly has she done which is so controversial?
      What boundaries is she pushing?

      • Alex C
        Posted May 24, 2012 at 12:19 pm | Permalink | Reply

        Some people get it. Others are assholes. It’s rather obvious which category you fit into.

        Have a nice day!

  124. cilla
    Posted May 28, 2012 at 11:02 pm | Permalink | Reply

    I LOVE that Lady Gaga uses style/devices from other artists. She is called Lady GAGA, therefore, she uses recognizable ‘crazy’ things from Gaga singers we know and love. It’s a compilation. It’s like all things crazy had a crazy orgy and, yes, this was the crazy result. Don’t knock ‘er for paying tribute. And personally, I think if she were “ripping it off”, Gaga wouldn’t be so blatant. She’s proven time and time again that she likes to showcase her favorites and has fun giving them a salute.

  125. libfemxxx
    Posted June 10, 2012 at 9:29 pm | Permalink | Reply

    Ooh I so hope Gaga are still around when she’s a crackly 90 year old. Giving hell to people is so much more fun when you’re old.

  126. alex
    Posted June 10, 2012 at 9:30 pm | Permalink | Reply

    never in the history of pop has any artist so cunningly created an army of hateful awful people as The Little Monsters. She should be ashamed of herself for preying on very disturbed young people to do her dirty when they swarmed Adele’s videos and called her names because she won a few Grammys, or banded together to insult Kelly Osbourne (telling her to die??) and now go to any Madonna video and you will see the hatred… it’s really awful. But all this aside, gaga’s biggest issue is that… without all of these little monsters, she is completely banal and unoriginal

  127. Posted June 11, 2012 at 10:34 am | Permalink | Reply

    even lady gaga’s creative director admits it. she says “look, madonna should be bitter because i did it on purpose.”

    LOL! Its all right there wittle monsters!

    sorry the truth hurts.

  128. Wilhelm
    Posted June 17, 2012 at 1:06 pm | Permalink | Reply

    I think Lady Gaga is just in it for fame, she’s selling out to every kid that thinks that they are a ‘troubled individual’, come on now just because you don’t have a million friends doesn’t make you a ‘freak’ or anything.

  129. Hannah
    Posted June 22, 2012 at 7:41 am | Permalink | Reply

    I agree with you on so many points, but I have to say that I went to her Ball last night and had fun. I enjoyed myself. Regardless of that hypocrisy, that disconnect, I appreciate her music and her performances.

    You said that “she is particularly ill-equipped for such a role, given that she herself compromised her identity to win stardom!” – but really, who is truly “equipped” to do such a thing? Have we not all sacrificed “ourselves” (if there is such a thing), have we not all sold out in some form? As far as I’m concerned, we’re all guilty of everything you touched upon. Perhaps not to the same extent, or in regards to sexuality, but I have no doubt each and every one of us do the same thing (just in other forms) – stereotyping a group of people, and treating them accordingly. Sure, that doesn’t mean we should ignore it all, but I would rather have someone – anyone – with such influence encourage their audience away from hatred, bitterness, conformity and all that rot than just ignore it. Even if it incredibly hypocritical to do so.

    I am not a ‘Little Monster’ myself, but honestly I feel that this essay – and so many of the responses – looses sight of a bigger picture. Attacking someone, even if it is in response to cult-like following and attacks on your person, for ‘flaws’ we all share is pointless. I could right an essay like this on every single person I know, or don’t really know but have just seen in the media.

    Having said all that, the same goes for ‘Little Monsters’ all too often they loose sight of the fact that Gaga is human, and not necessarily what they see and perceive her to be.

  130. gia
    Posted June 24, 2012 at 5:47 pm | Permalink | Reply

    Atleast Lady Gaga isn’t a pedophile like the owner of this blog.

    • alex
      Posted June 24, 2012 at 5:56 pm | Permalink | Reply

      typical Monster behavior.. defensive and not very smart – pedophile? if you have nothing intelligent to say – it’s too easy to start insulting the people who write this blog.. grow a brain

      • gia
        Posted June 25, 2012 at 5:16 am | Permalink | Reply

        …I’m not going to go back and forth with a disturbed child molester over someone I don’t know and don’t give two fucks about. so this is the first and last time I’ll address you.Grow a brain? How about you grow a life and stop obsessively hating on and debating about pop stars? You’re pathetic. Don’t even reply because you’re wasting your time.

      • Dum dum
        Posted December 11, 2012 at 3:56 pm | Permalink | Reply

        That was pretty insulting tbh

  131. alex
    Posted June 25, 2012 at 7:04 am | Permalink | Reply

    now I am a child molester too? And.. aren’t you also here debating a popstar? You hypocritical bitch. crazy much? yes, grow a brain and some IQ. Yoo bad you came onto this thread. Up until now, everything seemed civilized. Get a life. Gaga sucks

  132. HIM
    Posted July 2, 2012 at 3:40 pm | Permalink | Reply

    LOL. Lady Gaga has been a work in progress since ’05. Paparazzi is NOT the brainchild of Fusari. Sorry. I can’t go into detail, but It’s not. It’s 100% LG’s. I would know, I was there when she thought of it, at a restaurant, I was waiting on her, a friend and her little sis. LOL. And sure, you can find contradictions in anything if you look hard enough. Haven’t you ever been hypocritical or contradictory? Just cos some are on a pedestal as a star doesn’t make them exempt from lack of perfection. I applaud your efforts in writing this short essay for your psych class, or whatever. But when you are able to move the world, empower the ‘self’, and spread joy (music), then maybe your criticisms will hold some validity. Are you aware of the suicide rate in gay teens? LG, in her own way, seems to shed light on some of our social dysfunctions with song. We’ve come to far in our existence to let others define who we are instead of defining it ourselves. Hats off to LG for having the proverbial balls to keep on keeping on, despite such criticisms.

  133. alexis
    Posted July 2, 2012 at 10:45 pm | Permalink | Reply

    hmm.. What, exactly, has lady Gaga done for gay suicide teens? Come on.. I see it the other way around.. she is CAPITALIZING on young people who feel weak (gays and others) so that they can buy her music. It’s very transparent. At least Madonna had great pop songs to go along with the pro-gay thing (in the 80’s no less – can’t think of a worse time to be gay in the 20th century.. and she was there with us) and Madonna wasn’t so terribly obvious about it – Lady Gaga makes her fans call themselves Little Monsters who need her. Please. She is disgusting

  134. alexis
    Posted July 4, 2012 at 12:47 pm | Permalink | Reply

    Cute… It’s called MARKETING!

  135. SDSM
    Posted July 5, 2012 at 8:51 pm | Permalink | Reply

    Its particularly sad that we have these IDIOTS around. FIRSTLY WE HAVE LADY GAGA WHOS CLEARLY DEMONSTRATED SHE HAS MENTAL HEALTH PROBLEMS AND HOW TOTALLY UNSUITABLE SHE WOULD BE TO LEAD SOMEANY KIND OF MOVEMENT. Then worst of all we have vile raddled rich bitches from ark music freeloading on pop works doing no useful purpose. totally destroying pop music

  136. GL
    Posted July 8, 2012 at 9:25 pm | Permalink | Reply

    I’m sure GaGa gives a fuck about your irrelevant ass while she’s selling out shows worldwide and getting money.

  137. alexis
    Posted July 9, 2012 at 5:47 am | Permalink | Reply

    that’s right. she probably doesn’t care. but that doesn’t take away the fact that she is the worst representation of pop culture today… boring, cheap, unoriginal and way too safe..

  138. lola
    Posted July 10, 2012 at 2:28 pm | Permalink | Reply

    this whole goddamn universe is wrong………

    ……….she is a beautiful human being.A soul in tune with beauty in it’s painful tapestry,…….while the rest just pale in comparison.

  139. thorscousin
    Posted July 12, 2012 at 4:07 pm | Permalink | Reply

    Unfortunately, Pop music is currently at worst possible state. Competition for the top is at the highest rate and only the best out of the best survive. Some of the things that are said here are also true – in a way. The media expect so much from celebrities that they HAVE to get into the top charts or else, they are regarded as a failure. This creates a stress and enoumous pressure that are very difficult for a person to live with. Money is also another issue as rising stars might not have the money to support their dream. Violence, alcoholic problem, abuse between family or self abuse is also another issue that are sometimes brought up. It’s very difficult situation for a person to be in.

    Furthermore, like Alex has said, there are so many ways that you can become famous in a country or internationally but if you slip up, bad credit will zoom round in a blink of an eye and in the end, there’s no choice except to just hide away or in some cases, give up (suicide) .

    The Pop industry is also very into physical appearance and is highly critical of plastic surgery, lack or talent, etc. I really hate to say all this because I work in media myself, but they are rarely encouraging. Celebrities obviously read these comments. Britney Spears was a victim of this.

    Britney appeared in the show Mickey Mouse Club (a barney-type disney show that was pretty popular a while back) and gained extreme popularity. Many people were critical about her because, especially in mid-career, she looked quite fake and plastic — and she was a great dancer but not much of a singer. And there’s nothing that Media netizens hate more, pretty girls with little or no talent (which is sadly true with many Pop artists, but netizens just go waaaay over the top). Britney couldn’t handle the stress she received, because it has been revealed that she has a very sensitive and quiet personality which she often hid from the public due to her ‘sexy’ star image.

