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Second-Week “Born This Way” Sales Take a Massive Plummet


While it’s too early to gauge exactly how many copies “Born This Way” will move in week number two, estimates suggest it could sell around 200,000 by June 5. While that would represent a staggering drop from her No. 1 debut, it’s not unusual to see albums that are heavily front-loaded in terms of first-week sales fall off a cliff in their second week.

From 1.1 million, 200,000 would represent a staggering 82% drop.

I’m not sure if that sets any particular record, but, thanks to the Amazon deal, that’s much higher than the standard 60-70% drop that most big-name albums experience in their second week.



“Judas” Plummets on iTunes; Struggles at Radio

“Judas” currently rests at #27 on iTunes and gained a rather weak 650 spins last week at radio (“Born This Way,” at this point in its Pop 40 history, was gaining over 2,000 spins a week; Selena Gomez’s “Who Says” is rising a rate similar to “Judas”). It’s set to fall on the Billboard Hot 100 this week, although the final chart will not be released until tomorrow morning.

The Ellen performance did nothing for the song, and the American Idol video premiere has been scrapped.

This song’s in big trouble, which is actually a shame, since it’s much better than “Born This Way,” which is the song that should have flopped. I’d go so far as to call “Judas” one of my favorite Lady Gaga songs (up there with “Just Dance,” “Boys Boys Boys,” and an altered-pitch version of “Alejandro” — don’t ask); I actually find it better than its precursor, “Bad Romance.”

Oh, well. I’m happier to see one of her songs struggle.


“Judas” Enters Billboard Hot 100 at #10

The final tally is in: “Judas” has managed to debut at #10 on the Billboard Hot 100, selling about 175,000 copies and becoming Gaga’s eighth top-ten hit in just three years.

Given that “Born This Way” stormed the charts at #1 with almost 450,000 copies sold in three days, “Judas'” tally is something of a disappointment for Lady Gaga. “Judas” is also on pace to rack up only half of the initial radio spins that “Born This Way” did.

A spot below Britney Spears’ “Till the World Ends” — Britney also received credit for her “S&M” remix with Rihanna, becoming her fifth #1 and Rihanna’s tenth — the second-week fate of “Judas” is uncertain, having already slipped to #3 on iTunes after a continuous — and still-occurring — decline. The mixed reaction to the song, coupled with the backlash over the NME interview, could cause a bit of trouble for her as she enters the final month before the much-hyped album release of “Born This Way.”