    Christina Aguilera.. where to start with her. There are some bad rumors about her childhood and family relationships– apparently, her father was quite physically abusive towards her mother, which caused her stress from an early age. There is also a rumor that her record label made her work too much ever since she started making music but no one really knows for sure… But when she first came out she quickly gained popularity; she had a marketable face and could really sing. However, she suffered from depression and insomnia which basically worsened after she made Bionic, and received quite harsh criticism.

    Lady Gaga.. she became almost instantly popular, almost since her debut. Almost all of the songs she made became extremely popular, but that started to drift off a little. In fact, there was a space between her second and third albums when she hardly did any work because no one seemed to be bothered about her. She suffered from depression, most likely because she felt like she gave up on the expectations that the general public had of her. But I remember, since I was a big fan of her, I went to her concerts a lot, and she said quite a few depressing things onstage sometimes. Some other factors could have contributed to her disorder but nothing has been confirmed.

    Now here’s what’s funny… her character in the public eye and in her music is tough, strong-willed, bubbly, and highly optimistic. Because she is portrayed that way so many times, the public perceives her to actually be like that in real life which is totally NOT true.

  140. John Campbell
    Posted July 17, 2012 at 12:17 pm | Permalink | Reply

    ‘The Case Against Lady Gaga’, “Oh look at me I know so much about Pop Music, I’m much more intelligent than Lady Gaga fans”… Lady Gaga is pretentious, but not as pretentious as you.

  141. P!nk Portrait
    Posted July 31, 2012 at 11:49 am | Permalink | Reply

    Do you always use faulty logic?

  142. Little Monster For Life, Screw you, haters/
    Posted August 16, 2012 at 1:28 am | Permalink | Reply

    I remember being 10 and not giving a fuck wether an artist sucked or not.

  143. sttrf
    Posted August 19, 2012 at 3:35 pm | Permalink | Reply

    Gaga helped me over my insecurities and I love and respect this woman so much
    you have no fucking right to speak shit about this woman

  144. Dan
    Posted August 29, 2012 at 9:52 am | Permalink | Reply

    Gargoyle is rubbish so are her monsturds. Love this essay. I knew she was fake and garbage from the beginning.

  145. Jesus
    Posted September 10, 2012 at 1:14 am | Permalink | Reply

    I love Lady Gaga, as you all should. She spreads love, acceptance, and bravery – a smart move that I say sells her music. Although, marketing technique or not, she was the one smart enough to do so. And while we “argue” about Lady Gaga, her music and motives, we should praise the advocacy work she has done to help the kids who are insecure. Haters hate.

    • M
      Posted September 22, 2012 at 3:09 pm | Permalink | Reply

      You can admire someone fine but don’t worship them. And if love, acceptance and bravery are important to you and then you do things to be loving, accepting and brave and it takes more effort than simply following a celebrity. You be an advocate. You help kids who are insecure. Lots of people can be the hero not just the person standing on the stage.

  146. Posted September 17, 2012 at 1:26 pm | Permalink | Reply

    Her entire scheme has been, “Target, stalk and harass the more popular kids into hitting me back, then accuse them of bullying ME”. Whomever she fears and envies, and wishes she could be as famous as, she targets, stalks, mimics and harasses relentlessly, until they finally respond in exasperation and attack back, and she takes the acknowledgment, trumpets it, waves it around, and goes, “See? I am now equal to Celebrity XYZ.” It’s a game of this sick bitch.

    Target # 1: Madonna
    Current target: The Royal Family
    Next likely target: The Estate of Michael Jackson

    She will not stop until in her eyes she is the fairest and most famous of them all. And the fact she has Adam Lambert’s former fans as her Fat, Naive And Retarded Kiss Army doing Black PR for her on every website on the world where her name appears seems to be inching her closer and closer daily to her goal.

  147. M
    Posted September 22, 2012 at 3:06 pm | Permalink | Reply

    People who allow themselves to be called ‘Little Monsters’ by a celebrity are behaving like followers who do not have an identity of their own. Nobody has the right to tell you who you are, not ‘even’ a singer. You should define yourself. Fanatical fans remind me of the zombies in “The Mummy” chanting ‘Imhotep’. You can like a singer without losing your own identity. Where is your self-respect? Don’t put anybody above you. Nobody stands over you unless you like being a Renfield, “master, master or in this case mother monster, mother monster’.

  148. The kids were just CRASS
    Posted September 25, 2012 at 4:00 pm | Permalink | Reply

    For crying out loud. Lady Gaga is a music industry creation. She is a fake, a phoney, a fraud and a culture vulture. The public is so easily manipulated it’s not funny. She’s an average singer who writes terrible mainstream commercially viable ORDINARY pop songs that aren’t dissimilar to Frank Stallone, Starship or Europe’s cheesy “final countdown.
    Her songs are always me, myself, I. All the lyrics are her trying to convince herself that she matters but at the end of the day she is disposable just like all pop culture.
    She isn’t “real”, she’s a fixation of what people want her to be. Her body image issues are a terrible example to young girls. If the video producers and photographers use thinning cameras and photoshop to enhance her like she says they do then where is her courage to stand up and say NO, I don’t want this. She is not being honest and not being real.
    Honestly, she is not original, she is simply doing what thousands of young people do when they experiment and test =boundaries or rebel.

    I doubt any of her bullying stories are true, simply manifested to make her victimisation more appealing to her gullible fans, make her seem more human. It’s an act.
    She has no moral compass or she would not blatantly support the animal cruelty trade by wearing fur and meat as “fashion, as “art:. In fact i’m quite sure she is doing this to support her celebrity friends and their fashion enterprises.
    Glamourising animal cruelty is abhorrent.

    The only reason she advocates for gay rights is because she needs their pink dollar. Madonna, Kylie and others already know this. Lady GaGa is a practicing catholic so why doesn’t she advocate for abortion rights or welfare rights. Why isn’t she outspoken about child molesters in the church? Why? Because there’s no money to be made.
    At the end of the day, the pathetic tragedy that is GaGa is all about MONEY! Making money, it’s all she and the industry she is part of is about, the bottom line.
    It’s not freaken talent that got her where she is, it’s her middle class upbringing, her education at an elitist/exclusive school, her rich daddy’s money, the connections and the confidence she has gained from PRIVILEGE. I can tell you now, i have heard far more talented singers and songwriters than gaga but they either lack the funds, support, confidence or security to focus on their passions. They don’t have time to hone in on their craft because they’re working some shit dead end job to pay the rent.

    Why buy her boring music when you could save yer money instead and help people in need, start your own band, write your own songs (it’s easy, really it is), get a crappy guitar, change the World, make a difference, be a part of your own community. THINK FOR YOURSELF!
    Personally I don’t give a damn about gaga, we look up to these idols but by focusing on a few “stars” we are missing out on the rest of the constellation.
    Seriously, live YOUR dreams and don’t live in the shadows of others.

    Just OVER IT already!

    • NoMoPoMo
      Posted July 10, 2013 at 3:24 pm | Permalink | Reply

      Great post, but she didn’t have a middle class upbringing, her parents are multi-millionaires, she went to an exclusive private school where the Kennedy children went.

  149. tWoAT
    Posted October 1, 2012 at 10:47 pm | Permalink | Reply

    idgaf just let me fxxk heath ledger

  150. i am in high school: gagachronicles
    Posted October 8, 2012 at 9:06 pm | Permalink | Reply

    yes im in high and yes i fucking wesr who dyou think you fucking i are i have SOCIAL FUCKIGN STUDEIS TO GET TO

    yeah my classmates abused me yeah i auditioned for machete yeah i almost touched a pack of cigarettes AND WHAT DO YOU HAVE TO SAY


  151. Dan
    Posted October 22, 2012 at 6:26 am | Permalink | Reply

    Okay so you wrote this on what you think you know about this person who we all call Lady Gaga! You need to look at this again and not from who you think she is but who she thinks she is! It’s called a persona…umm I think some might call it an alter ego. Oh, just one thing to research….Andy Warhol. If you know anything about Pop Culture go look at anything to do with Warhol, he created the idea of Pop Culture and Lady Gaga has picked almost everything from him and his idea’s. You’ve given her way to much credit….yes she is briliant and talented but it’s all been done before Gaga has just pushed Warhols idea of fame a little farther.

  152. Posted October 22, 2012 at 6:57 am | Permalink | Reply

    Thought about this for a second and you’ve missed one enormous thing in this article!!! Check this video out….sound board breaks in the middle of her performance and she continues on performing accapella. Listen to what she says when they try to get her off the stage. “I promised them a 30 min set and I’m not stopping until my song is finished” This is why her ‘monsters’ like her. You have made this all too difficult. She’s a true artist and has real talent. That is Lady Gaga. People see this, why haven’t you?

  153. Posted December 11, 2012 at 2:52 pm | Permalink | Reply

    I love everything about this essay. You are brilliant.

  154. Quen of pop medoner
    Posted December 11, 2012 at 4:00 pm | Permalink | Reply

    wut is dis?
    brinty fan pls
    get a jub,

    also dunt furget to by my nu ablum mdne, nekci menij is in it, its vory hip an hapennin xoxo

    • Quen of pop medoner
      Posted December 11, 2012 at 4:02 pm | Permalink | Reply

  155. Steve
    Posted December 22, 2012 at 11:59 am | Permalink | Reply

    why do you care
    you must be pretty obsessed to write a whole damn essay

  156. Christopher
    Posted December 23, 2012 at 1:56 pm | Permalink | Reply

    Are u for real? Ok. It is obvious that you are Britney Fan all the way. I dont judge you for that cause I like most of her music. Trashing Gaga is a stupid thing to do. Do you actually know her? Have you met her? Do you know what goes to her mind? Or what she does or how she does it? If you do then start criticizing. First of all Everyone knows that Gaga is a Persona she made up! You can see it in the evolution of her albums. She took acting and theather classes, she lives for that. Have you been to any of her concerts? She Puts on a Show! She makes a Play with her Concert. She has a theme and everything. Now… How do you know that Stefanni wasnt like Gaga? Or that she felt the need to be how she is right Now? I personally want to dress differently and do things I’ve always wanted to do but you know why i dnt do them? Cuz i dnt have the money to do so. What if Stefani wanted to put on a meat dress to make a statement but didnt have the money to have it made or the popularity to make anyone care? What if she really did call herself ugly and wanted everyone to know that is Ok to be a little insecure and that they’re are not alone and they have her support? Can you answer me all of those questions? But thats the Thing You only Know Half of Her. Becuz u only see Half of it!

  157. Posted January 14, 2013 at 2:36 am | Permalink | Reply

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    all of your post’s to be precisely what I’m looking for.
    can you offer guest writers to write content for you personally?
    I wouldn’t mind writing a post or elaborating on a lot of the subjects you write about here. Again, awesome blog!

  158. alexis
    Posted January 16, 2013 at 8:32 am | Permalink | Reply

    I just read the public letter this woman wrote to Kelly Osbourne. Not only is Gaga a joke that’s gone on for too long and a bad Madonna Karaoke act, but she is dangerous too. She has this cult like hold over millions of rejected souls and encourages them to attack other celebrities that may be a threat or may have commented on her.. She is a new breed of superstar.. she needs to go away

    • Proud Little Monster
      Posted March 5, 2013 at 10:44 am | Permalink | Reply

      Wow Gaga´s vagina is more wiser than you. She made everything clear in her letter for Kelly and she had a perfectly good reason sending it to her. GAGA IS AGAINST BULLYING you dumb fuck. It´s true that some of the Monsters don´t get that and bully on other singers but hey every fanbase has it´s own crazes and not just us. I´d call those Monsters ˝fake Monsters˝ because they even bashed on Gaga when she gained few pounds. Oh and you must have been living under a rock because Gaga is vocally a 374382748938247 better singer than Madonna is, will ever be, ever was. Just ask Elton, Cher, Sting, Brian May or Mick who she performed with last year with. 🙂 At least Gaga got on scene fair she didn´t sucked a shitloads of dicks to get a record deal unlike Madge.

      • Dan
        Posted July 28, 2013 at 10:30 am | Permalink | Reply

        Sorry little mons-turd but you need to shut the fuck up and sit your ass down. Caca is a talentless fraud and little mons-turds are bullying losers. Caca are little mons-turds are a disgrace to the human race.

  159. Posted January 24, 2013 at 4:50 am | Permalink | Reply

    Show urself

    • Posted January 24, 2013 at 4:58 am | Permalink | Reply

      Text me only on this num,07035417384 for matter arising.

  160. B
    Posted January 28, 2013 at 5:35 am | Permalink | Reply

    I am a HUGE fan of Gaga and defend her usually. I don’t care much for your ramblings in the beginning but that last bit:

    “I wonder what the Lady Gaga of 2008 would have to say about the Lady Gaga of 2010. That was the Lady Gaga I once loved: the self-knowing, humble, fun-loving Lady Gaga who I requested at the clubs, rooted for at awards shows, introduced to my friends, inspired me to take fashion risks, and saw in concert. Wherever she is, I want her back. The pop music fans who once rooted for her but just couldn’t swallow the Monster Cult bullshit are still out there. And we are eagerly awaiting her return.”

    I agree 100% I have never liked this whole little monster and mother thing. It’s weird and a lot of them are calling her mommy/mom/mama – odd. She was a disco pop dance babe who dressed funky and had she sweetest little personality (pre The Fame and The Fame Era). If you watch the making of pokerface and then bad romance you will see the difference, Pokerface she sweetly tells us about her new video but for bad romance you dont see her talking about it once (suddenly too good to talk to fans?) I’ll always support her and listen to her music but…

    MONSTER Gaga needs to go, I want LADY Gaga back..

    isappointed Fan

  161. Samantha
    Posted February 8, 2013 at 8:19 am | Permalink | Reply

    This person is ridiculous. The fact that they say that they do understand her is a lie because they also said that if more people understood her, they would embrace her. You need to grow with gaga and get your facts right.

  162. Kardashian
    Posted February 14, 2013 at 7:02 pm | Permalink | Reply

    Horrible you are a bitch you can go fuck out because you clearly dont know anything

    • mrdavemb
      Posted February 19, 2013 at 8:14 am | Permalink | Reply

      lmao fuck out uno!! he clearly does know something, you can tell by all the research he’s done!

      • Proud Little Monster
        Posted March 5, 2013 at 10:17 am | Permalink | Reply

        Re-search lmao? Seriously? I´d rather call it a ˝I don´t have a life and im jaleous of Gaga who has succeed in life so now im gonna run a hate blog about how much I hate her˝ blah blah whatever! That´s just pathetic. People who don´t know shit about her life go bashing her without knowing her life story. She didn´t get famous for having a famous dad or for being rich, she didn´t get famous because she sucked a bunch of dicks to get on top like Madonna did at the beginning of her career. Love Madge but that´s the truth. Gaga succeed in life because she is actually TALENTED!!! Ya´ll can say what the fuck you want but just the fact that she got to sing with the legend himself Mick Jegger and your fave didn´t proves that she has TALENT. Now stay pressed hon. 🙂

  163. Posted February 19, 2013 at 5:09 pm | Permalink | Reply

    Everything about this whoooole essay is fact, in my opinion! Spot-on!

  164. Posted February 19, 2013 at 5:20 pm | Permalink | Reply

    Sorry to leave a second post, but I heard a little while ago something about her which really grated on me. A small home business who makes crazy outfits apparently got in touch with Gaga’s PA, requesting to send a certain outfit to her for her to wear for free, only to say who made it if asked (so the home company could get some publicity) it was worth a try, anyway.
    Anywhoo, after no response from Gaga or her PA, the company were all like’ oh okay then nevermind’. UNTIL a photo emerged of Gaga wearing the EXACT same outfit only not made by the company themself! The PA or Gaga, for some reason, had someone copy the photo of the outfit EXACTLY. Gaga’s more than known for her copying of stuff, but I mean, howay. The outfit in question isn’t something you could accidentally replicate without knowing someone else had made it either. I wish I could remember the name of the designer! When I do I’ll be sure to post on here with a link to the designers’ picture and the picture of Gaga wearing the stolen-idea ripoff.

    Gaga supporting creativity, ey?

  165. Trisha
    Posted February 22, 2013 at 6:46 pm | Permalink | Reply

    I think this article is amazing! You really have summed up everything the people outside of the “monster cult” think and feel about Lady Gaga. She used to be a humble, fun, dedicated, pop artist, that didn’t take herself too seriously. Nowadays, she thinks the world still cares about what she does next but in reality she lost us at the meat dress. She attempts to convince the world that she is not like everyone else. She has no idea that separating herself with what makes her human results in losing the general publics interest. She can’t go anywhere but down because she became too outrageous to the point where it is so predictable its kind of annoying. I want her to succeed but she is just… boring.

  166. Rose
    Posted February 28, 2013 at 12:57 pm | Permalink | Reply

    I am typing this on my phone. It will be difficult to type it all out, much less edit it in full. Please excuse what grammar and spelling errors may exist. Sorry.

    Yeah, she has an ego. She has people behind her. The Gaga persona is manufactured. She admits this though. “Bad Romance” is partly about this. She address the artificial prefomance art of the Gaga persona while in her Calderone persona. These aspects of her are no secret to the intelligent fan.
    I was hoping I wouldn’t have to say this, especially since you addressed it early in your essay, but you missed it you didn’t understand. This isn’t a mindless fallback. I am specifically addressing your essay as far as I could read it before realizing how uninformed this particular piece is.
    I stopped reading at your description of “Telephone”, “Just Dance”, and “Poker Face”. This is the part where you don’t get it. All of these songs are about self expression, feminism, and queer empowerment.
    This is what she does. Almost all of her songs apear to be lyrically superficial, while in reality they are allegories for social justice and political discourse. She is an intelectuall hiding behind a fake manufactured persona. Envision the way Batman uses Bruce Wayne. Gaga is her Bruce Wayne. Gaga is the party going distraction. If her message were obvious, would she have been able to sell it to so many? I doubt it. Humans (especially Americans) are shallow consumers. This engeious marketing of social progress is why many of us love her.
    Let me give one slightly more specific example: “Poker Face”. You said this was about sex. You are not incorrect, however, to say so is a vast oversimplification of a very emotional song. This song is about sexuality. It is about the oppression of queers in a heteronative society. This song is about the pains of being traped in the infamous, proverbial closet. It is about the abuse LGBTQIA people face in everyday life. It is about being with a person you can not love because the culture will not allow it. I find your statement regarding this song to be, at the vet least, distasteful. It undermines queer culture and all she has done for us. I will atempt to read the rest when I am calm but for now this article has come off as less than an intelectual critique and more as a vast misunderstanding of her work and ideologies.

    • Christina Watson
      Posted March 3, 2013 at 10:50 am | Permalink | Reply

      Now, I can agree to this! 🙂

    • Proud Little Monster
      Posted March 5, 2013 at 10:45 am | Permalink | Reply

      Preach. 😉

    • NoMoPoMo
      Posted July 10, 2013 at 3:28 pm | Permalink | Reply

      Who knew that gay men needed a white, straight, upper class pretentious twit to empower them?

      Fancy Pants Girls: Gay Men are not your fashion accessory.

    • Dan
      Posted July 28, 2013 at 10:19 am | Permalink | Reply

      Today’s gays/queers are doomed when they relied on Caca for their empowerment. Pathetic!

  167. Christina Watson
    Posted March 3, 2013 at 10:46 am | Permalink | Reply

    Get a life, get some friends, go out, stop sitting in your room writing stuff about other people, stop being so pathetic…

    • NoMoPoMo
      Posted July 10, 2013 at 3:29 pm | Permalink | Reply

      Disgust is not a form of Apathy.

  168. Proud Little Monster
    Posted March 5, 2013 at 10:39 am | Permalink | Reply

    Just the fact that you are a fan of someone who 90% of the times uses play back explains it all so im not gonna waste many of my words on you cause I pitty you actually. :*) The main problem in this whole story is that you think that Gaga is FAKE which she totally isn´t. She just knows what´s selling this days and it´s SEX and being an entertainer as well as a great singer. You´ve done a shitloads of so called ˝re-search˝ and yet you haven´t watched any of her interviews where she explains that Gaga and Stefani are two completely different people. She created the image of Gaga way back when she was having shows with her friend Lady Starlight. Gaga is all about fame, fashion, amazing dance music, being fierce sometimes people would describe her as ˝vulgar˝ but she´s just acting like a strong female that she is. Stefani on the other hand is still that same brown heared daddy´s girl, who loves wearing dresses, eating pasta and singing ballads while playing her piano. But both Gaga and Stefani have 3 things in common and those are TALENT, LOVE and PASSION. I already said this many many times to a bunch of haters that even if you took Gaga´s ˝Gaga˝ image, all of her crazy outfits, wigs, badass songs, dancers and theatricality in general you´d be left with a beautiful Italian hazel eyed girl with bangs, a piano, talent and a passion. And just imagine what would happen if you would just take away Madonna´s and Britney´s theatricality? XD Just imagine? What would you have left? I can´t imagine Madonna nor Brit singing breathtaking ballads while playing the piano because there´s one problem….they SUCK AT SINGING!!! Let´s face it we live in a fucked up world when in music industry it´s more interesting to see what will the hit singer wear next instead of what song will he/she get out. And Gaga knows that. That´s why she become ˝Gaga˝. If you knew more about her which you oh so fucking clearly don´t you´d know that Gaga started her career playing in bars and at festivals just by sitting in front of her piano and singing beautiful ballads. But people as fucked up as they are couldn´t appreaciate that so she had to do something to get their attention and so the Lady Gaga was born. Can´t you see that all of this is just a facade? She´s just a fucking entertainer and yet you are here acting like she plans on starting world war 3. She makes a lot of people happy with her music and fun personality, she saved so many young lifes! So why don´t you write about that instead? So my plan to you is just to sit your hating dumb ass down. Plus not all of us are bitchy and hatefull to other singers. 88% of us are good, we just feel overprotective when it comes to her which is perfectly normal since she is our Queen. You really need to get a life honey.

    • thinkbeforeyouspeak
      Posted March 13, 2013 at 1:25 pm | Permalink | Reply

      Look kid, the fact that you call her your Queen is one of the things the author finds troubling. And the fact that you refer to the collective group of of Monsters the way people in cults refer to themselves is a bit troubling. You love Lady Gaga, her image, her message, her music. That’s great. But as you imply by calling her “just a fucking entertainer”, she’s just another human being with talent and passion, who happens to have found success. (You can’t seriously think their aren’t more creative & talented musician in the world who just haven’t found success, can you?). Just remember that before you blindly jump to defend her bad behavior.

      By the way, the author’s point seems to be that the Lady Gaga person is no longer the person you initially grew to admire. She’s let the fame and power go to her head. It’s a perfectly human reaction, but it will always create backlash. And in case of many historical figures, their death. In Lady Gaga’s case, diminishing record and concert ticket sales – and kiddo, you can’t argue with those numbers. It happened to Madonna after she went off the rails with her overinflated ego. We’ll all have to wait and see if she recovers the way Madonna did.

    • Posted February 16, 2017 at 5:21 pm | Permalink | Reply

      what breathtaking ballads, lady gaga´s music is shit

  169. Johnny
    Posted March 21, 2013 at 10:43 am | Permalink | Reply

    your arguments are all pretty terrible and basically boil down to “I don’t like her”. Good try though.

    • M83alexis
      Posted July 11, 2013 at 12:41 pm | Permalink | Reply

      Disagree.. some of the arguments here are pretty solid. This is a woman who hasn’t done anything original since she started. While claiming to be a visionary to her legion of uneducated impressionable very young kids. I really can’t recall anyone who has come out of the gate with such disregard for the intellectual property of others as gaga has – this is lead by her obsession with Madonna but beyond it to Warhol, Queen Ace of Base and many others… even her name is a “borrowed” item.

  170. Chanse
    Posted April 25, 2013 at 11:45 pm | Permalink | Reply

    You are just like every other fucking person out there that started hating her when Born This Way came out. OH NO, THE ELECTRONIC DANCE MUSIC IS GONE. MUSIC WITH MEANING IS HERE, WHAT ARE WE GOING TO DO??! If you really liked LG, you would like all of her music, more so of Born This Way since it has meaning behind it and it’s also fun and poppy. So, go fuck yourself.

  171. Newberry muffin
    Posted April 26, 2013 at 1:56 pm | Permalink | Reply

    great…fan wars. the ppl that agree with this post think using “intelligent” such as envy instead of jealousy makes them top notch cut of meat. they like to degrade others on thier simple vocabulary instead od using factual come backs. then you have the little monsters that just like to curse at people when angry. when it comes down to it they are pop stars..why do we give a fuck? no britney doesnt sing live, dont even argue it because she has been caught wwaayyy too many times but guess what?? that didnt stop me from buying every fucking album she puts out or ever will put out. i mean come on i even bought blackout n like it lol. as for Mother Monster you truly do have to understand her. she admits that she is cocky about her musical abilities because its all she has. she truly does write every note n melody of every song. ahe creates every song on her piano so all her songs initially start acoustically 100% then she runs to her producers and works with them to turn that acoustic into a dance anthem so yes her producers recieve the credit for that instrumental. Gaga leads by example. she doesnt put her finger in ppls face n tell them what she thinks, she reinacts what she dislikes so when ppl say “wtf Gaga” she just kinda looks at them and says “if you dont like the way i acted then let that be a note to yourself to not act that way.” n if u research her charity work u will see she does a shit ton of it. guys stars are like normal people, they have thier amazing traits, then they have iffy ones, then they have thie shitty ones. just embrace each other and the artist. i kinda think making money n being a celeb for no reason like kim kardashian is kind of an art form in itself. u just gotta find the right person to appreciate it. who cares who we all prefer as an artist. an artist is only on top until the next bitch comes along and clock in on thier 15 minutes of fame.

  172. Posted May 16, 2013 at 7:43 pm | Permalink | Reply

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  174. Adam
    Posted June 17, 2013 at 6:09 am | Permalink | Reply

    Lady Gaga has been lying to her fans for ages, and steadily eroding her fanbase. Her recent tour was cancelled with a lame excuse, but in reality simply because it wasn’t selling tickets. Her album was sold off on week one for £0.99 (!!!!) and there were even plans to release it for free. It ended up making a loss for her company. Artpop, silly title, as it’s already been dubbed Artpoop, has been recorded at least twice so far (thus shelved), but the title must be kept because, stupidly, she had it tattooed on her arm some 15 months ago…

  175. Posted June 18, 2013 at 11:55 am | Permalink | Reply

    Thank you!!!

    What an intelligent analysis and break down of GaGa LLC, Inc.

    I thought I was the only one not believing the Schick.

  176. Simon
    Posted July 2, 2013 at 11:06 am | Permalink | Reply

    I honestly dont mean to patronize anyone and im not going to tell you what to like but this is the what I think.

    My time is reserved for people with REAL talent. Not people who act like the weirdest thing you’ve ever seen, COPY OTHER PEOPLES SONGS and try to pass it off as talent and their own.
    Im not one of these ‘haters’ that people with this kindve opinion seem to be branded as because i love every single form of music from :
    Michael Jackson to The Red Hot chillipeppers to Frank Sinatra to James Brown to Dr Dre, Snoop, Eminem, to The Clash to Elvis Presley to Daft Punk to Example To Korn to The Beatles, to Led Zeppelin to Dubstep. ( To those who don’t know what genre’s these are this includes Pop, Electro, Rock, Rock & Roll, Hard Rock, Heavy Metal, Jazz, Swing, Hip Hop and R&B, basically very very different types of music)

    My opinion, How the hell does GAGA, BIEBER, MINAJ even compare????

    My time is reserved for people who ARE GOOD. Not just LOOK GOOD.

    I am 22 so dont be thinking im some grumpy old man.

    Im just upset with whats being classed as talent now.

    • Posted February 16, 2017 at 4:55 pm | Permalink | Reply

      why do you make the age comment, your favourites are all older than you

  177. M83alexis
    Posted July 11, 2013 at 12:44 pm | Permalink | Reply

    Lady Gaga is pretty scary. She preys on the very young and impressionable. Using gay people to sell records so blatantly is wrong. Offering psychiatric help to her fans at her concerts is wrong. Copying Madonna multiple times is wrong. Equating herself to Warhol (haus of Gaga = Warhol Factory.. same idea) is wrong. Taking your name from a queen song is wrong. She really needs to go away.

  178. Posted July 13, 2013 at 11:14 am | Permalink | Reply

    “The pop music fans who once rooted for her but just couldn’t swallow the Monster Cult bullshit are still out there. And we are eagerly awaiting her return.”

    yes,Yes,YES. But sadly, that lady gaga has long disappeared and is now possessed by a delusional egocentric and narcissist who feels that she is “revolutionary.”

  179. Brian
    Posted August 2, 2013 at 7:01 pm | Permalink | Reply

    Very good, I agree with everything you said because it is all true.

  180. Posted August 7, 2013 at 11:09 pm | Permalink | Reply

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    A couple of my blog visitors have complained about my blog not operating correctly in Explorer but looks
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  181. HC
    Posted August 22, 2013 at 12:35 am | Permalink | Reply

    I agree with most of this. Some of it is a little overanalyzed and frankly a little too butt smoochy to other artists who I dont believe are super talents just relatively entertaining. Im getting a little sick of everyone trying to be freddy mercury and alice cooper. its so tired. I dont think lg has any talent and I sleep through the videos. i cant stand miley cyrus but I like the new video its weird in a good way, minus the friggin twerking, please remove this word from our language now. The reason lady gaga is so egomaniacal is because she is so insecure. every lover who dumps her is jealous. and she claims her bfs dont want her to be bi because theyre intimidated by that. Oh lord. Please, no threesome with LG and a much better looking chick. And I felt nauseated when she gave her gay marriage speech like slavery had just been abolished. She supports all the countries that treat gays awfully. Theyll string em up in palestine, tehy have parades in Israel. Same with all the other celebrities and their utterly monolithic politics.

  182. Posted September 17, 2013 at 2:32 pm | Permalink | Reply

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  183. Reality_Bytes
    Posted November 14, 2013 at 1:14 am | Permalink | Reply

    Regardless to all this analysis, Lady Gaga is a gifted artist, talented singer, and performer. This is exactly what she likes, controversy. Most talented artist that are gifted do, remember Prince. He had haters and worshipers! Controversy was the constant theme. Made him rich and famous and it’s done the same for Gaga. Gaga’s video visuals are amazing. Who cares that she’s way out there. Most ultra creatives are. Weird has always been in fashion when it comes to music. IMHO she’s simply ahead of the curve, and ain’t nothin wrong with that.

    • Posted February 16, 2017 at 4:52 pm | Permalink | Reply

      she isn´t ultra creative, don´t compare her to people like prince.

  184. lulu
    Posted November 15, 2013 at 11:59 pm | Permalink | Reply

    Lady Gaga is a fraud and a rip off artist and the world is over her now. It’s nice to see justice done.

  185. Posted November 22, 2013 at 6:36 am | Permalink | Reply

    Just love them and stop hating . everyone has there path…. What is yours? Art is art it’s subjective . grow up please it’s not a war… It’s just art and creativity. If it was you then support would be your advocate ….. Just buy what you like and stop bashing. What you do is a reflection of your integrity and you . Don’t be a back stabber . Especially when you don’t know personally any of these artists.

  186. Samantha Yang
    Posted December 10, 2013 at 9:47 pm | Permalink | Reply

    Always interested to hear the all side’s of a story, I decided to read this article to see what non fans think of Gaga. I myself still am a pretty dedicated fan, and disagree with the points that the author makes. None the less, this essay is still on his opinion so I have no right to tell him he is wrong. There’s really only two problems I have with this article that mostly have to do with the comment section.

    1) The argument that her fan base consists of only deluded youth who will follow everything she says, and will attack anyone who thinks different.

    I’m disproof of that aren’t I? For a few years I have been a huge fan of Gaga, standing up for her whenever I can, but not snapping off the neck of anyone who disagrees. From what I have seen, most of the other Lady Gaga fans that have commented on this essay only prove that stereotype by making fallacious arguments such as “You’re only jealous of Gaga” and “You’re just not smart enough to understand her”. There is very little logic behind your argument, and you worsen the image of Little Monsters than what people already perceive it to be.

    2) The argument of an artist being “unoriginal” can be used for about any musician, painter, or average Jane, don’t you think?

    As an aspiring musician myself, I sample other people’s songs all the time, and make them into my own original music. That makes me unoriginal correct? I use the same instruments, vocal scale, and words as they do, but so far no one has labeled me as an unoriginal music producer. It’s a bit different since I’m not famous but take a look at this YouTube video explaining how 36 songs made by 36 completely different, and well known artists, share the same 4 chords.

    Along with other artists like Usher, Maroon 5, and Red Hot Chili Peppers, Lady Gaga is featured in the video. My point is not that Gaga’s originality isn’t subjective, but if you question one person’s authenticity don’t you have to question everyone’s?

    Alright well my thoughts are voiced, I’m done.

    • Thomas
      Posted February 22, 2016 at 12:55 am | Permalink | Reply

      Every artist borrows from others and takes certain ideas and makes them their own, but it is hard to remember any other artist who outright plagiarizes others work to the extent Lady Gaga does. Worse yet, she rarely gives credit to those artists and pretends as if she has done something new. My problem with Lady Gaga however is not the images and stage personas she rips off, I just think her music is mostly lousy. She is not breaking any new ground musically, coming up with any new sounds or writing anything memorable. Its disposable dance music hard to differentiate from most any other pop star out there today

  187. Posted February 10, 2014 at 10:26 am | Permalink | Reply

    Lady gaga is a fraud

  188. Posted March 7, 2014 at 3:22 pm | Permalink | Reply

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    good information from here everyday.

  189. rachael brigota
    Posted March 30, 2014 at 9:35 pm | Permalink | Reply

    I would love to read an updated version on your feelings. Great essay thank you for your interpretation of an artist and you an artist as well.

  190. Caitlin
    Posted April 8, 2014 at 2:31 am | Permalink | Reply

    You have it all wrong. It’s not that Lady Gaga is so insecure as to be like that, it’s that she thinks that’s what her Little Monsters want to hear. It’s the fans that are incredibly petty, arrogant, moral-less, and insecure. Read all of the comments online of late by whiny teenagers. That’s EXACTLY what they are all like. So Steffanni appeals to this. She is appealing to the lowest common denominator in order to gain attention, fame, and money. It IS a generational thing actually because I don’t remember us being quite so freaking insecure and mean as teens. We had internet but never used it like they do now. Liking Lady Gaga’s music is nothing more than an immature excuse for snobbery so that the sad youths in our high schools and middle schools can look down their noses at everybody else and feel they are better. They live through Gaga and her phoney art pop that’s why they follow her to such lengths(like posting nude photos of themselves on her Twitter). Even Steffanni herself has somewhat admitted this by saying that she was a huge “study” of fame and the process of fame. Steffanni was turned down by many many record labels who didn’t think she was good enough. She had the same problem that Katy Perry and Ke$ha did. Steffanni STUDIED famous pop acts like Madonna to see what it was about a singer that made her famous and came to the conclusion that most people who study music do; it’s not about the music at all but about how accessable the artist makes herself the the dreams of the fans. That’s why there is such a blurred line between dream and reality in what Steffanni does. Because it’s not about reality but about allowing fans to live their dreams of popularity and power through her. This is why she makes such a big deal to appear different than anybody else. Because, as the professed Little Monster will tell you, Lady Gaga is REAL, she makes art, and is a huge fashion statement, and she doesn’t lip synch at her concerts, and truly cares about her Little Monsters. Thus allowing the Little Monsters to look down their noses at every other singer in the genre. This works because the average teenager is threatened by Britney Spears’ beauty, or Katy Perry’s popularity. They don’t feel special inside and don’t want to listen to the music of anybody that society might deem special. So in a way, the invention that is Lady Gaga truly has turned the tables around and made a place where misfits can feel better than the average it girl who has long perfect hair might like to listen to Ke$ha. And I think that is why Steffanni always has to find a way to keep herself in the spotlight at all times. Because keeping those tables turned is a hard thing to do in an age where there exists things like “Slut Shaming.” This doesn’t bother me. It was a long time coming that our youth would tire of constantly feeling stepped on by pristine pop princesses and society’s outlook on what people should be. No, what bothers me is that I think Steffanni is using this, and consequently, the peoples she professes to stand up for. I don’t believe a word of what she says in interviews, or on stage. It’s all performance and obviously so and yes, much of that performance may just be in order to keep those tables turned. What I don’t like are the articles where it’s been reported that she has stolen from a charity she herself set up. Or that she has allowed viscious cyber bullying attacks from her fans to continue on her site.Or the complaints from former personal assistants who have quite because they were horribly mistreated by Steffanni. Or the fact that she is still using copious amounts of illegal drugs. Or the fact that she wears Nazi-like costumes at her concerts. Or that she refused to take down the underaged porn photos from fans that showed up on her Twitter account and so many many things like that. No, in all accounts, Steffanni is not a very nice person and she seems to be able to slip under the radar quite nicely because of this Lady Gaga gig she has going. What gets me the most is how much of a user she is and how many people there are in the world who are fragile enough to fall for her charade and be used. It is painful to me watch young ones get taken advantage of by somebody, who for all accounts, is nothing more than a needy, drug addicted, ex stripper.

  191. Caca is a fraud
    Posted April 8, 2014 at 3:59 am | Permalink | Reply

    So true she copies Madonna Cher and anyone else who is talented, she was a no body who even her teachers said she was a no one. You can she by the way she dressed before she got her fan base that this is not who she is she craves attention but does not like anyone else getting any that is why is targeted an audience that she knew with a little I love you meaning the lgbt and misfits that they would gravitate to her and think she really cares. I never here of her giving back to the community or donating time or money to these groups she just wants them there. By the way who would want to be known as a monster that sounds like a creepy person. Everything she does has been done before so she will have to get over it most of the time she looks like an idiot. But they paved her way to financial freedom real quick. She sure is a homely looking girl and she only makes it worst with the ugly so called style of hers. She needs to go crawl under a rock she will never be pretty like Brittney.

  192. Kim
    Posted April 8, 2014 at 4:19 pm | Permalink | Reply

    That last paragraph is perfect. I used to love Lady Gaga, went to the monster ball AND the btw ball. Then I previewed Artpop on iTunes the day before it’s official release. I’ve never been so disappointed in my life. This woman went on and on and on about how good artpop was going to be. And it is pure garbage. I couldn’t wait for each song to come to an end, hoping it would get better on the next song. Nope. It kept getting worse. And that very day, I become completely detached from any positive thoughts I had of her and something strange happened – I could now only see her in the same way that the “haters” do. I never considered myself a “monster” because that’s just fucking lame. But now, her stupid antics and lies and overhype and now the overwhelming hypocrisy, she’s a joke. And I can honestly I absolutely hate her and I’m embarrassed for ever having liked her in the first place. I totally let the bitch dupe me. And she’s duping all of you who worship her. It’s pathetic.

  193. Posted May 8, 2014 at 8:27 pm | Permalink | Reply

    I couldn’t resist commenting. Exceptionally well written!

  194. Shufflewick
    Posted May 20, 2014 at 10:01 am | Permalink | Reply

    Who wrote this bitter, pretentious, pompous, self-important ‘essay’? Madonna?

    You are scraping around for reasons to knock Gaga, which are all built on next to nothing except your own wishy-washy opinion mostly. There are so many hypocrisies here, it is unbelievable, and hard to know where to start. Are the name she gives her fans and the fact she tells the world she doesn’t lip synch REALLY an issue?

    As for the ‘what star does lip synch?’ claim, well I will name one for a start, and it is a HUGE one….MADONNA.

    If you are going to get on your high horse about that subject, then get on it about that woman and how ‘fraudulent’ she is.

    I saw her ‘Who’s that girl?’ tour back in 1987 at Wembley Stadium in London. She lip synched throughout the entire ‘live’ performance, and that was early in here career when you would think her ‘vocal talents’ had far more to offer!

    To claim that nobody lip sychs, and everyone gives it a shot regardless of their vocal talents is a lie, and I take a lot of exception to that statement when a global star like Madonna has done it for years, and has held a much more long term influence and standing than Gaga has (so far)

    Rant about her.

    As for the statement’ our sexual orientation is not a central part of our identity’ then what the hell are the worldwide ‘gay pride’ parades and days all about?

    If your sexual persuasion is not an issue, no big deal, etc. etc., then why feel the need to dance up and down on a podium and tell the world about it? I am not a homophobe or have any issue whatsoever about anybody’s sexual proclivity (to be honest, is someone finds sheep attractive, I couldn’t care less) but what annoys me intensely is when gay people rant that they don’t want to be patronised or their sexual orientation to be made an issue, but then make a big song and dance about it all the time, banner-brandishing, telling the world they are out and proud?

    Frankly, who cares? I am hetero. Does anyone care? Umm no.

    This is why I take issue with YOU taking issue with Gaga for vocally supporting gay rights. So it is not ok for her to ‘patronise’ you by supporting and talking about gay rights, but it is ok for you to make a big deal about it yourselves?


    I am sad to say that in my opinion, this whole essay really just comes across as a bitchy put down to somebody who is very talented and deserves to be where she is now.

    It smacks of pure nit-picking, nothing more.

  195. Lil Monstaaa
    Posted June 6, 2014 at 3:18 am | Permalink | Reply

    In the beginning of her career i didn’t really think much of her, but i was drawn to artpop and from there just started listening to most of her songs. I feel that this article is a bit bias, but i think that its important to understand the her fans. Being one of her fans, I chose to continue to be loyal because of what i have seen on her live performances, interviews, etc. And this loyalty that i feel, and that many other little monsters feel, towards her can be compared to what other passionate, mature, madonna fans might have.
    I think that a lot of us are in it for the “FEELS” and lets face it we liked being entertained. Even if it were a lie, it would be a pretty sweet lie because in the end she made this whole musical adventure very positive, unique, and probably just as wild as back in the days. As for the fake charity aid that you mentioned,I would like to see where you found that article.
    p.s. its really late so excuse my grammer mistakes- if i have any.

  196. Luçifer Réîns
    Posted July 7, 2014 at 6:29 am | Permalink | Reply

    i hate that dum dum dumbo dude!

  197. Jamie
    Posted July 17, 2014 at 12:03 pm | Permalink | Reply

    THANK YOU! Lady Gaga as the ‘ voice of the gay community’ as a member of the gay community, I’m offended by that. If you want respect act respectful. Period. She epitomizes the negative stereotype that we strive to break free of. Her cult is just angry as the large words in the first few sentences lost them. They only understand stuttering. Hahahaha

  198. AllThePoetsAreDead
    Posted July 25, 2014 at 10:24 am | Permalink | Reply

    Gaga has spent years studying fame, music, theatre (before becoming famous) Listened to david bowie, Bruce springsteen, Heavy metal, rock growing up. No surprise she turned out this crazy! she has said in many interviews she lives half way between fantasy and reality, she is sometimes theatre- The Gaga part and Reality is Stefani, The same one person. Love or hate her, can’t deny the fact the woman has ridiculous talent. Not many people could survive with the pressures of fame, it’s a cut throat industry that doesn’t put the artist in control. I believe Gaga has been insecure aka Human and over exaggerated the truth sometimes. we live in a cynical world that likes to bring people down. who doesn’t want to see somebody with it all, lose it all? Wouldn’t go as far as saying she is a fraud. she is truly a kick ass performance artist. that’s just my opinion, no hate intended!

  199. Hell
    Posted July 26, 2014 at 6:02 pm | Permalink | Reply

    There are a lot of words and connotations that gaga USES-but not very well- that have been reinvented and better explained by other artists.
    She has taken a LOT of quotes from Marilyn Manson- concerning being a ‘character’, her cocaine use, spiritual hologram for example, then copying his poses
    and images, claiming to be a man, a woman,(her attempt at androgyny)-but her emotions and heart are not genuine or meaningful,it’s that obvious.
    If it’s not obvious to someone, they dont know a lot at all. (Let alone google.Use it.)
    She is closer to that vapid twat Jeff Koons -AND neither of them even close to Warhol.
    She has read The Long Hard Road out of Hell – written by Marilyn Manson-A LOT.
    All her Halloween vibing and “be an Individual” is all from the man Marilyn Manson as well.
    She adds NOTHING to pop culture- she subtracts without adding anything back in….

  200. Truth Speaker
    Posted August 9, 2014 at 9:02 am | Permalink | Reply

    The real problem is she dragged down all those insecure retards who are called “little monsters” to her web. Not because she cares about them it’s more because she cares about selling, By pulling those delusional idiots to buy her albums to feel in anyway ‘belonged’ or ‘special’. Than those idiots come rubbing their love for the ‘queen’ on our faces and rapidly annoy straight people that their ‘gay&proud’ or ‘obsessed freaks of lady gaga’ and as they call her ‘my queen’. Giving no real identity to them selves. Put her own name to label and glamorize on every fan, And taking the fan’s real identity as individuals to sink into her mirage. Top of that building this idea that your not gay if you don’t like lady gaga. As if lady gaga is the generator of gays or the god of other sexual orientations other than straight.

    Posted August 24, 2014 at 3:20 am | Permalink | Reply

    GaGa is THE WELFARE MADONNA! Buy Artflop and you get a free book of food stamps…

  202. pstar
    Posted August 29, 2014 at 12:55 am | Permalink | Reply

    I have read through this post and some of these comments, i have loved lady gaga since the first album, and seen 2 of her concerts, the most recent being artrave. I always wanted to meet Lady Gaga, like I’m sure any fan would, i thought i would try harder this time. I always felt like all the other lady gaga fans, that she is verya ppreciative of her fans, will do anything for them, will die for them etc, preaches about equality and not dicriminating, all the right messages towards her fan base. I had the opportunity to meet her at the hotel when she was leaving to the airport, there was a bout 15 fans, i was the oldest fan there, most were teenagers. As expexted she signed all autographs, obliged for photos, she didn’t really talk much, just went through the motions to appease fans, didn’t really smile in the photos, she definitley still carries the persona that she is Lady gaga even off the stage, in the way she dresses, the way she walks like she is on a catwalk. but i know many fans may be surprised at me saying this, even i am surprised myself being a very long term fan many of you, but i gave her a gift, she said oh thats cute, then asked for a phot, she obliged, after the photo, i said thankyou for the amazing show lady gaga, you would think that many fans would say this right out of appreciation, and you would think any normal artist would say thankyou bank, i’m glad you enjoyed the show, i had a great time etc etc, or soemthing along those lines, but NO, she just looked at me half squinting her eyes and pursing her lips, as if she is thinking, you are not worthy to talk to me, didn’t say one word to me, no thankyou, nothing, then turned her back and singed more autographs. i find that many other fans would be delirious with excitement and maybe not notice this behaviour, even i was still delirious with excitement, you do get caught up in the emotion of meeting your favourite artist, but this is genuinely what had happened. Another fan also said did you notice she was quite vacant. I know singers may have bad days, tired etc, but she didn’t appear that at all, she seemed very refreshed after relaxing for a few days, and didn’t seem annoyed, but it was more like I’m lady gaga I will always have the upperhand, no cameras were rolling too, whihc is why i feel she can then do this behaviour and get away with it, as when camers are rolling like the organised meet and greet, she transforms into the person, that everyone expects, she needs to appease the fans, as that is what makes her very successful. I find it hard to write this too after being such a big fans of hers for so long, but i really am speaking the truth, and as anyone can see i did nothing wrong, just basically complimenting, and that attitude was completely unjustified

  203. Chris
    Posted September 16, 2014 at 7:14 pm | Permalink | Reply

    What a lengthy, bitter, and boring article! I don’t understand what this was meant to accomplish, unless the writer was hired to write negatively about Lady Gaga (Stefani Germanotta).

  204. Stradart
    Posted October 9, 2014 at 10:54 am | Permalink | Reply

    Even this article gives this “thing”, robot, fag, industry puppet too much credit! This gaging creation is an empty vessel. A whore fag of the industry. That is IT! That is it!Her fans are nothing but brainless 14’s going on 11. Even trying to make an essay?? Giving it thought is mind bogglingly ridiculous. How can you give this “thing”, lifeless, brainless machine the time of day? The early days??? Get real, it’s all made up! Wake the hell up!It’s a whore, a male whore at that, who gets F… up the a… on it’s day off, and between industry’s projects, sold to old rich stinking decadent pedophiles and the rest of scum of this earth. Just think of Eyes Wide Shut… Gagging is just one of those prostitutes who slaves for handlers who make their dough on the back of mindless kids. Gaging will never make it, has never made it… How can you even use the term “artist”? Gaging is nothing, nothing at all, just an empty ship the industry paints and drugs, and makes jump in loops. Gagging does NOT write, does NOT think, does NOT DECIDE anything! Gaging does what it’s TOLD. Get real here! Pleaaaaazzzzze

    • Stradart
      Posted October 9, 2014 at 11:09 am | Permalink | Reply

      Vacant? Vacant? Of course Gaging is vacant! Jezzz! It’s a drugged up, mind chipped robot!!! Read up on Mk Ultra slaves. Gaging is nothing but an empty bag of chemicals and sperm! For shit’s sake they use her, “it ” along with animals and kids for orgies in private parties. Wake up! You people give me the creeps when I think you even bother to repeat the garbage she’s told to say.

  205. Posted October 14, 2014 at 12:37 am | Permalink | Reply

    Lady Gaga and roaring agenda of Illuminati

    21.09.2012 12:05

    LUCIFER. Talk not of Paradise or creation; but mark the show. — Go, Mephistopheles, and fetch them in.

    Faust, Marlowe

    By Nicolas Bonnal

    As Robert Reich, a former Bill Clinton’s counselor said once, we are ruled by the symbols’ manipulators; computer science just served this purpose. We are in the hands of the magi. And what characterizes an audience in front of a magus is that she stays eyes wide shut.

    Take modern subculture: it makes no difference between Satanism and pop-culture, and it is mainly antichristian, as I observed recently. This is why we are now surrounded (one would say besieged) by signs of the beasts, weird numbers (11, 666) or parallels (33), sinister tattoos, gloomy colors and dark omens. What was yesterday reserved to an elite of so-called Illuminati is today shown everywhere, and available to anyone, including children (especially children!). But no force is such submitted to the mark of the beast, in modern economy, than the music business. The art of Pan and of Bacchus is where we find the most exclusive sympathy for the devil, to quote the famous Rolling Stones song, which was inspired by Russian masterwork the Master and Marguerite. Writes John Milton about his Hell:

    Mixed dance, or wanton mask, or midnight ball…

    This is why I submitted myself to the video-clips of lady Gaga. I had never seen one before this fatidic date! My first surprise was the number of views: half a billion for a song like Bad Romance. The number was 150 million for Born This Way.

    Half a billion! Can you imagine? Or can you imagine the number of views you would have for a Christian song? One thousand times less, one million times less… remember how hundreds of millions copies the wizard Potter sold worldwide…

    And my second surprise was the show itself, even if I was somewhat prepared to face it. It could intimidate Satan himself and his pandemonium! Poor satanic majesties, they looked so old-fashioned at once! It remembered me the famous Faust by the great Christopher Marlowe, a poet murdered mysteriously in 1593, and who denounced modern man’s fascination for magic, science, banks and tricks; for we know that we are now surrounded by ciphers, codes, enigmas, riddles. So wrote the Elizabethan poet:

    Lines, circles, scenes, letters, and characters;

    Ay, these are those that Faustus most desires.

    There are of course heaps of geometric figures in Gaga’s clips, and the so-called pink triangle in homage to gays persecuted “graphically” by Hitler. Never forget this guy’s cultural impact: he was the first rock star, as stated Bowie once, wasn’t he? All the guys in this business paid him tribute, from the Who to Galliano. He may be infamous. But who rejects this kind of fame nowadays? That’s the bad romance. But get back to Gaga.

    Nobody knows who she was. Does she know what she’s doing? Do you know who inspires her (Yeah, I know, some visual expert, but the reference is still too cheap…), and her songs, and her shows? The truth is that like Rihanna, Madonna or Beyonce, Gaga does nothing hazardously even when she speaks some crap about peace or homophile tolerance, as if we were in some dark age (we are indeed, but non in her sense!) But when it comes to the show Lady Gaga stops moralizing and she presents herself as a hilarious and preposterous mutant, a bouncing demon dancing dark with squeaking naked friends. Everywhere you find brain-dead zombies, dead skulls’ platoons, witchcrafts, tattoos, piercing, branding, and signs of the beast, pentacles, distorted dances and discreet and gloomy allusions to another world reality connected with our Illuminati friends. She speaks of tolerance, homosexuality, new human race, all stuff linked with the New World Order Agenda: one brain, one sex, one dollar! And the common point of this culture is the Lucifer provocation. Let’s analyze some of these provocations.

    Enter DEVILS, giving crowns and rich apparel to FAUSTUS. They dance, and then depart.

    In her Born This Way video, Gaga boasts a new and provocative trans-human race and celebrates the Mother Monster’s Manifesto (three times the thirteenth letter). She spells HIM too, Him being His Infernal Majesty! But others stars, like Rihanna or Eminem, mention Rain man, another name for a similar concept. Then she wears a mask, having so two faces like her master the joker: in mind-control terms, the mask always implies the existence of a programmed alter-personality. Anyway, we are assisting the naissance of a new humanity, the humanity dressed, controlled and programmed by a hidden bunch of experts, which concentrates a few four powers: secret services, technology, entertainment and cosmetics. These powers were already described by Bulgakov and referenced in the biblical book of Enoch. For it is well said and written in that book, chapter 8, that they were the fallen angels, mainly Azazel who taught humans much of the witchcraft: weapons, bracelets, rings, mirrors, make-ups, even stone and gems, all of use in the business of mind programming, like the butterflies who besiege our shivering but not sleeping beauty. The link between shrieking music industry and this fallen angel is obvious; but today we have too the biotech complex, as dangerous for our health in the US as the military-industrial complex (or Entertainment-industrial complex). This is why the connection between Hollywood and the Pentagon (whose form was inspired by the Pentagram and a secret castle occupied during WW1 in Burgundy, France) is of so much importance. The empire of drones is the empire of semiotics and the empire of dianetics too: the stronger power comes not from the arm, it comes from the mind. This was the lesson Tulsa Doom taught Conan in a famous scene.

    So this is the dancer’s mission: prepare us to destroy this world, and prepare us to a new one (this is called desensitization) ruled by new paradigms. Like Lord Shiva Nataraj, the dancer of the Kali Yuga… This is way the actual singers develop duplicity warfare, a machinegun in one hand, the Gandhi handbook in the other. The rifle shows too the sexy side of violence, preparing audiences for more mass-massacres. Denver, Utoya, Columbine, mere rehearsals. Then the William Blake “vast world of Urizen” will appear.

    And like a naughty Dr Faustus, Gaga screams and plays with bulks of skulls, brain-dead and subliminal nightmares and imagery. Only a few brainless dancers will escape and know the future paradise of the new race. We also can observe that the Diva’s companions look like more Orcs than Elves. It’s really an infernal fauna, like Narnia’s. Ten years ago, when I saw the Fellowship of the rings, I thought as a good Tolkien fan I was that the LOTR trilogy would inspire a better humanity. It inspired her, but in the wrong way. For people prefer to be dressed and made-up like orcs or goblins, when they don’t behave like them, backed by NATO or Islamist programmers. As I repeat, five hundred millions to watch this junk, how many to watch a mass? Who programmed us that way?

    But get back to black magic. In Gaga’s musical video, I acknowledged too a famous musical theme, from the Bernard Hermann’s score in Hitchcock Vertigo. This very sinister movie -for we should understand that Hitchcock was like a wizard- talks as we know about a man obsessed with a souvenir who tries to recreate a dead woman he loved before. This is pure necromancy (he surfeits upon pure necromancy”, writes too Marlowe). And it reminds me Faust another time. Hitchcock has become a cult-director in a bad way. He himself once joked in French about his devilish aspect; and certainly he was like Stanley Kubrick or Michael Powell one of the Illuminati’s favourite directors. One day we shall really talk of Shining, Black Narcissus or the Birds.

    Gaga boasts a manifesto too: “This is the manifesto of Mother Monster: On G.O.A.T., a Government -Owned Alien Territory in space, a birth of magnificent and magical proportions took place.” The acronym GOAT is a way to present the coming of the new Baphomet. The Baphomet has become famous thanks to the Da Vinci Code and the rebirth of the brave new templar. It fully represents a satanic or neo-pagan cult, while the Alien agenda is linked since the beginning not to the extra-terrestrial activity but to demonology and mind-control.

    I could speak too of Gaga’s video about Judas, betrayed and kissed by one his pals. But I give up, even it reminds me some dark ancient heresy commented once by Borges in one of his short stories (Judas was God)…

    When I see Gaga and her break-dancing berserk fauna, I can’t help but remembering the Dostoyevsky prophecy: If man forgets Hell, Hell will find his way to man. Five hundred millions to watch her… Bells, candles, books, even if the price of human soul has tumbled a lot.

  206. Posted November 29, 2014 at 7:59 pm | Permalink | Reply

    Great essay, well done. You may want to write a couple more paragraphs on Lady Gaga promoting sexual degeneration and corruption, enshrining rape culture and being basically a spokesperson and a slave of the patriarchy, as seen in “Do As You Want”. Far from being a champion of the freedom to love who you love, she would have us all be slaves to sex for the sake of sex.

  207. Lenore
    Posted September 22, 2015 at 10:02 pm | Permalink | Reply

    Wow just wow you said she doesn’t do anything for her fans. Well she bought 1,000 dollars worth of pizza for her fans and wrote a letter to her little monsters and she says she loves her fans. And she doesn’t lip sync she’s saying that because many singers lip sync .
    BTW I’m am little monster, paws up 🐾

    • Posted February 16, 2017 at 4:41 pm | Permalink | Reply

      why does she throw up in a video and her singing doesn´t stop ?

  208. Louise
    Posted February 21, 2016 at 11:04 am | Permalink | Reply

    True talent doesn’t rely on shock tactics or manipulating the next generation of vulnerable people.

  209. Isabella123
    Posted February 28, 2016 at 11:32 am | Permalink | Reply

    Stole her entire persona from artist Ysan Roche

  210. Jenn
    Posted March 6, 2016 at 6:21 pm | Permalink | Reply

    Not only was she totally manufactured, she CLEARLY would have done whatever anyone told her to achieve fame. As a child, she was attempting to be an actress- you can see her in an episode of the sopranos playing one of Anthony jr’s snotty little friends. Child actor, then musician, then gaga.

  211. Posted June 17, 2016 at 6:34 am | Permalink | Reply

    I do agree in “some” of your ideas, specially on the pretentious part . but man I can’t deny, she really helped me to overcome depression back when I was a teenager these specific songs: “Hair” , “Born this way “, “Edge of Glory” , and my favorite “marry the night” in her album born this way , the lyric’s are really something “for me” and I know this might sound crazy but “marry the night” a song about embracing your failure’s and bad experiences. saved me from giving up on my college education. I do think she’s a little pretentious and a liar “sometimes” but you know we’re all humans we all lie and sin + I have this longing for a fantasy that gaga provides me like when she goes out in her alter “pretentious” ego for example : joe calderone, Aphrodite girl, and many more it entertains me for some reason xD ( I enjoy her bullshits ) . just as i was typing this i have realized that this post was old and now its 2016, Man!! gaga at the oscars doing that tribute , her rendition of star sprangled banner at SB50 wow , and her jazz album. you can hate on her but you can’t deny her talent specially when she’s on piano . peace and love from a little monster 🙂 ❤

    • Posted February 16, 2017 at 4:39 pm | Permalink | Reply

      err the oscar´s was super kitsch, as was the super bowl and her ´jazz ´album was thrown together, rehashing other´s work and imitating voices. you ´ little monsters ´need to get a broader scope.

  212. Tracy
    Posted December 12, 2016 at 5:50 pm | Permalink | Reply

    Her latest thing is claiming that she has PTSD. Yes, I’m sure that a little rich girl who has had everything handed to her all of her life has been in the trenches of a war zone and been seriously traumatized.

    It’s just more proof that she’ll say ANYTHING, no matter how big the lie, to get attention and sympathy. She’s faker than a hot pink fake fur coat.

  213. Buster Hyman
    Posted February 4, 2017 at 1:42 pm | Permalink | Reply

    You hit it on the head, she is very insecure. She performed st the casino I work at a few years back, she was with her boyfriend who she elbowed and gave a hard time because he was friendly toward the waitress that was serving them. She didn’t leave a tip! She is worth $50 million and she is jealous of a gal making $20K a year! She also directed all the security staff to stop people from LOOKING at her! She dresses like a ghoul and you can’t look at her? She is the biggest piece of shit celeb I ever had the displeasure of meeting.

  214. Joshua Hart
    Posted February 5, 2017 at 4:21 pm | Permalink | Reply

    LITTLE Monsters! Exactly a bunch of wasted minds following some worthless individual who does nothing for the well being of this country or rest of the world that matter. Another “Superstar” that will fade with time!
    When are people going to wake up and realize what is actual happening to the world. The people are being manipulated and brainwashed. Watch “Wall-e this is where we are all headed. Brainwashed and willing to have everything taken from us!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Thank you Lady Gaga and the rest of the Globalist Agenda. You get fame, fortune, and everything else at the expense of “Little” People. You are AWESOME!!!!!!!

    • Pris
      Posted September 15, 2017 at 12:22 am | Permalink | Reply

      YESS! U got it

  215. Posted August 16, 2017 at 11:34 pm | Permalink | Reply

    Madonna816 from Twitter is responsible for this article. She turned against Gaga!

  216. Pris
    Posted September 15, 2017 at 12:19 am | Permalink | Reply

    Agree 100%. All true. And she has definitely taken advantage over the gay community rather than supporting it.

  217. Distressed7
    Posted December 18, 2017 at 11:13 pm | Permalink | Reply

    When an artist has to use variations of Svengooli and the much earlier Shock Theatre’s Marvin of the 50’s, seriously, I just wish they’d become comedians and redeem themselves.

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